Urgent Energy Update – April 16, 2013

The Beginning of the End

by Georgi Stankov, April 16, 2013


We are since the last 48-72 hours in the middle of huge, full-fledged, and still ongoing ascension test runs (series of test runs) similar to the ones around Dec 21 when little was left for us and Gaia to ascend. We failed because humanity was not ready yet. This time the ascension spiral is on a steep upward curve and all signs point to the imminent arrival of the detonation of the PAT supernova and the manifestation of the ID split, which we have already initiated when I delivered the ascension codes to the entire PAT.

For two nights in a row my brain and head were transformed into a huge highway / speedway for cosmic energies and their background noise is the huge headache under which I am suffering in the last 48 hours. These are the classical cc-waves with a massive descent of source energies in our bodies, only to be further transmitted to Gaia and humanity in preparation for the PAT supernova. ´

The fact that in the last 48 hours the correspondence of the PAT has dropped to its lowest level since the beginning of this year, is the most reliable indicator that these waves have knocked down all of you and that you have no power even to express your physical exhaustion and frustration from these relentless bouts in a written form. Which normally brings about a modest relief.

We have entered uncharted territory as we have no reference values as to how ascension will feel like and will unfold. This kind of ascension has never been done before in the whole universe and we cannot rely upon past experiences even within our subconscious. However it is an ample fact that the intensity and the frequencies of the incoming energies are much higher this time than that when we opened the stargates 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. Only the impact on my body is this time less devastating, though still very pronounced. This is at least what I gauge in my energy field.

I suspect though that you may have been hit even harder now than at that time, as you are now fully connected to the source and receive the full breakers. While on Dec 23 it was clear to me that our ascension test run had failed, this time not only my mind that gauges the intensity and the quality of the incoming energy waves, but also my body signal that we are on the upward spiral and that there is nothing that hampers our ascension. It is only a matter of when it will occur.

We are now fueling the tanks of Gaia before we will ignite the supernova and trigger the ID spilt. This fact has been recently acknowledged for the first time by another source to which I have already referred yesterday in my article:

You are each in full flow again of receiving and anchoring the Cosmic energies into the crystalline core of your planet. These are the rhythms that you are by now used to in your daily lives and as such you serve the Divine. As each of you receive and allow these energies to pass through you into the crystalline core, you are filling the Earth with these expansive energies and this is how the ascension of the Earth is taking place. The Light within expands within the center of the planet and is uplifted into the higher dimensions.

The ascended realms work unceasingly to bring more Light through each of our colleagues walking upon the planet so that their Light grows ever brighter and more radiant than before. Those who have chosen this service are strategically placed all over the planet and are providing a great service through their willingness to undergo the rigors of the purification process. We understand that it is quite often a two edged sword, for as you allow more Light to enter your physical bodies, you also experience the purging at a deeper and deeper level of all the cells of your being and this is not always a pleasant experience within your own systems.

While the topic is not new to you, it is a novelty that these processes are discussed in this clarity by channelers (Marlene Swetlishoff), who have not been adamant on this issue in the past.

There is also another trend that indicates the coming of the ID split. We were told by our HS – and I have been expecting this independently for a long time – that we should be carefully watching for physical events that will herald the splitting of the catastrophic, criminal timeline B from the current timeline A/B. The terror act of the dark cabal in Boston is one such pathetic act born out of total desperation about the inevitability of the elite’s dire destiny. Other events must soon follow.

On the financial front such events have already begun to stipulate. Yesterday we observed the biggest gold crash in the history of this market in absolute values:

Here is the crash on the one-year chart:

There is a key phenomenon in biology known as “apoptosis” (programmed cell death). What we now observe is the programmed death of the ruling cabal. This crash was programmed in order to impoverish the broader population of private investors who possess more gold than all the central banks put together. It is similar to the programmed bank robbery of the Cypriots, who, after they were robbed of their savings are now losing all their money as obviously the two biggest banks that were supposed to be saved by the EU cannot be saved now and must go bust. Pure dark cabal, Orion cynicism! First they robbed the money from the people to save the banks and then they closed the banks. This is the nasty, criminal, satanic visage of the EU-pedophile banksters and Orion political clones in Brussels and elsewhere.

The gold crash yesterday was deliberately instigated by the Fed by throwing 500 tons of gold derivatives/puts (paper gold, not real gold as the Fed has no gold at all) on the market to rob the savers of their hard currency in gold and silver and thus to save the worthless dollar from its imminent crash, but this strategy of the dark cabal will only accelerate their programmed death. In the first place it will crash the stock exchange as this has already begun yesterday.

Then one should not forget that most of the gold is already in the hands of the dark cabal after their huge purchases of gold in the 60s led to the abolition of the gold standard as I have explained in my articles on the Orion monetary system. This gold crash is the outbreak of the Diadochus wars between the cabal fractions consisting of those, who have their treasures in gold and those, who have their treasures in fiat money and shares.

There is much more behind this. It is expected that the US government will soon declare bankruptcy as it is not in the position to pay its debts, no matter how much money it borrows or steals from its citizens or the Fed prints (over 100 billion per month). It is a fact that for every borrowed dollar, the Obama administration has to pay back 50 cents  on interest rates. Even if the whole income of the US population is taxed to 100%  it will not be sufficient to cover even 10% of the current US debts.

Hence any expropriation of the US population, which is firmly planned by the dark Obama administration in a Cypriot style, will not save the elite, the hidden government and the banksters from going bust very soon.

Besides, it is expected that the non-aligned states will announce very soon their exit from the dollar system of payments. This international move, which is in the making for a long time, will immediately crash this US fiat, paper money without any value. Let us not forget that the USA is the biggest debtor and owes to the rest of the world more than 60% of all debts worldwide.

The USA trade deficit with the rest of the world is paid with printed dollars out of thin air only because it is still the world currency (66% of all money in circulation). At the same time the USA are not able to feed and sustain the basic needs of their population with their own agricultural and industrial production, which has hit its lowest level per capita since the foundation of this country.

For instance if Germany imports goods from abroad, it has to pay them with export goods in the same value (in fact small Germany is the world export champion with a positive trade balance of more than 200 billion dollars each year) in order to cover its expenses and is constraint to be highly productive. The USA instead do not need to produce anything to import goods for their daily life, but only to print useless paper money.

The total trade deficit of the USA (debt towards the rest of the world, such as commodity producing countries like China, Japan, etc.) in the last thirty years has reached the incredible total amount of 144 trillion dollars or 10 times the BSP of the USA. This country is already ten times in default only with respect to the rest of the world (the USA government has much more inner debts), and as soon as this fact is officially acknowledged and the illusion is gone, this rotten last empire on the earth will go bust overnight.

The Americans will have to experience for the first time in their history what it means to be starving on a global scale, just as they have put to starvation numerous nations with their perennial wars since WW2. This is the inevitable disaster – the programmed death – which Obama and his administration are facing in the coming days. and the signs are more than evident.

All these events herald the total crash of the Orion monetary system based on precious metals with little practical value and fiat money of no value and will be rapidly substituted with a just, transparent, numerical system of payments and commodity exchange that will eliminate all banks and will be equally available to all people. This will be our first measure as ascended masters.

There are no hidden St. Germain’s funds with which the dark propaganda machinery of the cabal is now miring the stupid LW community and no NESARA. If the latter term is a synonym for the money reform, we the Ascended PAT Masters and the new Earth Keepers will implement, then one may also use this compromised word.

Now everything is heading to the final countdown and I urge you all to see the coming events with a clear mind and a relaxed heart as it can only get better. The worst is to stay on this planet when nothing significant happens. Enjoy the end of the stalemate and look forward in optimism. We are with one leg already beyond the veil.


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