Personal Opinions – April 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

Have I told you how much I love you? Lol. Thank you for such a beautiful and supportive post. Once again you’ve done a wonderful job at synthesizing all that had transpired, in a way that is most honoring to all. You are the best!!

Jerry’s kind note brought me to tears. I need to write him back yet today. So many beautiful souls truly make up this most amazing group.

I should be able to finish up a large project at work today that has taken up much of my free time lately. It will feel good to get that turned in and my time freed up. After doing so, I will check in with HS again. I want yo try and get back on that horse as soon as I can.

Thank you again for everything. Your love, your honesty, your support and your lovely sense of humor.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

I love you too. I hope Dorie has written to you also as she was worried about you yesterday. I sent her your email to me yesterday immediately and she was very happy to read it.

This was the most dramatic cosmic thriller I have ever experienced so far. It caught us off guard and in full surprise, so that we needed some time to sort it out, tame our feelings and see through the plot. It took me personally two days to fully grasp the inner dynamics behind this historical decision – to start with a full-fledged magnetic pole reversal first – and how it was brought to us. My HS established a state of full clarity for me yesterday (Sunday) to see the whole world and cosmic situation as a crystal-clear set in the Now and to be able to made this analysis and publish it. It was a very satisfactory vision.

Before that I had a lovely horse ride with the gig with my wife, whom I must now appease because of my ascension delay and mollify her to prolong her ultimatum end of April. She expects me to give up my idea of ascension after that and to start living “normal” life, but I told her already that it is very stupid of her to cherish such unrealistic expectations and that I could only increase my care for her a notch. If she wants a family peace, she must put up with this modest concession on my part.

The fact of the matter is that last week I cared a lot for her and cooked well, so that she now discovered that she has gained weight and must have a diet. This releases me of course from my duty to cook as much as before, which takes some time of course and distracts me from editing the website. Now I have established the equilibrium again. This is what the Germans use to name (for whatever reasons) “the revenge of the channel worker” (Die Rache des Kanalarbeiters) meaning however not channeling as we know it, but doing a dirty job e.g. digging a channel.

I hope that the end of her diet will coincide with the magnetic pole reversal and have ordered in the meantime several of the billions angels that have allegedly now flooded earth to take care that my wife does not lose weight too quickly. With a little help from heaven we will manage it somehow to the end.

With love and light

OMG, Georgi,

I just about choked on my water laughing, while reading your note regarding the humorous interaction between you and your wife.  My husband and I have been married 13 years, and have only just begun to understand the intricacies of that particular dance! Lol! (laugh out loud).

I did get Dorie’s beautiful note and that is what I shared with you, but please don’t publish it, which I doubt you would.

It’s right that this is where our journey has led us. The magnetic shift/reversal. And I am so grateful that you and the others painstakingly put all the pieces together. Yep, painful getting here but right.

Yes, the magnetic pole shift, I feel/believe will happen prior to June. A major, multi-day geophysical “event” I think around the third week of May. This will be the first large physical indication to humanity that the shift/split/magnetic reversal has finally and irrevocably come to pass in the physical. But other catalysts and global tensions, both political and economic will absolutely peak in intensity even prior to that. I’m seeing a couple big ones around the end of the month.

But I will ask HS about all this. I don’t usually bother to share initial impressions until after I’ve sat with HS, so to be clear, I need to do that yet. Are you getting/sensing anything?

Oh by the way, so jealous of the horse rides. I used to ride often on a childhood friends’ pony when we were young, 11 or so. Was very relaxing and free.

Please keep me smiling with your wonderful sense of humor Georgi! And I take pity on your wife!

Much love and light,

Dear April,

you do not need to take pity on my wife, she knows perfectly well how to create her 5d-reality in this 3d-environment. In this respect she is well ahead of us.

Yes, I agree, a horse ride, I actually sit on the gig and let being couched through the landscape by my wife while indoctrinating her on our ascension and the like, is quite relaxing. The landscape where we live consists of gentle slopes and is the centre of hops production and beer in Europe.

Hops is an amazing plant. It starts as a green shot each spring and then grows more than 10 meters high within several months upwards the posts and wires constructed for this purpose before being harvested. You have a real jungle growing in front of your eyes. While now you can still see the landscape while riding, after two months you ride in a thick jungle between the hops fields and see nothing. The soil is rich mother earth, very soft and good for the horse hoofs.

Now to my energetic state: Since April 18 I have not experienced a major, nasty wave any more, but only a steady energetic stream that carries me upwards similar to my ascension to the 5th dimension on April 16. This is contrary to some other members of the PAT who complain about new waves recently. I have the feeling that I am heaving with me the whole web of light slowly, but firmly to the 5th dimension. The vibrations are incredibly strong during the night and it takes me at least half an hour and a shower to return to this reality in the morning. I feel strangely sad these days, especially upon awakening and I am sure that my longing for the higher realms is now also growing. But otherwise I feel better than during all the last years. There is no doubt that we are now on the cusp of ascension.

Yesterday, I was fully involved in the drama around the two Chechen innocent brothers that were sacrificed, killed or taken in custody, by the FBI to cover up their insidious bombing in Boston. I do not know why, as I normally no longer care about 3d-events, but my HS tells me that this story will further evolve and may lead indeed to the collapse of the Obama government as he is deeply involved in this crime in one or another way. Go to site and read the details.

There are a lot of facts and discrepancies that are now revealed, e.g. the aunt who recognized her nephew Temerlan naked taken in custody by the squads and not being killed in Watertown, Cambridge, that the FBI called him after the bombing and before the shooting in Watertown, Cambridge, where they set up the shooting, killed another cop and blamed it on Tamerlan etc., the obvious lie that he was driven over by his younger brother in a attempt to escape. Lies, lies, and more lies that are now exposed in a steady pace by the alternative mass media. There is not a single element in the official FBI story that fits into the facts as described by witnesses.

Then, I was switched onto all secret services worldwide and started exposing them yesterday in my thoughts. This is never coincidental. It is a sure sign that soon we will see many more revelations and the secret services will be exposed and will lose their control over humanity. I do not know how exactly, but the Boston shooting will be the initial event.

There is a national holiday of the Cyrillic alphabet in Bulgaria on May 24, mainly concerning the students, which is also the peak of Wesak. I loved this holiday as it also marked the coming end of the school year and the beginning of the summer holidays in June, but school activities actually finished on May 24. Since child I had a very elated feeling about this feast and connected very closely with my soul at that date.

There is a famous song, national anthem, we sang on this day with this refrain “awaken folks, awaken from your deep slumber…”. This was meant for the Bulgarian people under the 500 years Turk yoke (oppression), but it actually meant the whole humanity. I was uplifted each time we sang this song and had the feeling that a new epoch is coming on this planet, not knowing what exactly that meant. Since then I have a feeling that ascension and redemption of humanity will happen around this date – May 24th. This is just a long standing intuition, but it may indeed come true now.

With love and light

PS: Check these pictures for hops in Hallertau, where we live:

Hallo George,

I am still feeling somewhat groggy, but not as bad as on Sunday. Last night I asked my HS to let me know what this heavy, debilitating cleansing that I have been experiencing since Saturday was all about, so during the night I got the message that, remember a while back, the Ascension Scenario had foreseen for you to ascend first, and we were to follow later. You had also asked for volunteers to take charge of the cleansing that you always used to do. Well, I was one of them.

So now that you are 90% ascended, you are relieved of that tough burden, as your body was suffering badly. Anyhow, this morning then I found this email in my inbox. I know this source, his information correlated with our cleansing activities last year as well. Here is a short summary:

I hope you are doing well and have been weathering the “negative energy storm” that we have been inundated with since April 15th.  Things are getting very intense in multiple levels of reality. The battle for planet earth is heating up, and lightworkers all over the planet are being attacked by 4th density negative beings, so I hope you are doing well and rebuffing those energies.

This period of increased pressure from the dark side will probably last until May 1 or so, as it seems to do every year while the “elite” (yea right) in 3d do their dark rituals to feed low-vibration energy to their masters in 4th density.

He also maintains that a missile hit the fertilizer plant in Texas, however, I could not make anything out of the attached youtube clip, but that might have been very well the case indeed. I think in general, looking at the destruction of the Boston bombing and the TX fertilizer plant explosion damage, that not that many human lives were lost as the dark ones had anticipated in my opinion.

Well George, now I get a feeling for what you had to go through day in and day out.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

I can confirm your energetic assessment. Since April 18 I have not experienced a major, nasty wave any more, but only a steady energetic stream that carries me upwards similar to my ascension to the 5th dimension on April 16. This is contrary to some other members of the PAT who complain about new waves recently as is the case with you also. I have the feeling that I am heaving with me slowly and steadily now the whole web of light to the 5th dimension. The vibrations are incredibly strong during the night and it takes me at least half an hour and a shower to return to this reality. I also feel strangely sad these days especially upon awakening and I am sure that my longing for the higher realms is now also growing. But otherwise I feel better than during all the last years. There is no doubt that we are now on the cusp of ascension.

I do not see any major activity from the dark side anymore as they are already fully severed from our timeline, so that this source is outdated in this respect. However we do see some pathetic efforts of their remaining human stooges to create havoc on the earth, but to no avail.

With love and light


The photo tells me, today was a good day. The war is over and Planet B is gone. My Astrological chart also said so:

Moon and Pluto squared it off. In a final, mortal battle, while the Sun was raging, on the other side.

“I let go”, Gaia said, “the power struggle is over, no more push and pull duality. It was my final mortal battle. Between natal Moon and Pluto, who opposed Chiron, in the House of  Higher knowledge and prophets, yet. No more power struggles, no more letting go. We are healed in a Higher Consciousness, connected with Sun in the House of Brothers and Sisters.”

It’s a done deal. In 3 days, for a few minutes opens the Sirian Stargate. I’ve been looking up in the sky, it’s in the Moon and the Stars! I just know today was a good day. “I can breathe. I am free”, exhaled Gaia.
This is for the PAT

Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

Much respect, Georgi!

Dear Katrina,

thank you very much  for this very elegiac and poetic astrological message from Gaia. I feel it the same way and I also tune with Gaia in these last days very intimately as to perceive her last birthing pains on the way to final ascension.



Isn’t Wesak in May? Never mind, I must be mistaken. April 25th would make sense, let’s hope something happens. Then again, as higher source keeps reminding us, we should be focusing on the change itself and not when it will happen. I try to.

Today was a fairly mellow day for me. Some anxiety here and there. All feels well though. Can still engulf myself in “now” fairly easy.

With love

Dear Kevin,

Exactly, but there is also a Wesak period, a preparation period for this feast as with all such feasts and it begins astrologically with the full moon on April 25th. This period is between April 25 and May 24. I have written about this in a response to April today and will publish it in the next report (see above).



Well I would like to find out, what is 1987 starseeds’ plan in this whole ascension! I tried to go look for it and tried to find out what is our Purpose in all this, but it seems that there is no answer, so it feels (looks) like we are just the mist in the plain (if you know what I mean). I am born in 1987/07/05 and well I am trying to do my part, but now that it seems we don’t have a Purpose in all this…… So please, may I ask for an answer on this.


Dear Colyn,

we have a lot of crystalline children and star seeds born after 1987 who are full members of the PAT and will be in the first ascension wave, which can occur any moment from now on. The mission of the PAT is extensively covered on our website in more than 1000 articles. You should only start reading them and you will find out the goal of our mission and that of all star seeds in case you have not found it already in an intimate dialogue with your HS.

With love and light

Dear George,

I’ve passed many barriers in my path to the Truth in this dimension. I’m not as advanced in “consciousness abilities” such as communicating with my HS or being a telepath for instance, but I would still like to know how I could contribute to the PAT effort – ascension of Gaia/ the masses. Obviously aside from spreading love/kindness and information
regarding the truth.

I was always curious as to how I could perhaps assist with clearing dross, or bringing source energy into Gaia for instance.

Mr. George, you are an extreme motivation in terms of mettle and will. Since following this site, I have have been granted great gifts of wisdom and its pouring in more and more each day. Thank you all PAT members. Never forget that WE are creators. This dimension doesn’t control us, so don’t let the negativity bring you down.

Please excuse horrid sentence structure and punctuation. I no longer give a hoot about proper means of conducting anything these days, haha.

With love and positive vibes,

Dear Nick,

thank you very much for your kind words and your appreciation of our discussions on this website, which have their ups and downs but never leave the path of searching the ultimate truth with honesty and full transparency.

There is nothing more you can do than what you are doing now. It is sufficient that you resonate with our common cause and detach as much as you can from this reality in preparation for the shift.

When I was asked in the past by some members of the PAT about this same issue, I always advised them not to be in a hurry to enter the cleansing process as after that there is no respite any more and that they will deplore this decision. Eventually it came out as I predicted it.

We have now entered the final phase, where most of the cleansing has been done and the rest must be accomplished by each individual on his own. Hence there is no need to take the burden of humanity on your shoulders, but see that you raise your personal frequencies through clear thinking and full emotional detachment from this holographic model as to ascend as higher as possible. This is now possible and never have the energies been so conducive to such a success. One can achieve in a month now more than in many previous incarnations. Of course I am talking from the point of view of the soul, but as we will soon merge with her, this vantage point of view is also appropriate for us.

With love and light

Dear George,

With every light fiber of our being, let’s hope it is the last month we rely on this paper money which soon becomes toilet paper. Yes, April 18th massively stirred the pot for ascension as our website discussions bare testimony to.

So how are you today and what are you noticing? My extended family members throughout the US are in numbers separately experiencing heavy emotions. One is close to death. I feel the franticness of it all so am reminding myself to breath and remain centered. Saturday afternoon, April 20th and then again Sunday afternoon, April 21st I experienced extreme fatigue.

Will you please tell Jerry how much his last two articles were appreciated?  With I felt our shared humanness centered around the 3D matters we PAT are forced to review daily in our minds! Isolation in these matters sucks. Therefore, PAT family contributions together with your intelligent direction, perseverance and courage, George, is my sanity and means everything to me. Jerry’s second article was a marvel, i.e. how he intelligently and light heartedly crafted the short history of ascension into 2 ½ pages for someone new to our discussions. Amazing, Jerry!  And I am happy to know you are in a better place now.

Thank you to April for her beautiful vulnerability, Dorie for her kick ass sarcasm, Carla for her recent Elohim channelings, Daniel for his young intelligent insights and all the PAT.

In Love & Light,

Dear Marilyn,

thank you very much for your very kind and uplifting words for me and the other PAT members. I will forward your email to all of them. The last decision regarding the magnetic pole reversal caused indeed some turbulences in the collective mood of the PAT, but it was necessary to fully comprehend its scope. Now that the final decision has been taken, I have the feeling that the situation has settled down as it should be before such a big event.

I personally feel rather good after April 18 and have not had any nasty waves since then but only a steady harmonious uplifting to the higher dimensions at a very high vibrational level. I am also heaving all the time the web of light  to the 5th dimension but without any cleansing activities anymore.

The energies have reached already a threshold, where all people will be affected in one or another way emotionally and mentally. All these past efforts of the PAT to transmit these energies to Gaia and humanity must bear results at some point in time – for the people to awaken and for Gaia to move upwards and release its negative timeline. This all is perfectly synchronized.

With love and love

Dear Georgi,

I found out about your website through a very close friend of Christoph Fasching and I have been reading most of your posts since end of January. I am very happy reading and finding answers to lots of topics and energies I feel, but do not know what they mean.

Years ago someone told me that I am a lightworker and a friend of me said once that she is always thinking of a crystal when she sees me. I for myself am not quite sure where I am positioned. What has been puzzling me now are your comments on LW Communities. I have mostly been into my own process, finding my way through the jungle and haven’t been connected to one of those communities, so I do not know exactly what you mean. In a recent post I have been reading that we wouId have been meant to help in the ascension process, but I somehow failed to do so. Would you mind explaining and giving more details to me?

Another thing I would like to get a clearer picture is on crystalline and adamantine children. You have mentioned them in some of your posts. My daughter turned two in March of this year and people are speaking of her as a crystalline child. Now, I don’t quite understand the difference between the two. I could only find few books on those topics. They are interesting, but none of it could give details of what I have been looking for. If you like to give more details about those children and the difference I would be very pleased and highly appreciative.

Huge thanks to all of you for what you are being and doing.

Much love and light,
Melanie, Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Melanie,

thank you for contacting me for the first time.

I have written a lot of articles on the LW /New Age community, where I have discussed at length various aspects and deficiencies of their thinking and behaviour which you can find on my website. It will be too long now to repeat this one more time.

There is not a big difference between crystalline and adamantine children, only that the latter are younger and come from even higher dimensions and have no intention to stay on this planet, not even after ascension to the 5th dimension as they have finished with their incarnation cycle long time ago and have come now on the earth only to raise the light quotient. There are no good books on these both issues as far as I know, but I have published several articles and discussions on the crystalline children, their destiny and characteristics. Again, you have to use the search function and find them on our website as we have in the meantime almost 1000 publications.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you very much for your quick answer and your specifications. I will have a look at those articles.


No doubt in my Imagination we will manifest pole shift. WESAK full moon will be most powerful and agree with Jerry’s intuition regarding significance of 29 APRIL.

Amazed that we can and will do it all within a week….



Here is an article about him – he is an Economics grad student:

So many “experts” out there spewing junk based on bad data and analysis. Nice to see some truths coming out in little pockets, even though the entire systems on this planet are already dead. It would be nice if someone would “call it” as in “time of death”.

I personally am exhausted from this past three weeks. I really have no other words to describe all of what I am experiencing at this time.

Liz Goings

Dear Liz,

this new article from this young man is a two-edged sword. It simply apologizes current debt policy, which has not brought any growth in the West, while slams austerity policies, as there can be no growth in this kind of disastrous Orion economy that only devastates mother nature. Insofar caution is warrant when reading such articles.

The dark Cabal simply promote new heads and bogus ideas, whenever they need a new rectification for their reckless policies. The bottom line is: their firm intention is still to impoverish and enslave humanity with whatever means they have at their disposal. Now they need more debt as they know that this economy is on the cusp of crashing and use such young men to rectify such criminal debt policies as the Fed printing 100 billion $ each month out of thin air to keep the illiquid big banks afloat.


Hi Georgi,

As a member of the PAT, I am offering a slight modification to the Ascension scenario decree.

The PAT has worked hard and suffered much, as all who are going through this process of Ascension. Our star brothers and sisters need to uphold their end of the contract by showing themselves globally for 2 or 3 days, but more than 1. This would be a sufficient shock for the masses. There is no need to rush into the pole shift just yet. The masses need more time.

This is my decree. I have altered the ascension scenario once more.

Much love, peace and joy to you and the PAT

Dear Charlotte,

there is no chance that the GF will show up on this earth, but only very slowly on the ascended earth A when humanity has acquired multi-dimensionality. They will definitely not show up on earth A/B. Therefore you may make such decrees, but the chance of realization is null.


Then there is no other way. – Charlotte


I had severe depression today, Sunday. Did anyone else experience this? Also, why does the scenario of this startling event trouble me so and leave me feeling jipped? Does this mean the PAT has to physically die to get to the higher realms? It doesn’t seem fair or
original. I was looking forward to a more miraculous transition. We’ve been through so much already…. must we witness mass chaos too? I don’t like it and it makes me feel extremely depressed.

Love, Kari

Dear Kari,

I have no explanation how you might have come to the idea that we have to die physically in order to ascend and trigger the PAT supernova. Nobody has ever mentioned such a possibility. The only people that will die are those who have finished with their soul contracts in this incarnation, will not ascend or move to the timelines A/B or B, and long to return home to Celestria.


Dear Moni,

if you are blue sometimes and want to laugh, watch my favourite comedy from Billi Wilder:

One, two, three


Thanks my George.

I’ll watch it when I get home. We just used one hour of class trying to make understand a 17 year old Muslim boy that women are equal to men. No success! Also, another student from Iran said that he didn’t like his Muslim religion anymore, so he’s going to convert to Christianity. NO HOPE FOR HUMANITY.


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