The Perfect Synchronicity of My Mother’s Messages with the Ongoing Mission of the PAT

by Christy Decaro, April 3, 2013

Dear Georgi,

It’s been several months since I have written in, but myself and my brother have been reading your site daily. I wanted to thank you very much for keeping us informed with all the latest developments. They have been so helpful to explain what is currently going on.  

I especially wanted to thank you, Dorie and April for the urgent energy update yesterday, as it was also very helpful in explaining the strange dreams both my brother and I had Monday night.  We both had dreams that occurred around the same time that you said you experienced the extremely negative, purging wave. We each had dreams that included, what I guess you could call an evil twin.

In my brother’s dream he could feel what his other self was feeling, yet he was observing his other self’s bad behavior from the outside in a detached manner. However in my dream, my other self seemed to have qualities of being possessed and unlike my brother’s dream, where he was just an observer of his other self and then merged/ integrated with it and then transitioned into an out-of-body experience in another reality, I was actively engaged in trying to destroy my evil twin.

We were both very curious and concerned about the dreams we had. Not only was it a huge coincidence that we both had dreams at the same time but that we both dreamt of seeing a darker version of our self in the dream state. So again, thank you so much for the post yesterday explaining what had happened.

The past week I have been hit with severe dizzy spells accompanied by a nauseous feeling that would strike me out of nowhere and then reside as quickly as they came. I’ve also have not been able to get a decent night’s sleep for the past couple of weeks, after being able to sleep soundly through the night for the previous two-three months.

Saturday night (3/30) I had dreamt that I heard a heavy/deep conversation taking place between you and April, this is the first time this has ever happened and knew for sure on Sunday that something would be posted by you both, so was delighted when I saw that was the case.

My mother is still receiving deep messages from her HS. Her messages have become much longer of late and provide a great deal of information. In fact, four days prior to you making the last decree, on February 28th, my mother received this message:

“There is going to be a strong leader on your planet that is going to give you a proclamation. There is going to be a derogatory situation arise that will affect your 3D world. There is going to be precise signs and un-precise signs to occur. My children of light are feeling very uneasy and getting very impatient. Please don’t weary. You will be drawn to your entities. They will hold on to you. So many of your people are coming into a great deception and will be lead towards the wrong beings. But you are the rock of my firm foundation for the next level for your own people. You will be given and receive a whole new vocabulary for your new earth. Enter in when you hear the codes, only a few will be able to adapt to this. You will have to take to some dignified action before long.

When she got the message we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but then lo and behold on Monday, March 4th we got our answer.

On 3/29, my mother received this message:

“You and yours are going to see things in a new perspective. Don’t fear. We have to go into inside of temporal bodies. We have to go through this chastisement to be able to go to our higher realms and dimensions. Yes, you are truly feeling your labor pains in the cycle of the birthing that is in process. Like I said, stay on your guard and alert. Don’t weaken. When this process starts in action, remember you will not be able to go back. Please be submissive to what you are receiving now. Don’t shun my words. Your light bodies are going to be radiant and beaming with energy. Because the forces from the underworld will soon be approaching your 3D world. That is what you have to be truly reborn to give birth to yourselves before the darkness and fear arise upon your planet. Be tranquil my children, love and light will transcend from you and your loved ones. Yes there are going to be things arriving soon to your planet. But remember you are my proven starseeds.

This message seems to warn of the negative, purging wave that was just experienced.

And finally on 3/30 she heard:

“Things are starting to look precarious around you. The spheres on your planet are changing orbit. Your human behavior will start to look different to those around you. We are going to step from one life to another. The cycle is getting very ripe for this. There is coming a great conflict of religions on your planet. You want to be separated from this. Protect your thoughts. There are codes now that are being seen everywhere. They are going to be broken down into equations for your higher self.

Imagine our surprise when on Sunday we saw the message from Carla with the formula/equation that was shown/ given to her by the Elohim.

It’s just truly amazing the synchronicity that seems to be popping up everywhere. Again, my mother has no Internet access and relies on us to give her updates from the PAT site.  She feels such great relief when she receives confirmations of the messages she receives.

My apologies for this email being so long, but I felt that I needed to email you since it’s been so long since I’ve last contacted you.  Again, thank you so much for your guidance and everything else that you do. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.

Much love and light to you and my PAT family,

Dear Christy,

no need to apologize. I am so happy to read these amazing messages from your mother and confirmations from your family that demonstrate one more time the incredible synchronicities and coordination that operates behind the PAT and also behind all energetic events that now change profoundly the nature of Gaia and humanity.

I will publish your email as a separate publication later on as a proof that we are moving very fast forward on the right path and are just a notch away from ascension.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your quick reply. We are all so ready to move into the next stage and to begin our new life as the creator beings we were all meant to be.

Love and light,

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