How Mind Control Leads To Magnetic Pole Reversal First

by Eugene du Plessis, April 25, 2013

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I’m responding to the article/post by Jennifer Tritch, April 23, 2013 , “Why the Magnetic Pole Reversal Must Come“. Jennifer thanks for the post.

I had just read an article which extensively deals with the mind control of the populace. The article is copied at the bottom here by Jon Rappoport. He has a number of articles on his site which are well worth the read regarding in-depth programming of the media and the logic behind it. Jack True is one of the most innovative therapists of our time according to John Rappoport, being a hypnotherapist who now has changed his therapy methods to unplugging the patients from the matrix rather than applying normal therapy. (See article below).

Understanding the process makes things a lot easier than doing it blind-folded. Like a marathon runner who knows the distance and the effort/ pain distance to pace himself understanding the details of the race.

The matrix is pure programs running to give experiences which we perceive to be real in our dualistic 3d environment. But un-plugging is the ultimate door and to unplug is no joke when you actively choose it.

Since almost 30 years ago I became fascinated with the daily conditioning of the mind. The purposeful programming through marketing, the media  etc., but since then it always amazed me that such a fundamental concept as this could not be understood by almost anybody as to the detrimental effect it has on the world populace with regards to all perceptions that are formed based on the “experience” we have.

In spite of seeing something on your TV, you are told the “truth” by the anchor and that sticks and forms perception, so seeing isn’t necessarily believing. Mere subliminal imagery is perception in the making.

Although this basic concept is so well understood by the PAT as easy as brushing teeth, it is a concept completely removed from the philosophical day to day thinking patterns of the unaware masses.

It is very clear that the process to awakening of the masses cannot happen other than a dramatic event like a magnetic pole reversal. Their perennial enslavement is too embedded to see even when basic concepts with proof are shown or explained.

To remove oneself from the matrix is the only way to find one’s spiritual truth, which is the beginning to see multi-dimensional reality, or to start connecting with it.

The programming we receive through our media, even knowingly that it happens, isn’t  a complete deterrent not to be forced into the pre-programmed cabal box. This is the dilemma of the LW groups not even to speak of the masses.

It’s become clearly noticeable that the PAT have very similar experiences of “matrix” removal deliberately orchestrated by their HS. The PAT having in their programming this very core DNA encoding.

This disables them in many ways emotionally as the “conditioned” world they live in i.e “I’m not making it in this world”.

This very symptom of the matrix removal is inevitable and a phase of completely acceptance of this will vastly help one’s mental state of mind in the turmoil that unfolds around you, which seems to be the very end when in fact this is the birthing of being able to look beyond the matrix.

If you can see the matrix you can dislodge from being a slave to the dark programming and duality and see beyond.

This supports completely the magnetic pole reversal as an only possible solution as we have extensively discussed.

Clearly from past evidence now backed with scientific proof of past earth wipe-outs through cataclysmic events is more evidence of this fundamental truth, that the change needed will not come from any change in a 3d-environment, but now through the magnetic pole shift for the masses.

Its not that the masses don’t want to see what’s going on. It’s a matter simply that they can’t see.

The “Slavery and the eight veils” part 1 and 2, which is a great vid to watch, shows and describes this clearly. Trying to explain or “save” is simply a waste of energy and does not support achieving a result expending energy in the most optimal manner.

Find the “Slavery and the eight veils part 1 and part 2 ” video on my FB page. Just go there. Its under vids. Short only 15min and 12 min part 2. Posted I think 2010. Here my basic page. Search under videos.

Here the article  by John Rappoport, I referred to.

Major media up against the wall



Love and light to you and the PAT


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