On Human Emotions

by Monica Marulanda and Georgi Stankov,April 21, 2013

Dear George,

I read yesterday April’s last channeling and the discussion that came after that. I was afraid that at some point this was going to happen either with April, Dorie or Carla. On the other hand I’m glad that this happened because it reminded me about some very basic stuff:

1 – Yes, we are ascended masters. We found out/remembered this fact thanks to your help and/or with the help of that large part of our souls that dwells in the higher dimensions, in which we are in a closer contact after we have fully awaken. Our minds now dwell in the higher dimensions and that’s why we are not compatible with this 3D reality anymore. Unfortunately we are still HUMANS and because of that we still have many limitations. We are trapped. One of those limitations are our human emotions.

2 –  Our HS or soul is not a separate entity. Our higher selves are US. And because we are in a shit hole, called 3D reality, we have limited communication with that higher portion of our selves, with that part of our soul that knows what goes on in the HR. When I say limited communication, I talk about the quality of the communication. Like when we are trying to talk over the phone with someone when there’s bad signal. So we can’t understand well what the other person is saying, only some words. As a result we can misinterpret what is being said. That being said, we have to discern even what we get from our HS.

3 – We have to bear in mind that as humans, we cannot comprehend totally the complexity of what’s going on. That’s why we get angry, frustrated, hurt, annoyed, tired, etc. about everything and everybody. But that’s normal, why? Again, because we are still humans. Ascended masters in a 3D human body! Who can endure that. If we were not that strong, we’d have shot our selves long time ago. Not everybody could dwell in two realities at the same time as we have managed to do it until now.

4 – It is very important to be patient with ourselves. We are all we have. So whenever I experience any earthly 3D bad emotion and get mad at me because I think that as an ascended master I’m not supposed to feel like that, I immediately get I reminder: “Moni, It’s normal. You are still human. Deal with it” So I wrap those bad emotions in white energy light and throw them far away, where they can disappear. By the way, the wrapping technique in white light is one of the best gift I have gotten from you… it works all the time!

5 – All this also reminded me of why I am part of this group. I LOVE the objectivity in our discussions. Hence, I didn’t feel sister April were attacked because of the message she delivered. You guys simply analyzed the message as you always do and discussed it in a very objective way. I didn’t feel at all you guys thought she was trying to lie. I can somehow understand why she felt how she felt (talking about humans emotions). I’m pretty sure that April as an ascended master will see why all this happened and that she will feel better soon. We all know very well that everything happens for a reason.


Dear Moni,

thank you for this excellent elaboration on human emotions and why we as ascended masters should be always aware of the dialectical character of all human feelings – “the bad that always creates something good”, to quote Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust.

Besides  as I, and also Dorie’s HS say, our emotions are the fuel we need for the detonation of the PAT. If we suppress them, then there will be no detonation of the PAT and no ascension.

I have always advocated the unlimited expression of all kinds of emotions on this website and in my life, as I do not fear emotions but appreciate their pivotal role in creation. If there is one fundamental crime on this planet, that is to suppress human emotions because of  fear of alleged negative feelings that might hurt someone. Emotions are God’s expression – the positive and the negative, there is no division in the divine energetic nature of human feelings.

Thus humans, instead of letting their emotional energies flow freely through their fields, begin to store their negative emotions they fear in their DNA and cells and only perpetuate the downward spiral of this planet into darkness.

The PAT has come to this earth with the mission to reverse this trend and to this end belongs the full expression of all human emotions, including our frustration and anger about our HS. And please remember, our HS want us to do this in a free manner and they are at ease with this kind of emotional outbursts of their incarnated entities.

Besides, it was clearly stated in our pivotal discussion on the deceptions of our HS in search of the ultimate truth that our indignation was never personal and that our anger and frustration were addressed in the first place against our own HS, with which we incessantly communicate. I myself am cursing my HS every day worse than a drunken coachman and it works fabulously most of the time.

In reality the last message from April’s HS had a most important dialectical purpose and was extremely crucial for us, the PAT, one more time after our last dramatic decree on March 4. With its deliberate and obvious deception, it helped us open our eyes through our emotions and make another key decision of global, even cosmic proportions – to proceed with the magnetic pole reversal scenario first and thus accelerate our ascension process and that of Gaia and humanity. The true scope of this decision of the PAT on April 18 will be fully realized only after our ascension, but I can tell you already now that it was a solitary highlight in our long and tedious mission on this toxic planet, make no mistake about this.

As Dorie’s HS told us, it has never been about us and we have always been protected by our HS and infinite angels, no matter how low our quality of life on this toxic planet has been, but only about the whole humanity. Our mission has always been to move this bunch of sleeping human souls from point A to point B, even at the expense of our physical health or even death, as was the case with Anita.

As I have repeatedly said, death is the second best outcome for us after ascension. If this were the motto of all humans, we would not have this ape theatre with our latest decision as some folks like Divsy and Co now unleash, thus only demonstrating their still huge fears. That is why the magnetic pole reversal must come to wipe out all these “lache” people from the current timeline, to use a famous term of Sartre for that portion of humanity he considered to be its most despicable one. It is his opinion, not mine, but after all, he was one of the most famous and influential thinkers of the 20th century.

With love and light


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