Final Overhaul of Our CNS Before Becoming MOS-Beings

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov

Dear Georgi,

Oh my goodness, what a day! The excitement energies were extremely high for me today and it was difficult to focus on 3D world, let alone hear a message from the HR! I was however able to receive a very informational message from my HS that feels very validating in regards to what has been transpiring over the course of the last few days. I wish that my HS would share more of these details DURING the process, but I’m at least glad that I’m able to receive the information she shares with us shortly afterwards!

I know that we have been to the point of this excitement before, we’ve had insights, dreams, and visions before that all pointed to our imminent ascension, but I have to say that I’ve never had the certainty that I have now!

With much, MUCH love and gratitude to you Georgi, and to the MAGNIFICENT PAT. You ALL have rocked my world!!!


Message – April 8, 2013

Me: HS I have had an assortment of strange, unusual, and exciting visions and dreams over the last couple of days, but what stands out the most is the dream where I saw the most AMAZING tree, it’s branches were reaching to the sky, stretched out far and wide. It glowed and pulsated from within. While napping just now, you told me that this was the Tree of Life! Can you help me to understand how this relates to final steps in the ascension process?

HS: Yes, this tree that you saw was representative of the Tree of Life! And while it is mostly representative of a link between heaven and earth, uniting above with below, the message that we were trying to impart to you with this symbolism, is that of the brain and nervous system within your physical vessels.

What you have been sensing for the last few days is absolutely correct! There has not just been a flurry of activity in the HR, but also within your physical body as well! This has been preparing you for receptivity of the detonation codes that Georgi was asked by Source to transmit to each and every one of the PAT. We are pleased to announce that these codes were successfully received by each of the members of the PAT. However, major work had to take place first in order for this to happen, and that is what some of you have been experiencing on a physical/mental/and emotional level in the last few days.

This is also where your recent vision of the ‘control center’ comes into play. The brain had to be defragmented, that is reorganized and optimized in order to create space for your detonation download. Contained within this latest download is not only the detonation sequence but also the skills that will come with your new Light Body Garments. Now that the detonation codes have been successfully received, you are in the process of becoming fully operational, that is, you will be using the full 100% potential of your brain – neurons within the brain, that you were born with, but never used, are now being connected. The nervous system is being upgraded as well, in order to handle the frequency of energies that will flow through your bodies at the moment of detonation.

You have all been going through a myriad of symptoms this last month related to this ‘rewiring’ process, but we are now down to the ‘last’ wire in the physical ascension process, which is the activation of the midbrain, the “psychic center” the eyes to your new world! All other processes are complete, and while you will still continue to experience many different symptoms throughout your entire physical/mental/emotional bodies, the predominant areas to be affected will be your senses, especially your ‘vision‘, as your new senses come online. We reference one of your favorite quotes from the Matrix to bring understanding to this.

‘Why do my eyes hurt?”
“You’ve never used them before.”

Know that all other avenues of the ascension process have been fully completed at this time, your last battles with Darkness on this planet have been fought and won, and the detonation download has been successfully transmitted and received. It’s is high time for you to come home! Make it so!


Dear Dorie,

this message from your HS independently and fully confirms the Elohim’s message transmitted by Carla, which I have just published.

Our neurological pathways in the brain have been completely reorganized to be able to implement the MOS and to process directly all frequencies beyond the electromagnetic spectrum.

Until now 90% of our information came from our vision, which is extremely limited to the narrow spectrum of the visible light. This is how the current holographic model of consensual 3d-reality has been established as an illusion of our restricted senses. By the way, these restrictions and their repercussions on human weltanschauung have been extensively discussed in my gnostic books and in particular in the first one “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“.

In the process of this neuronal reorganisation, our eyes will detach from this reality, our vision will become blurred, as many PAT members already report, and our inner brain perception will turn away from this visual model to concentrate on the true realities in the higher dimensions. This transformation of our CNS will impact our awareness in such a dramatic manner that we cannot even imagine it now.

It is a rather curious fact that only two days ago, I asked my wife to look at my Turk coffee and see the future. The only thing she saw was that my vision will deteriorate in the coming days. I immediately interpreted this with the ongoing transformation of our inner senses, while our MOS is implemented, and not as a physical deterioration of my eyes, which are already not in a good shape.

As I mentioned to Carla, we are now in a process of general overhaul of all our energetic systems that make us human beings as to become again what we have always been – multi-dimensional, transliminal entities.

With love and light

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