Energy Update of the PAT – April 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor


Another extremely powerful cc-wave with a massive descent of source energy has peaked around 11.11 local time and knocked me down for two hours. I sensed it coming early this morning with the classical prodromi. The night was comparatively calm for me. The rotational velocity of my field vortex has been augmented one more time and this has hit my 3rd chakra and triggered the whole array of well-known LBP-related symptoms associated with this kind of cc-wave. The headache is mild, but the anaesthesia of the left head is very pronounced.  It could be the last massive source pulse before our ascension. I  am feeling rather dizzy and absent now, but still in surprisingly good physical shape. The energies are of the purest source quality. My guess is that this wave will peak one more time later on in the afternoon. I am sure that it will affect most of you. Make the best of  it, which is going to bed and sleep, if you can afford it.



Dear George,

Strange coincidences, I am in Praiano in Italy with my wife and daughter, both deeply anchored into the higher heart frequencies. About 2 months ago I was urged to book a week to this Amalfi coast, something that I have avoided for a long time. Me and traveling do not go along very well for the last 10+ years or so due to the LBP and all the energetic work. But this time I was driven to organize this week, while I had not even heard of this Amalfi Coast. It was like being in trance sitting behind the computer and the one link pups up after the other and leads you to the right place.

When the departure day approached, I was really trying to find ways to not having to go, I felt sick, terribly dizzy and feeling weightless. Bad circumstances to get on a flight. At the airport I was not even able to walk, a feeling of lost gravity and was not doing very well. But my HS remembered me about some ‘deal’ we have since 20+ years with the HR, namely, every time we were nudged to go away to whatever place, be it for short visit or for longer time, half of the time was for special work directed from the HR and the other half was for us. Often, it was unexpectedly and sudden and we (I) never knew in advance what would come. Most of the jobs we needed a great part of the 2nd part (the free time) to recover.

One example was a visit to Disney Land in France in 1996 or about. When we arrived, I directed my wife, son and daughter to sit with me on the bed in a circle and just follow up on what I would say. Afterwards they told me that I was saying lots of strange things that we were not familiar with. Well, I only did what I was led to do. That night the worse devastating storm ever took advantage of Disney Land and for the first time closed down the whole place. The different camping places and hotels where hit hard with many deaths. The large hotel where we had a room was flooded with people on the hallways that were evacuated because of the devastation. The hotel where I stayed was also hit and the only part that was still fully intact was the wing where we stayed. Later on it was explained to me that we were in good company of 3 other teams of 4 persons each and were there to help activate this important cleansing. It was a mutual effort as this job needed that.

In Praiano we turned out to be the only guests with 4 other persons in the hotel. Praiano is the quietest place of the whole Amalfi Coast and the owner was complaining to me about the bad economy and the situation with their politicians. But suddenly they got a request to organize the hotel for a conference for many medical professionals with their families. I knew this was part of why I had to be present there. We did the job and submitted the codes. We were also directed to the most known cities on the Amalfi Coast. I hired a Fiat Panda and dared to drive on all these small mountain roads, even to the highest of them to Ravello, where we were led to the old church that was ever initiated by Francesco de Assisi. I transmitted the codes during the many drives and did so in this church. What then happened was overwhelming. I connected the system with the new information frequencies and needed much time to get back into normal modus. The dizziness and elevating feeling was the strongest up till now.

I knew before I left for this trip that I would not per se had to have conscious experiences, but I was aware of the fact that some healing for myself and an important work directed by HR would take place. During all days and nights the third chakra, stomach and intestines worked very hard and I never before have had so much pain in my lower body, while in the meantime my upper body was kind of floating in higher frequencies and also (literally) while driving on those dangerous roads. But it turned out that I could still be that road maniac of old that I used to be.

Last night, the night you had your dream, I had a dream of all people over here on the streets in kind of chaos. I went to this particular group and told them to come with me. I told them to trust me and that they are all physical masters in transition and that they should stay away and out of the chaos of all others. I managed to have them understand and then this younger girl came to me and touched my left eye on the left corner as it turned out that my eye had a blueish flickering transparency that attracted her. That is what I saw in my dream through her for what she was seeing.

I am now done here with my work, the quietness has returned, the doctors are gone. Yesterday (Monday) I could feel the change in my energy and not wanting to have patience with things here anymore. Coming Wednesday early morning I am leaving for the airport.

There is so much that happened, often directly with people, but I think this is enough of an impression directly from Italy.

Stay well,
Rob Behr

Dear Rob,

I read with great interest your report from the beautiful coast of Amalfi – an ideal place to spend the last days on this planet, notwithstanding the usual stress with travelling.

I can very well relate to your energetic obligations you had to fulfil in Italy. I knew a German woman who was regularly pushed by her HS to visit many, most unusual places in order to perform her light work and then to return back home fully exhausted and most of the time not knowing what she had accomplished .Only in rare cases was she given a glimpse into her light mission. But this was in the late 90s and early 2000, while now the situation has changed dramatically.

I also very well remember the catastrophe in Disney Land near Paris in 1996, as it was so unusual that the mass media were really at great pain to explain it.

This German woman I was speaking about was for instance several weeks before 9/11 in New York and her HS ordered her to visit the twin towers, where she received a vision of their destruction. She also spent her nights in a hotel, where Tesla lived during his last months of life. She was connected to his monad.

As Carla wrote to me today, we only see the tip of the iceberg and miss 99% of the leading events behind the veil. This is what makes our life as limited sentient beings on this planet so deprecating.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I just read your article on your dreamtime experiences and activities. During my afternoon nap, I too had a vision, which seems to be  connected to detonating the Supernova. I was inside a spacecraft, dealing with some instruments. I did not see anyone, but felt the presence of many individuals, most likely the PAT, since the atmosphere and feeling was full of anticipation and excitement, not the usual atmosphere of pretence and showing off that I’d normally experience around humans. After a few seconds, you gave the command to ignite the engines. This may, or may not point to anything specific, but I wanted to share, because dreams/visions of this sort are rather rare for me.

Yours truly,

Dear Zoltan,

thank you for this validation. The ignition codes for the detonation of the Supernova were indeed delivered by myself to the entire PAT and were successfully implemented as Dorie’s HS has just confirmed.  We are now in the very last phase before our ascension, but what does this mean in terms of linear time?



Source only knows how much I could write you since 3/31. I have started a many e-mails to you, stopping halfway only because the waves have come so hard so fast as to prevent me from ever channelling the truth about my perception of the energetic situation into e-mail format. It’s just as well since you don’t much need my e-mails anymore as you and the PAT know all I am going through from telepathic contact and your own experience.

Anyhow I just couldn’t help writing this one as I am having such an upbeat and joyful day with the most notable and powerful descent of source energy into my left brain portal since 9:30 AM this morning and continuing to this very moment.

I just read your latest article about the difference between LW and the PAT  and was moved to write – LOL!!!  It is truly funny the situation of many lightworkers at this incredible time of no-time!

I will read the energy update ASAP, but without doing so do you and the PAT also confirm this source energy?  It feels like my head is so full and ready to POP!

In Light,

Dear Corey,

if you read my latest article with Carla (and with Dorie) you will see that there have been ongoing such waves throughout the last 48 hours and just as I write to you this morning, there is another surge from the source coming. You will also learn about the purpose of these waves. Very interesting stuff indeed.


On the Article “The Light-Years-Distance Between an Esoteric Ego and an Honest, Axiomatic Mind

Dear  Georgi

I loved your response with regards to Sue and the ‘ego’ remark. These people need to realise that hiding behind their fluffy pink glasses (that skews their vision) is their own petty ego related issues. Not having the ability to see that the ego is a construct of the soul to live in this 3D world is sheer blindness. It is a necessity that can help one to face the most retarded aspects of their growth – And does aid in facing the truth about almost anything in this 3D reality, including the ego’s own issues and avoidance with regards to higher truths.

When one is working in conjunction with the HS, the ego helps to aid and understand 3D and the illusions that are part of this world we have been living in. Anything that the ‘ego’ has built up under false pretenses of appearing to be ‘humble’, it will tear down and force one to see the truth of this. It doesn’t matter what that is, including false spiritual egos of superiority.

You have to walk the talk here. You can’t pretend and then worry about your bank account or other ‘money’ related issues – that includes all of them. Or for that matter, believe that meditating your ‘ego’ out of existence will help you to become a better more enlightened person – on the contrary. One has to realise that the ego aids in understanding and functioning in a completely toxic place and that its sole function is to help you better understand this. If you are a moron and believe that the ego is useless, then you’ve completely bought into the Orion idea of spirituality – Which means that you should NOT use your intelligence and ego to make a difference and state what higher truths there are – which pretty much amounts to the truth of this whole system we’ve been living in and that it is a lie. They would much rather have you turn into a blob of pink jelly.

I’ve noticed that many so-called light workers seem to think that having a strong personality is a crime and that it always needs to be ‘toned down’ – toned down to what – stupidity? And then we’re all on the same page? Your personality is part and parcel of who you are in this 3D expression and the ego helps to define that – But, you have to realise that not facing up to your own lies of what you are allowing your own ego tell you, may be a stumbling block.

Hope this is food for thought for some of those ever so ‘enlightened’ souls out there.


Hi Georgi,

I just wanted to comment on your article. It seems the LW community brand anyone with an Ego if they seem to claim their divine sovereignty and verbalize it out loud. When Jesus said that he was Christ incarnate, the Pharisees were outraged and wanted to remove him, permanently. Currently If you say you are like Jesus in Christ Consciousness, it is blasphemy from the church. Today, if you say your an ascended master and “I know the way” you are branded to have an Ego and outcasted, if this is the formula that LW/New Agers want to follow, then they are no different than the Church or any religions that strip away your divine right.

Besides anyone with any intelligence will realize that when you read any form of text YOU are the one adding Ego/Perception to the text you are reading. Example, if I say “What are you doing?” you might read that as a rude question, some a humble question, others inappropriate. Therefore, if someone puts that type of perception to text, then it is they who have the ego that is brought to realization.

But I absolutely agree that now the LW Community will focus on the ego aspect of Stankov, etc, etc. As far as I am concerned they can keep their NESARA, technology and Starships that will save them from the cabal. My 5th dimension reality will not need any form of money or technology because any realization in thought form will be in accordance with the Law of the One and will reign in my realm. In fact my realm will very little matter and will mostly be light in form/manifestation.

Love and Light,

Dear Roger,

I thank you very much for these very truthful and precise comments on the current mental situation of the LW community, which is indeed a source of great sadness to anyone like us, who have found the way to our HS and source and must watch helplessly how these star seeds still wonder in their profound psychomental maze and cannot find the Ariadne’s threat out of it as to reach the higher dimensions. The most deplorable fact is that we offer them the Ariadne’s thread all the time, but they stubbornly reject it and make us responsible for them being lost.


Hi George,

Your response to Sue’s article was outrageous and hilarious. Made me laugh out loud.  Will you please thank Pinakini for sharing his magical and loving story?

Much Love,

Dearest Georgi,

You have made my day! I laughed so hard…. it must be soon. I know you felt wonderful writing it because it made me feel wonderful reading it!

Much love, peace and happiness,



OMG, I’m still laughing so hard from reading your latest post!!! You are so right! Most LW don’t give themselves permission to have an orgasm let alone a Cosmic Orgasm! Wooohooo! Eventually though, ‘they too shall do these and greater things”. LOL!

Just wanted to let you know that I won’t be able to check in with HS until later this afternoon when my husband leaves for work. The only way I have been able to maintain a sense of calm and peace in my home these last 2 months is by dropping the word “ascension” from my vocabulary and writing messages from my HS, while my husband is either sleeping or at work.

I’ll be in touch later today!

You rock Georgi!


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