The Elohim on The State of Ascension

by Carla Thompson, April 19, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

Yesterday I was involved in very comprehensive cross-over discussions with Jerry, Carla, Dorie and Daniel over the latest message from April’s HS that put us initially in a state of confusion. There were many new insights, but also frustration I must admit, and we have come now a good way out of the thickest woods, in which we were lost yesterday. But we still do not have the answer as to how the ascension scenario will unfold, although we have developed some concrete intuitive visions. I have not decided yet to publish our discussion from yesterday. It is so convoluted and voluminous that I have lost myself the overview on it, which in itself is not a good sign. 

Below I have decided to publish the preliminary message from the Elohim transmitted by Carla today after we had discussed all these issues in advance. She intends to connect to the Elohim one more time in the course of this day and get some more information.

We all have no idea how the ascension scenario will unfold in the coming days. Obviously the plans are changing any moment in the HR due to the extreme dynamics of this process.

There are now signs that the original scenario may come into play again – the triggering of the magnetic pole reversal with the detonation of the PAT supernova instead of the more gradual way of awakening humanity through a collapse and change of the old Orion system; the latter alternative may not be feasible now, given the still deep slumbering of the majority of human beings.  But as I said, this is not final and everything is possible.

We must however open our minds to further delays in our ascension scenario, no matter what GaiaPortal says in its latest message. While this message confirms our latest assessments, these messages have not led to any palpable changes so far, so that they are of pure theoretical character and should be treated only as a feedback of what we conceive from our HS and experience in our personal energetic fields.

Finally, let me also stress that the Elohim message confirms essentially April’s message of another delay of our ascension scenario from the initially announced. I have asked April to check this aspect one more time with her HS before publishing her message as it raised a lot of questions, which her HS has not answered yet, questions that have contributed to our initial confusion as mentioned above. I am sorry to be the messenger of bad news, but I assume that most of you have already felt these delays in your aura and fields. We are all doomed to stay on this toxic planet as long as humanity is ready for  ascension, no matter that we the PAT could have ascended years ago. It has never been about us, but about humanity as this is the only reason we have come on this planet.


Dear Georgi,

Here is the message that I have received today from the Elohim.  They are very compassionate and sincere in their energy.  I have not completed with my discussion with them because I was hit by a heavy cc-wave about 2 hours ago, so I am not mentally clear.  I am sending what I have received so far and any insights that I can relay to you from our communication.

The Message

“Dear Loved Ones,

We come today to assist you in seeking clear answers to what is perceived as an on-going failure of the ascension process.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

You have made great strides in recent days (since March 31st they are showing me) and while the only reference point you carry is the energetic reflection from your immediate surroundings it is true and complete that you have succeeded in moving mankind along the AB timeline with great ease.

You currently remain in upper 4D (shown just below the top) embedded in what you refer to as the AB timeline.  While a few souls have made this exit from 3/4D a successful one, you and certain members of your soul monad still currently reside in the upper 4th dimension.

At this point we state that your Director has indeed very recently made the evolutionary leap to the 5th dimension (Georgi this was April 16 in the afternoon hours I believe) but as the monad’s collective remained at Upper 4D the jump was not maintained by this individual as his role is to remain to the completion.

The ascension path is changing in every moment, as you surmise, and therefore it holds true that this process cannot be predicted. Each expression of source (each of us) perceives a different angle, a different message.

We can confirm that more integration of new light codes and divine mind is required of humanity.  It is true that with each new Source wave there is subsequent cleansing and newly tuned integration within each physical vessel.

As humanity integrates the new parameters of this divine mind, adjustments and adaptations create new flow in areas never before realized.

It is true that actions and reactions create new gateways and new pathways within the expansions of reality and no one is able to discern the direction of expansion or contraction.  Be certain that All-That-Is utilizes energy optimization to its full advantage.

We know of your feelings of compartmentalization and how you now realize that there are further layers to cleanse and re-instill the divine blueprint following each wave.  You are indeed able to ascend at any moment but you are also needed to maintain high frequencies on Gaia to fulfill your mission, the ascension of Gaia and humanity itself.

You are indeed ascended masters, with varying levels of abilities according to each individuals ability to cleanse and re-set divine blueprint.  At this place we confirm the existence of one human being, known to you, who has obtained full mastery within the third dimensional constructed reality and this is your Director.

It is true that the waves from Source have fallen in duration and intensity so as to afford rest and impart healing for those lightworkers who require assistance in maintaining the highest light quotient possible….”

This is as far as I am able to type as the remaining questions I have for the Elohim need further refinement.  I look forward to your impressions.

I should be feeling better later, Georgi.


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