The Elohim: Further Evolution Shall Arise With Sudden Explosion

by Carla Thompson, April 17, 2013

Dear Georgi,

The synchronicity of your experience, my experience and the reports of Gaia Portal are amazing.

I could feel all of the golden light energies flying all around for the last 24 hours, but couldn’t really enjoy the sense of elation that you felt as I had some right-sided vision loss with a migraine that left me rather debilitated to say the least. I did manage to make my way very gingerly through the day, with not quite as much ease as you did it seems. It was clear that your body was de- and re-materializing throughout the whole day, am I right?

I connected easily with the Elohim tonight and they confirmed that this energetic flow was of great significance and your experience pleased them to no end.

Much love,

The Message

“Greetings! To One and All!

We welcome you to a new opening of Oneness, whereby All are lovingly/carefully integrated each to his own level of integration within the reality so presented – so aligned with.

The enhancement of further renderings flows beautifully and bountifully through and through this wonder-filled alignment/ignition, called the Ascension.

Marginal inhabitants shall now make their own choices and abide by the outcome.  Choices made moment to moment craft the alignment into perfection for each Soul.  Do not fear, for all decisions are perfect for your complete and competent evolution.

Evolution moves All in this now moment.

Embrace the energies as they flow with rigour! Embrace all resulting change that is created! Exalt in the freshness of each moment!

Further evolution shall arise with sudden explosion and one may perhaps decline memory of such an event. In retrospect there is always one detail that shall give it away.  One detail that is slightly/somewhat out of place. Follow the thread.

Feel the harmony, the new harmony flowing from the Great Central Sun into the flame within your own heart.

Your brethren are All rising to the occasion little by little. Show them love and patience in all things.

The path has been long and hard won, but it shall soon be done within this expression.

With God’s [Source] grace all succeed in achieving their Peace.

Great Blessings of Love to You All.

We Are The Elohim!”

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