by Georgi Stankov, April 24, 2013

Since the beginning of 2011 and before I opened this website, I have been reiterating the two-earth scenario and since Feb 26, 2012 the three-earth-scenario infinite times, and I have every right to expect from my readers that they have finally grasped their inner logic. You are now on the cusp of becoming ascended masters and must have reached the necessary mental clarity as heralded by GaiaPortal in its previous message and not be thrown into a profound confusion when you come across a message that only superficially seems to contradict your previous knowledge. At this point in time you should be able to make the intellectual effort and analyse each esoteric or channelled text  you read and be able to differentiate between subjective perceptions and objective descripiton.

Let me be clear on one issue. The magnetic pole reversal has always been a necessity, an inevitability, an integral part of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity and hence we have never been allowed to make any decision on this issue. If one sustains this view, he has not grasped anything and cannot ascend. I have written this for the two-earth scenario and have repeated it infinite times for the three-earth scenario . Go back, read all my numerous publications on this issue before  11.11.11 and thereafter.

The only choice that our HS have ever had, and subsequently their ground crew, the PAT, was when the magnetic pole reversal will happen: 1) simultaneously with the detonation of the PAT supernova and the triggering of the ID split or 2) a little bit later. In the second case humanity would have been given the possibility to awaken on its own and implement the necessary social and economic changes before ascension and the occurrence of the magnetic pole reversal.

In the two-earth scenario, there were essentially three alternatives for humanity  – to ascend to earth A, to stay on catastrophic earth B or to leave earth during the magnetic pole reversal and the ID split and then decide in an excarnated state in Celestria  which timeline one should choose for the next incarnation.

Let me reiterate at this place one more time the following basic gnostic fact: The omni-earth has infinite timelines and each soul can reincarnate in the Now in all possible  timelines after death, e.g. in Atlantis, in the Middle Ages, in the future or in the timelines A or B. Please watch this video with a message from Bashar, which Anthony sent me today, to refresh this basic knowledge and stop thinking in your old-fashioned dualistic human way, based on existential fears and ill-guided compassion:

When we implemented the three-earth scenario in Feb 26, we introduced a third timeline A/B, but the logic behind ascension remained the same. There were now four fractions of humanity, those who will ascend, those who will stay on the catastrophic earth B, those who will now go to the balanced earth A/B, and those who will die as they have not made up their minds and will reincarnate later in one of these three timelines or in infinite other timelines of the omni-earth.

It has always been part of the divine plan that one part of the incarnated souls will leave earth through death experience in the End Times and will return to Celestria. This has never been within the scope of our free-will decision – neither at the level of our HS nor at the level of their incarnated personalities. This is what Dorie’s HS has explicitly stressed in her last message on the magnetic pole reversal decision on April 18.

This decision was made in the higher realms and we were only involved in it in a conscious manner. That is all, and this is a great privilege for us, as we are the only group on the earth that has been involved in this decision by their HS. The other star seeds have not reached this degree of evolution yet and they have no idea what is coming. We are the only incarnated Earth Keepers and Elohim on the earth.

If you go back to my articles from 2011, you will not read anything else. If you go to our articles and HS’s messages in July 2012 prior to the Lion’s Gate when we were supposed to ascend, you will find again this same information. There are no discrepancies or contradictions whatsoever, as there has never been any other information on this website regarding the ascension scenario, and it has never been claimed that we are the ones who make this decision.

If some confused members of the PAT now say that they cannot support this decision, which has never been our decision in the first place – we were only made aware of it by our HS and supported it accordingly –  then they have not grasped anything. Subsequently their mental clarity must be at such a low level that I really fear that they may not ascend with the PAT. I will not mention any names, but they know whom I mean.

The only real choice there has ever been was when the final ID split and the magnetic pole reversal will occur –  at the same time with our ascension or a little bit later.

In July 2012, it was decided that our ascension will trigger the magnetic pole reversal and all of you agreed on this at that time. Read the articles and messages from this time.  Later on this scenario was changed by our HS – not by us – as they expected to awaken more human souls and improve their harvest. This continued throughout the whole 2012 and during the first three months of 2013, when we even discussed the ascension of some selected individuals from the PAT in advance in February, so that the transition of humanity to a higher dimension could be made in a  smoother way. But it has never been discussed that the magnetic pole reversal would be cancelled, as it is a physical necessity and an integral part of the ID split and the ascension process. I have discussed this issue as early as in the summer of 2011. Go back and please read all my articles on this issue.

Now to the latest GaiaPortal message that has caused so much confusion among various members of the PAT. I will not mention any names, but I must clearly state that I am very disappointed. I thought that I have established a full clarity on this issue in my incessant explanations during these last two years on this topic and now I see that some of you have failed the most simple examination and must repeat the old class. And I must have failed as a teacher obviously.

Now let me be clear on this simple gnostic truth that everybody should know: We and the ascending portion of humanity will not experience the catastrophic scenario of the magnetic pole reversal, as this will also be the ID split that will separate the two timelines. Insofar the GaiaPortal message is correct in its content and recommendation. Those that cherish only the catastrophic scenario, will stay on the earth B and live in a survival mode or will most probably be retrieved by a death experience from the earth during this event.

There is a huge principal difference between talking about the magnetic pole reversal with its associated physical destruction and cherishing a catastrophic scenario. We do not cherish such a scenario as we will ascend and only support the ascension timelines A/B and A, where such catastrophic experiences will not be part of our reality. This is our mission and this should be cogent to everybody. It is very important to make this fine distinction, which many people do not make now out of great fear. They confuse our objective presentation of the magnetic pole reversal as a physical phenomenon with our support for a catastrophic scenario.

This is stupid, this is narrow-minded, this stems from a lack of understanding of our mission and this is definitely not the timeline which the PAT creates and supports. We have discussed this issue in the same manner till nausea since 2011 and, honestly, I thought we are out of the woods by now. But unfortunately humans always fall back into their survival fears and prejudices and forget the bigger picture and the vantage point of view of their HS.

For us the magnetic pole reversal is only an energetic function, an episode, leading to ascension and we see it in this neutral, impartial manner. As we are the only and major champions and promoters of the ascension process on the earth, we only forge ascension and evolution of mankind to a trans-galactic society.

What will happen with the rest of humanity on the catastrophic earth B is no longer our problem, as it is the decision of these unripe souls to follow this timeline as to have the incarnation experiences they need to grow spiritually. Period!

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