Wounded Saviors

by Jerry R James, March 29, 2013


I just read both April and Dorie’s message and agree we are in our final hours. The waves this week have hit me hard. At first physically. It feels as if my whole 3rd chakra has been revamped. The gastrointestinal distress however now has eased somewhat. There is a new quality of wave just started today (March 28) and it has the potential to take us home. 

I also can relate to how April describes her soul family at night. The veil is very thin now. As night falls, I am not only in the presence of Anita who seems to be right beside me, but my parents and other family members who passed long ago. To stay in the physical is getting harder each day.

The new wave that will take us home will affect some differently, but generally it is a calm, but firm wave and will affect the top of the head more than previously. This will cause imbalances and of course vertigo, but also we will many times feel like we are bumbling or clumsy. Our hands and feet will feel bigger than the rest of us. Tripping, falling etc. will be common. The wave will also affect our emotional bodies this time causing more frustration than sadness or depression. Frustration because we can not seem to function and the rest of the world does not seem to notice anything is wrong. Get me outta here.

Now when I look at the sky, it looks like a drape covering something unseen and that is exactly what it is. A drape that is covering the new world until we blast through to it at the end of this week. The clouds form weirder formations every day that no one else seems to notice. The moon stars and sun almost look as if someone just placed them there to make us think they are real when in truth they have already gone from this reality. Even the wind blows strangely. These oddities of course are not apparent to the casual observer.

Several times a day voices in my head sing me old christian hymns and because most of them have untruths, I will not repeat them here. One in particular talks about an old, old story how a savior came to glory and victory and that is the one I hear the most. The voices make it clear to me however that they are singing about me and other PAT, not about the Christ often associated with the hymns.

While the world is still celebrating the first coming of Christ this week, the second or real coming is missing their attention entirely. We are the saviors of ourselves and all of mankind and the heavens are rejoicing our victory. This time however we will not allow ourselves to be worshipped, for we have grown a lot in two thousand years. This time we will spread the good news that the second coming is available to all who chose it and we are only the first. But it can not be overlooked what we have done, for we are the wounded saviors of mankind. Their only hope, because a small group had to stay awake and rouse the others from their slumber.

The dream that I had the first part of March, which led me to believe that our ascension would take place on March 31st was before I was aware anyone else was talking about it. Most were concentrating on 3/21, which is indeed when the latest waves started nonstop. I am still getting that date from HS even though last week I felt that we may go sooner. This was mainly because I was hit so hard and was trying to be optimistic.

The dream however had me struggling to control the bus until the last minute when it suddenly stopped on its own. At that point I went into our house and it was as if none of the last few years had happened. Anita was there and I felt great as if nothing bad had happened. I just happened to look and saw March 31st, 2013 on the calendar sheet. I hope to see you all on that date and put this madness behind us.

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