The Troika (IMF, ECB, EU) Bank Robbery of the Cypriots is the First Major Step in the “Obama Masterplan” developed by the US-Cabal and Orion Banksters to Rob the American and EU-Peoples in the End Times

by Georgi Stankov, March 22, 2013

What most Americans do not know is that since the beginning of this year $1.5 trillion of bank deposits have lost their unlimited government guarantee that was granted during the financial crisis in 2008 to assure skittish customers that their cash was safe.

The accounts losing the insurance are used by businesses, municipalities and other entities like non-profits that are willing to forgo any interest in order to have immediate access to their large pools of cash. 

These accounts hold about 20 percent of all deposits in United States banks. Starting Jan. 1, only $250,000 in each non-interest bearing account will be backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The F.D.I.C. guarantee was one of a number of factors that encouraged depositors to shift money into non-interest bearing accounts after the crisis. Since 2011, when the account guarantee program was extended as part of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law, the amount of money in such accounts rose by 70 percent, or $678 billion. This fact only elucidates the earnest intention of the Obama administration to drop all F.D.I.C guarantees of private deposits in US banks very soon and to expropriate the savings of the people.

It is at this place that the masterplan of the Orion US-banksters comes into play, intending to steal the private wealth of the American citizens in order to pay for the exorbitant debt accumulated by the Obama administration in the last 4 years. But also to impoverish the people with one stroke, as has been now attempted on the small population on the island of Cyprus and thus enslave them under the auspices of the NWO.

Most of these debts were made to bailout the big banks that were too big to fail and to divert most of the money to extend the clandestine dark operations preparing the safe exit of the ruling cabal from power after the impending ID shift next month and the separation of the catastrophic timeline B from the ascending timelines A and A/B.

There are no coincidences in the current events that seem to appear at random the world over. This is all part of a global strategy of the cabal for the End Times, independently of the fact that their plans have been already fully derailed by the light, which the PAT is inserting into humanity and this planet. They cannot stop trying it, as there is nothing left for them to do. They are doomed to stay on earth B and experience hell in the course of this year.

The Obama masterplan to steal the wealth of all Western citizens was developed long time ago and was officially announced two years ago by the global management consulting giant, and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which is the right hand of the Rockefeller Reptilian family. This advisory company issued in September 2011 a report titled

“Collateral Damage: Back to Mesopotamia? The Looming Threat of Debt Restructuring

where  they presented and officially recommended the already existing US government plan of Obama to confiscate up to 30% of not just the American people’s bank accounts, but also of their other wealth.

Essentially, this consulting group came to the conclusion that in order to restructure the current exorbitant debt of the USA and EU one needs a haircut of all private bank savings and accounts of the people between 11% in Germany and 26% in the USA, while this haircut will be more than 50% for the pigs states (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece) which are much more indebted.

This recommendation is not a theoretical academic suggestion – it is the masterplan for the current attempt of the powerful Troika of Orion finance to begin with the expropriation of the Cypriots as to test how the citizens in the West will react to this massive theft of the people. For this reason they started with this small island, which is known to be a safe haven for many Russian oligarchs as to present their planned robbery as a moral attack on the Russian mafia that is known to be feared in the west.

But humanity lives now under completely different energetic conditions, where the light is prevalent and transparency can no longer be derailed by the ruling dark cabal, due to the inhuman efforts of the PAT to transmit Source energies to Gaia and humanity in the last two years – exactly during the same time this report was issued and implemented as a Western masterplan of massive expropriation of the peoples, Since then it is used as a blank check for the Obama and EU administrations to commit a worldwide theft on the peoples in the West under the pretext of saving the too big banks to fail, which they deliberately defaulted in 2008 as part of their insidious plan to install the NWO.

This scam of the Western Orion banksters and their political stooges in Washington, Brussels and Berlin is infinite times bigger than the infamous Bernie Medoffs s Ponzi scheme and was thus easily discerned by many people and most critical journalists and financial specialists.

Now the western citadels of power are trembling in pure angst as they know that they must soon admit that they are checkmate, as the political and human situation in Cyprus is in a total stalemate and no proper decision can be reached to even calm the spirits for a while. The financial situation itself is so disastrous that it cannot be solved by any means, neither in Cyprus, nor in any EU country or in the USA.

The only solution is the total collapse of the whole Orion monetary system, which is entirely based on huge, deliberate debt creation, constant inflation (printing money out of thin air by the central banks and other big banks in form of virtual derivatives and fractional banking, etc.) and systemic fraud.

The ultimate goal of the dark bankster cabal is the total impoverishment of humanity and its enslavement before ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension. This plan has now fully failed and we only see some scattered remnants of this shattered plan, which the highly weakened cabal try to implement in vain in the very last minute before we will detonate the PAT Supernova. Hence the Cypriot financial crisis is of paradigmatic and crucial character for the future of the current Orion monetary system that will crash next month. It is the proverbial small hole in the hull that is sufficient to capsize the biggest tanker.

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