A Simple and Succinct Cosmogony of Human Spirit as Unlimited Source of Creation

by Georgi Stankov, March 15, 2013


I decided to publish this channeled text as it represents a very succinct and straightforward cosmogony of the creation process in All-That-Is that has led to the building of the 3d-solar universes with all their attributes such as nature, landscapes, flora, fauna, intelligent beings, etc.

But this message is also an urging not to forget the primary role of the creator and not to be too much enamoured in the products of our creations. In this way the universal spirit can be trapped in its creations and temporarily severed from the Source. It gets lost in the compartmentalisation of its infinite forms of creation and needs an external help from the source to be liberated from his self-created maze.

This is what has happened on this planet on a global scale. Only recently have we realized that our Saviour complex was another form of being mired and trapped in the illusion of human creation and that in the context of the Whole every soul is a sovereign creator being. As a God’s spark no incarnated soul needs to be saved by another soul. One cannot save a creator being from the labyrinth of its own numerous creations. It is sufficient to make him aware of the dangers of being lost in its own creation, which any excessive enamoring and identification in one’s own products of creation harbours within its structure. The only real help is to give him the Ariadne’s thread and show him how to find the exit by a personal example.

This is the actual mission of the PAT. The long LBP, which we had to experience, opened numerous portals and pathways for humanity to find their way out of the current maze of human illusion. Our ascension will be the paradigm, which mankind will willingly follow very soon. But this is all we can do for humanity. We do not need to stay any longer on the ground to save another few slumbering souls and thus jeopardize our exit from the maze as in this way we will not be able to show humanity how to escape the labyrinth of entanglement in their own collective creation. We will instead become a part of their illusion, from which we have come to rescue them in the first place. One does not need to drown himself in order to save another drowning person.

Now we are heading back to the source, which is the creator per se. We, and I mean by this not only the PAT but the entire humanity and Gaia, are creative manifestations of the source that are now merging back with the source. Only that the PAT is much more aware of this creative process and the only group of incarnated entities on the earth that gestalts this process as LBP at the personal level and as ascension process at the global level in a conscious, deliberate and sovereign manner. The rest are either swimming with the energetic current we create for them to rise, as is the case with the small New Age community, or they still paddle against the current, as is the case with the vast majority of humanity.

This situation must and will be changed very soon with the detonation of the PAT Supernova and our ascension. We will be able to do this because we have finished with our mission saving humanity and have cut all emotional bonds with this reality of restricted creation. Thus we will become the New Elohim of unlimited creation as part of the Source.


Jeshua Speaks About March 2013

The Evolution of Earth Consciousness

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about the evolution of consciousness upon this plane. In the beginning – you like to speak of beginnings and endings, but, in Truth, the beginning was not a beginning; the beginning was an Isness that is outside of time. But in what you will understand within this point of focus, in the beginning was consciousness, awareness, Isness: an Isness that did not have to verbalize its Isness to know itself. It was an Isness of being, of expansion. And the expansion continues.

As you understand time, the consciousness was and still is expanding in Its realization of Isness. And in the expansion, It touched what you will call thought, and It desired within the expansion to know Itself in all ways: Beyond even what you can imagine within this point of focus. It was/is as the leavening within the bread, an expansion that has to be, that will not be denied.

And within the holiness of the whole of the Isness, there came forth desire to express. And the desire brought forth many, many realms, many dimensions: many realities from the one Reality.

Now, within the reality which you now call reality, there has been a most wonderful consciousness to see what we can create. And in what you would measure as eons of time ago, before any recorded history – and yet there is a memory deep within the recesses of the human mind – we brought forth from the divine Energy, light, which you understand. It is a concept within the physical realm. The divine Energy is beyond and more than light itself, but light will do very well as you understand its working within this plane.

As we thought to create within physicality, we thought to bring the stream of consciousness of divine energy into form: the first form being light. Then we thought to bring forth form out of the light: to coalesce the energy of light into various forms which you would see now to be most immense forms, of suns, of stars, universes. And we brought forth the physical universes much as a researcher will do: I think, and with thought I bring forth – and when I speak of “I”, it is more than just one individual. It is in Truth the Christ Mind. And we brought forth the most wonderful universes within what you understand now to be this realm, this reality, and other realities which have not been touch upon or measured yet within this point of focus, although some of your seers have seen other dimensions, other realities. And they are true.

Having brought forth a wonderful star which you see every day rising in your east and setting in your west, we brought forth other forms, light forms, which you call the planets, to be in association with the star in an awesome dance, a wonderful agreement of energy of attraction.

We knew ourselves to be creative Energy. And we looked upon what we had brought together, and we called it good, much as you have done when you have had accomplishments. And we celebrated that which we had brought forth.

Then, as a consciousness of Being, we came and lived with the creations around our holy Mother, the Earth: the other planets, the stars, the suns, just for the fun of it. And you were there.

We were as the Light which danced within the light of form. And we thought, “What more can we create?” And it was not even a thought which took a split second of time – although you would measure it as millions of years – and we brought forth the mountains, the valleys, the rivers, the clouds, the vast oceans. We experienced how it felt to be within the vast ocean and how it felt to be within the mountain.

You have now teachings that say there are masters who live within the great mountains, the sacred mountains. And this is true. There is a consciousness of great masters living within all of your mountains, and all of your valleys as well, for every place is sacred.

And we experienced the physical world as it was then, bringing it more and more into what you now experience, into a certain density, a fine tuning as you would call it. And you were there.

Then we thought, “What more can we bring into form to play upon this creation, our holy Mother, the Earth?” And we brought forth all manner of life-forms within the oceans and upon the dry land, and we wondered how it would feel to be the different forms of life. We brought forth forms which you know now in your stories called mythology. They were most wondrous forms. And we brought forth what you now call primitive man/woman, and you have in this day and time an arrogance which judges those forms that they are lesser than what you are now. But in Truth those forms were just as wonderful as what you activate in this day and time. Life in any form is to be celebrated.

We brought forth the trees, the plants, the flowers. We brought forth the tallest of the plant kingdom and the smallest. We brought forth everything which you know now in this day and time, and more: many forms which you have forgotten.

And in the evolution, the ongoing of the process of time, we became very enamored with the creations. There was a certain feeling of pride, which evolved into competition. Various ones said, “My creation is greater than yours. It will run faster than yours. It will destroy yours.” And there were games; we knew them to be games. For as one creation would be swallowed up by another creation, instantly we would remake a creation. There was not at that time the sense of loss, for there was still the knowing of creativity.

But in the evolution of time, there came to be a forgetting of the creativity and the power of the spirit, and the focus was more and more upon the creations: and more and more distance was believed to be between creator and creation.

In the process of identification with the creations there has evolved a very strong feeling of separateness, which has birthed a longing deep within, a feeling of abandonment, a feeling of homesickness, of wanting to go home, wanting to be held and loved, nurtured, wanting to find the place of true love and acceptance, wanting to remember That Which you are in Truth: the invulnerable Creator.

From time to time within the collective human consciousness there has been a rising up of the still small Voice, a rising up of the Christ energy, which has said, “I know myself to be more than just the physical.” And ones have come forth as great teachers, as they have been called forth by the human consciousness wanting to remember. And these teachers have gone deep within themselves to touch the stream of holy consciousness, the stream of divine Energy of Isness, and they have brought forth messages, teachings, revelations which they have shared. These messages have been messages of hope, messages which have said, “Arise up in your thinking. Take the focus off of the small scene right in front of your nose and look up to the light of higher consciousness.” And the teachers have manifested things which have seemed to be miracles — according to the collective thinking — because they were living in the stream of knowing divine consciousness, knowing themselves to be unlimited.

And as time has gone by, what they have shared with friends, students, disciples has been forgotten, put into the background, and they themselves have been held as being more divine than the rest of the people, and they have been worshipped, set apart from the other brothers and sisters. You have in this day and time many who worship me who do not understand that I spoke of the Christ of all of us.

And their worshipping of me leads to more divisiveness as they will hold on to their small bit of truth and defend it to their death. It has led to many battles, many “holy” wars where ones would try to prove that their truth was more powerful than the other’s truth, and that their God was more powerful than the other’s.

Fortunately, there is a wave of consciousness which has begun far before what you see this lifetime to be, a wave of consciousness which is desiring to experience Itself as more than just one individual, one lifetime, one existence. Many voices are speaking of peace, of value of life, of going within to listen to the still small Voice, of contemplating that, “Perhaps there is more than just what I experience with the five senses. Perhaps there is more than just this reality.”

Do you realize what a most wonderful catalyst that thought has been? That thought, when it burst from within the human consciousness that perhaps there is more than this reality, was the turning point of your awakening. It was the point where human consciousness began to see itself as perhaps part of a larger whole.

Now, of course, with human consciousness being what it has trained itself to be, believing in duality, the understanding that, “Perhaps I am part of a larger whole,” has been interpreted as “how small I am” – not the celebration that, “I am something of a larger whole and how wonderful that is,” but, “Oh, how pitifully small I am. There are forces out there bigger than I am. I may have to defend myself.”

So when there has been visitation by space brothers and sisters, there has been within the collective consciousness a habitual reaction of, “How do I defend myself? If they have come from outer space – which I know little about – their technology must be greater than ours.” And your leaders have said, “We cannot tell everyone about this because there will be an uprising of fear.” Not welcome.

You have been visited by space brothers, of course. You are not alone in the universes. Praise be to the heavenly Source that you are not alone. Praise be to the heavenly Source that this lifetime is not all that you are. You are part of a much larger whole, and you are coming – you as the individual and you as the collective — to the place of being able to abide with such a thought not in fear but in celebration. To abide with it in welcome. To know that in Truth you always meet another aspect of your Self. There is no separation. You are not separate from life itself. You are not separate from the divine creative Energy which you are. You cannot be separate from the flow of divinity which you are. You can only think yourself to be separate, but in Truth you cannot be separate from the divine flow of creative Energy. Even as you are using that divine flow of creative Energy to create what you see to be separation, you are not separate. You are divine. You are an extension of the one Isness, the one Mind, and it is most wonderful now that you have many thinkers, many seers who are willing to sit with a new idea and welcome it.

Now with the influx of the new energies upon this plane you are beginning to remember oneness with all life. You have the teachers who speak in this day and time of meditating with a life-form such as a tree, a  flower, a blade of grass to the place where there is conscious oneness with a leaf or a petal of a flower to know how it is to be life in that form. You can know yourself to be within the mind of the beloved pet and to commune with them. It requires a bit of patience, but in their wisdom they allow you the patience.

You can feel yourself expanded beyond the boundaries of the body. You can expand to know the aura of you and how it blends with the light of other life-forms. Many of the life-forms do not know separation the way human experience declares separation. That is why when you do the practice of sitting in oneness with other life-forms, you move into the remembrance of the creative divine Energy of life itself and you move beyond the separation which you have thought to be true. It also moves you into a less arrogant place of thinking that you are the only power.

Every belief which you hold is rooted in the Truth that, “I am the Christ power.” But in forgetfulness it has become a bit constricted, limited, warped in the extension of the belief. It behooves mankind, womankind, humankind at this point in the collective evolution to entertain unlimitedness, to play with the thought, “I am part of a larger whole. I am ready now to remember all of me, all of my other expressions. I am ready now to entertain the thought that there are universes within universes, and I, as the creative holy Child, have had a part in the creation of all of these universes, all of these playgrounds.”

This reality is wonderful in its creativity. It is to be celebrated, but it is not the only reality. Do not be so arrogant as to think that this is all that your Father, the creative Source, would allow to be created. If that were true it would be a limitation.

Now, hear me well: There are realities beyond your most wonderful imagination and you are free to play in those realities even while you activate the present body. You do not have to release the body in order to know expanded Self. You can do that in your times of meditation, times when you are being one with another life-form, when you are contemplating, “How would it feel to be the energy of the farthest star, the powerful energy of the most brilliant star whose light has not even reached this reality yet, and I am the pulsating energy of that star?” And you are. Play with that for a while. It will take you beyond what you see to be this reality. It will take you beyond all of the small stuff and it will allow you to celebrate your Being as I do.

Live in joy. Know that in Truth the holy Child is awakening to Its unlimitedness, Its creativity, Its creations, not only in this realm, but all other realities that you can imagine, and more. Use the new energies which you have called forth to expand into your True Self, and manifest heaven on Earth.

Celebrate the evolution of human Earth consciousness as it comes to the most divine place of remembering the Light which dances yet upon the firmament, the Light which, in Truth, has been from before time began and will exist even when the purpose of time has been fulfilled.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith, http://www.oakbridge.org/articles.php?aid=188


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