A Passage to New 5d-India

by Pinakini Naik from India, March 29, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Hope you are feeling better after being hit by the last couple of days of intense energy waves. My children and I are still recovering from severe gastro-intestinal distress from the past 3 days. We are in India since the past month. We were scheduled to leave today to go back to USA, but my son was running high temperature and all of us were not in a condition to travel so postponed our travel date to 2nd of April. I think we are meant to be here in India till the end of this week.

My trip to India has been magical!! I have been working on getting my kids admission done in a school here, but had the time to meet all my family and friends here and am glad to tell you that the conversations have been scintillating with majority of them. Everyone is in some form of other thinking of a higher plane of living in energetic terms and how to go about implementing it in their daily lives. It surprised me pleasantly, as the quality of conversation had not been this great before. I feel like everyone is aware of the changes going on at a subconscious level or at least they seem somewhat open to it.

When I reached here, I wasn’t aware that Mahashivratri, a festival devoted to Mahadev/Shivji, was to be celebrated on 10th March 2013 and ended up celebrating at my Uncle’s place. This was interesting since I had the Mahadeva dream right before my trip here, which I had written to you about. After the puja, that evening my Uncle took us on a spontaneous adventure trip into the forests nearby to visit a remote Mahadev/Shiv ji temple in the middle of the jungle. Mahadeva is also known as Neelkanth (Blue Throat) in India.

On our off road journey to this temple, we saw many animals surprisingly, which included a peacock that only I saw, jackals, wolves, foxes etc., but the best part of it was that a beautiful blue bird swerved right in front of our SUV’s windshield as if to say hello to us. This bird is known as Neelkanth and is very rarely seen. It is extremely auspicious to see this bird on the day of Mahashivratri that too on on our way to the Shivji temple.

Ever since I have been aware or awake about the ascension process since the past 2 years, I have been very aware and in sync with the Radha-Krishna Love aspect, and I have been seeing peacocks every time I have visited India. Peacock feathers generally depicts Krishna consciousness. Every time I have met my friend who is a kindred and highly advanced soul, that I want to work with in future, I have seen peacocks very often on hikes and such.

I took some time out again around the 17th March to visit my friend for a couple of days in a peaceful town by the foothills of Himalayas, by the holy river Ganges. On my way to the airport, I saw a peacock flying in the middle of the city!! Highly unusual!!

On 20th March my friend and I had an unexpected joint energetic experience that completely threw us off, it was a joint kundalini rising of sorts, not related to the physical, but completely spiritual. And it was mmmm … AMAZING!!!This was the day you had posted the Fatima channeling, which I was surprised to read after the fact. Our energies just merged and blended into each other. It wasn’t something we strived for,,but had happened on its own, and we had no control over it. It felt to me as if we had opened up some energetic portal.

That same day he suggested we visit the MahaNeelkanth temple there, which was a surprise to me. And we had to drive all the way to the top of a mountain to get there, just like in my dream that I had written to you about earlier. It was an amazing visit. We also visited the Parvati temple on top there, who is Shiva’s feminine counterpart. My name Pinakini is another name for Parvati. And the vibrations on top of the mountain truly felt like heaven, just beautiful.

So overall my visit to India has been very fulfilling and I am looking forward to see what this week brings, as I can see that my children and I were meant to be here till month end for some reason which caused our return date to be rescheduled. I do feel like I am in a vibratory place where nothing seems to stick. I cannot visualize any future in the 3D world anymore, feels like a complete dead end. I am not affected by anything that happens around me these days, as it feels unreal. Feel like am on the brink of a beautiful new world that will happen any minute now. Can’t wait!!

Sending you lots of love and light,

Dear Pinakini,

thank you very much for your wonderful report from India, which I read with great pleasure and will publish as an article today. It comes to mind the famous novel by EM Forster “A Passage to India“, which I will of course rename in your case to “A Passage to New 5d-India”.

It is incredible how quickly this big nation has changed mentally and emotionally in the last months according to your impression. But this spirituality must have been deeply ingrained in the Indian culture and Buddhist tradition and has only patiently awaited to be awaken at the appropriate time – on the eve of our ascension.

Enjoy your extra week in India, there must be good reasons why you must stay longer than planned in this amazing country on the foothills of the magic Himalaya.

With love and light

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