Why Humanity Needs the Vision of Ascension as Embodied in the PAT

by Georgi Stankov and Marcel Gravel, March 13, 2013

Hello Georgi,

Recently, I have tried to reintroduce the 911 event to some people of my group. I did not get any new attention to my proposal to start facing the truth of that huge event.

Today, almost 12 years later, I am totally convinced about Albert Einstein quote:

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

I am starting to disclose that truth with a small video from the BBC.

« Le Pouvoir des Cauchemars » (The Power of Nightmares) est un documentaire produit par la BBC qui s’applique à démontrer qu’Al-Qaida n’existe pas et que l’idée d’une menace terroriste globale est un pur fantasme. Un documentaire édifiant qui explique comment et pourquoi ce fantasme fut créé, qui en bénéficie, et pourquoi il résiste si bien à l’épreuve du temps.

Nous vous proposons ici un montage de ce documentaire de 3h , réduite à une durée de 32 minutes.

Voix en Anglais et sous-titrage en Français.




Dear Marcel,

I know this video “The Power of Nightmares” very well as it was shown on German TV at that time. I also very well remember all the facts that Adam Curtis has presented in his almost three  hours long documentary.

The psychological approach of Curtis to these greatest crimes of the US Neocons on humanity that are comparable to those of the Nazis is excellent. Of course this documentary lacks the bigger picture as to why the Neocons, with their pathological minds, were able to impose their nightmares onto the whole humanity. This was what I have been wondering since that time and it was undoubtedly the overwhelming collective angst that swept over humanity since 2000 and suppressed all critical and reasonable voices such as mine that was the original cause for this darkest period in human history.

The bigger picture, as we all know it now, is the cosmic fight of the dark forces, of the archons and the Orion /Reptilian Empire to enslave humanity in the End Times prior to ascension with the forces of light and to dumb down as many humans as possible and take them as future slaves on the catastrophic earth B. This was their timeline of survival and their minions, the dark US and GB cabal on power, only implemented this heinous archon plan into political life, by creating a nightmare reality on the earth.

At this time the PAT, being the best warriors of the light in this universe, stepped up on the plate as individual fighters, as the true “sleeper cells”, and entered a seemingly uneven battle with these dark forces, Before we joined as a group in 2011, we steadily increased the quotient of light through our advanced LBP on the earth beyond anything known so far .Then we met together in the summer of 2011 and opened the stargate 11.1.11 and numerous other higher dimensional portals on this toxic planet….

Later on we established the rainbow bridge and thus helped cleanse the 4th dimension from the archons and other sinister dark astral forces in the summer and autumn of 2012. These astral forces ruled humanity for more than 12.000 years since the Fall of Atlantis through their 13 reptilian shape-shifter families as well as through numerous human minions on power such as politicians, Neocons, banksters, Zionists/ Khazars or simple assassins (“kill list”-Obama) as reported on this website time and time again.

At the height of the battle for earth, these dark US forces demolished the twin towers and building 7 in New York. Then they created with the help of the US Neocons the sinister myth of Al Qaida and invaded first Afghanistan. As this myth almost evaporated in the Tora Bora caves in the steep mountains of Hindu Kush, they created another myth of weapons of mass destruction, which as everybody knows are mainly piled in the two most dark citadels of this world, in the USA and GB, and fabricated their existence in Iraq. The faked Al Qaida connection to Saddam Hussein was used in addition to revitalize the Al Qaida myth. Now we all know that both myths were false and only a pretext for the dark cabal to start a worldwide war on humanity in the End Times.

From this moment on, the dark cabal in Washington, London, Brussels and throughout the world decided to invade or bomb any country at their disposal that fitted into their myth of Islamic terrorism – Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon twice, Libya, Somalia, Mali and so on.

Einstein was absolutely right, and only two days ago I said the same thing to another German: As long as this country that declared that it will never lead any war after the Nazi crimes in WW2 sends unquestioned German troops the world over and no German citizen demands responsibility for this criminal decisions from their elected politicians, they all are accomplices of the same crimes as the Nazis did during WW2. This tells me that the Germans have not learnt anything from their history after 70 year of intensive political education.

My interlocutor happened to be a catholic priest and wanted to talk with me about the peace in the world. Eventually I made him speechless within several minutes of discussion. Actually he could only mutter “Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit…” Just one example how weird the situation on this planet still is.

The real problem are not the coming revelations, as these have existed all the time. It were the people who have their “eyes wide shut” that are the biggest problem. It lies in the lack of human propensity and readiness to address these crimes from a moral, ethical and emotional state of indignation and the courage to condemn such actions once and for all.

Instead humanity decided in 2001 to follow the sinister visions of the Neocons which they developed much earlier under the disguise of the “clash of civilisations“, after the Fall of the Iron curtain and the disappearance of the prime enemy of the West cabal – the Soviet Union.

Now is the time for humanity  to make a decision to live the brightest and most loving vision, which human mind is capable of creating – the vision of ascension as embodied in the PAT, who will be the first ascended masters to walk on earth very soon.

Let me quote in this context one particular channeling message from Seth (Jane Roberts) from the 60s, which is now more valid than ever:

~Seth — The Early Sessions – Book 8 – Session 337

There are deeply hidden areas of human behavior far below the surface of actions, and these cause actions. They are psychic exchanges.

Before the beginning of any war, subconsciously each individual knows not only that a war will occur, but its precise outcome.

Battles like other physical acts exist first in the mental realm. When this realm is peaceful there are no wars.

All of your physical activities, from the political to the economic and to the most insignificant individual concerns have their origin in mental existence, and their outcome is known.

To create a harmonious inner existence is a positive act with far-reaching effects, and not an act of isolation.

To desire peace strongly is to help achieve it.

To accept war helps prolong its physical existence. These are not idle words nor are they meant symbolically.

Wars are not only disruptive within your system, but cause some severe repercussions for individuals who die while in battle. The seemingly small episode of last evening presented in miniature the basic attitudes that are behind aggressive acts.

There is a short-circuiting process in which even good intentions are distorted and turned to other purposes.

That which is feared is feared so strongly and concentrated upon so intensely that it is attracted rather than repelled.

The approach should not be fear of war, but love of peace; not fear of poor health but concentration upon the enjoyment of good health;  not fear of poverty but concentration upon the unlimited supplies on your earth.

Desire attracts but fear also attracts. Severe fear is highly dangerous in this respect and in this context.

I think that on the cusp of our ascension, we must present this legacy of the PAT to future readers of this website and show them the red thread that has always run throughout all past historic events. The coming revelations, which our ascension will bring about, are not sudden unexpected surprises, but the only true reality as it has always existed on this toxic planet. Only the eyes of the people are now beginning to open because the PAT has flooded humankind and Gaia with the pristine energies of truth from the source and human darkness can no longer hide in the presence of the light that is emanated from the ascended PAT.

With love and light

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