Humanity Is Aligning With the Divine Authority of the PAT

by Sarah Smucker, March 1, 2013

Dearest Georgi,

Thank you so much for your elaboration on the US and British WWII crimes and their part in allowing Hitler to slyly take over Czechoslovakia.  I had no idea that the Munich Academy of Music was where this was signed. I can just imagine the lingering dark energy there.

The article I sent you about Boenhoffer and Dohnanyi actually also mentioned how NONE of the Nazi officials responsible for their deaths or some 50,000 other deaths of prisoners of conscience EVER were held accountable. That definitely shows how low the level of justice must be….

Anyway, on to the NEW enlightened time when all this disgusting history will be a drop in the bucket, I hope.

I really just wanted to tell you about a conversation I had with a doorman at a hotel today, which to me is a like a microcosm of the masses waking up.

I had an appointment in a huge office building that has a bank and hotel in it. On the way out I talked to the doorman of the hotel and inquired about this huge bank which is a remnant of the Rockefeller days in Cleveland with a huge elaborately carved marble lobby.

He said, “Oh, you know, it’s just another organization to keep us all under control…”

I became curious and we went on to talk about how our whole system is broken and he trailed off saying, “well, if you REALLY knew the REAL story of who is controlling the world, you wouldn’t believe it…”

He was clearly testing me and I was testing him. After that we inexplicably and intuitively and with very few words both conveyed to each other in the span of about 3 minutes that we were on the same page about how the truth will some come out. It was almost like pure telepathy.

As I got in my car he said, “If we all really knew who we are within, none of this would matter… we are really ALL connected”, and I said, “Yes, we are the oneness” and he totally agreed and we exchanged looks and I was on my way after that.

But to me it was so meaningful and I really felt like I was speaking as a representative of the PAT and that you were all behind me. He was a representative of the first wave and thousands of awakening souls like him. It was as if we totally recognized each other.

I am curious if other people had very similar experiences in recent days, especially the last 2 or 3 days since April’s decree.

I know my description of the conversation with the doorman cannot do it justice because it is hard to describe what was really more like a very powerful telepathic energy exchange, rather than a conventional wordy conversation.

I assume this is just a foretaste of how telepathically we will be able to communicate and it gave me a lot of hope that the masses are really getting very ready. I know that this one man is representative of the energy of thousands if not millions. I could feel the weight behind our brief encounter was much deeper and far reaching than it appeared.

As always, Georgi, I honor and respect and love your presence and all the PAT… ARISE ARISE, awaken, sleeping masses, our time has come….

Much love, Sarah

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