A Full Fledged PAT Ascension Supernova and ID Split Around the End of March: PAT Ascended Masters Walking on This Earth From April Till June

by April Bender, March 9, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I just want to thank you again for your wonderful leadership and suggestion of the final decree. It was the perfect response for the PAT, and precisely what needed to be done for several reasons, as you and Dorie so eloquently explain in your recent messages. We have indeed shifted “the focal point of power” by claiming our Divine Authority and making our voices and intentions clearly heard with the act of our final two decrees. 

It does not serve our group to

1.) work on auto-pilot and not assert our gift of Divine Authority. For example what good would it do to be elected to an office of power/position/influence and then never vote or truly govern?;

2.) Continue with the erroneous messiah programming that we have grown out of long ago.

As the wise and tempered soul understands when you must let go and let the other come into his/her own. Again, we can’t save them all. We can’t do it in 3D and we can’t do it for 5D either if a soul chooses to hang on to certain thought forms and/or belief systems. Therefore, it was necessary for this messiah programming to be released once and for all as we cannot possibly be accountable for every soul’s choice or action.

The original programming was only meant as a reminder/trigger to the true nature of us, our roles, and our purpose here as we began our path/journey into this incarnation. It was never meant to make us feel guilty for not saving all, for in the end, everyone is saved anyway in their own precious time. It is only an illusion that anything or anyone is ever lost to the Divine Plan.

Thank you also for sharing your incredible dream about visiting earth A. It was helpful in that now we have a sense of where the masses will be consciously, upon inhabiting earth A. Sounds like while they’ll be much more aware about many things, there may still be a period of adjustment before they are ready for things like your Universal Law Theory (if I interpreted your account correctly.) This is very interesting indeed and I feel like there is a message  or more information there, but it’s not coming through just yet. I suspect more clarity will be given to this soon along with the answer to your question.

Below is the latest message from HS. I have to say that, while I knew the March equinox was an important threshold, I didnt’ realize just how key March is to us, and therefore also explains more fully why the timely need for our last 2 decrees. It also confirms Jerry’s beautiful dream of Anita and the ascension date shown to him.

As always, I am eager to hear your initial thoughts on the message. I feel like there was a lot more information around the periphery of the main points lifted, but I stuck to the main message today since there was a lot there to discuss. Those other periphery details, as HS confirmed, will be disseminated to us in the coming days anyway. And I look forward to checking back in with HS to do just that in the next day or so.

Much love and light,

HS Update – March 9, 2013

HS: You have all done a superb job! Congratulations on asserting yourselves as One and standing in the Divine Authority bestowed to you as Sovereign Creators and the new Earthkeepers. This action/authority could only of come from you as an act/choice of Freewill, and the timing of being triggered into such a sacred act, was no coincidence of course.

Do you recall the last time you were required to make similar decrees/unified statements and for similar reasons? Ah yes, you’re beginning to see how you, the PAT, are coming full circle yet again, but as you’ve noticed this time, the spiral is closing in much tighter this pass around, and the environment and energetic situation is different this time as well.

Like two bookends, or a mirrored reflection of wholeness/completion, this month of March, brings humanity to the completion or birth of what transpired from 12-12-12 through 12-21-12(and leading up to it). In fact this same sequence will repeat/ complete itself to harmonize/balance/fully integrate and manifest all that has gone before, on/between 3-13-13 and 3-31-13. You also have the equinox falling right in between those two pivotal threshold dates for added alignment/oomph! For this is a most magical time, the time of restoration to higher balance, the beginning of the final end of duality as the earth currently knows it. It is the GRAND rebirth.

As you’ve guessed, this is also why your final two decrees were so VERY critical and timely.

The scenario now stands with a full fledged PAT ascension supernova and ID split occurring sometime around the end of March. Again, it must come as a thief in the night and no specific dates, other than the ones already shared above, will be given.

Once the ID split commences/manifests, the actual split will take from March until the June solstice to complete/finalize. Meaning, this is the period when all appears to crumble/unravel on the outside/external world. While energetically the split is instantaneous and you will ascend as such, the actual playing out of the ID split as manifested on earth will take a few months to complete/unfold. It is during this critical unfoldment that ascended masters will indeed be needed walking the earth/disclosed, as described/explained countless times before.


In the meantime we suggest to just keep doing what you have been. Stand tall and firm in your decision to NOT take it all on yourselves and know that you are fully empowered and right in doing so. You have passed all final tests and initiations with flying colorsAnd this was important you see, for true Divine Authority cannot be bestowed on a lesser master or adept. And your collective gifts put you in a class all your own. It’s important you understand that.

You, the PAT, are the most consciously cohesive group of masters to come together on the earth at this time. No other group has reached this level of initiation and mastery in “collective oneness.” You literally move and have your BEING as ONE, and this is why YOU are the blueprint/template for a new (or once remembered) humanity.

The waves will naturally continue to build in intensity until the birth completes. Hopefully you’ve noticed a wonderful side-effect to these waves in that the crystalline vortices and circuitry connected to and surrounding earth/her grids and branching out into various other realms, are now open for travel. These include the series of portals you’ve all opened and connected as well as natural portals/vortices, grid/ley-lines and cosmic/galactic circuitry. And in fact, this is exactly HOW you will be consciously travelling between destinations/ dimensions in service of your new roles. So spend some time stepping into these high voltage energy centers/vortices and allow yourselves to explore.

More information will be forthcoming in what to expect upon your transitions and the initial manifestation of the ID split as well as the conditions you will be encountering on earth A in regards to the ascended souls and their new consciousness levels.

Many, many instructions/packets of light information will be distributed to you rather rapidly in the coming days in order to prepare you for this next phase of the human journey. Try not to hold any expectations or preconceived notions of what this will look and feel like, just know that it will unfold perfectly. You will receive everything you require in order to fulfill these final transitory functions. For better dissemination and coordination amongst the group, we still recommend you all maintain that strong, telepathic link with each other and also the sense of being in communion together, and with ALL. Again, keeping everything focused and aligned through the heart center.

It is now almost time, just a few days to go before the onset… prepare to be astonished.


Dear April,

Like yesterday  I just woke up from another forceful nap in early afternoon after I was struck by another powerful ascension wave – the third one in a row in the last three days – and found your email in the box.

The energy is similar to that of a classical cc-wave, but there is no headache this time, only a pronounced pressure on my left brain portal, while the skin and my whole body are burning as usually like a torch. What dominates this wave is an upward sucking movement within my portal vortex, which is so powerful that I can barely stay on the ground. And of course the obligatory joint pains, especially in the knees due to the immense intensity of the inflowing vibrations. If it goes like this, I am not so sure how long my soul will be capable of keeping me on the ground in this humble physical vessel that is showing distinct signs of total dissolution.

Although we have not discussed the actual ascension scenario as a full-fledged PAT Supernova and an ID split this month, I also sense that those humans, who will remain on the ground, will have to go first through all the tribulations and revelations associated with the collapse of the matrix before they can also ascend. This may take some time. Our last two decrees have contributed substantially to this outcome.

The mass ascension that is supposed to take place with our Supernova and the ID split in March will not be the final ascension, but just the beginning of it. In this interim period we must indeed walk as ascended masters on the earth in our light garments and take over the leadership of humanity, as there is nobody else who can do it. Whether we will be supported by the inner earth Agartha remains to be seen. I am getting now some strong impulses that this may be the case.

Indeed, your HS is correct in this respect – one should not be too fixed as to what will come as the changes will be much more magnificent and overwhelming than our most daring imagination can envision in our minds. One should be ready to embrace all possible surprises, as they will unfold in a most miraculous and perfect manner. We have been working for so long behind the veil to prepare the stage for these events.

We must now only act as a collective consciousness with one common goal and fully entangled in the strong telepathic network that we have established through this website and beyond – at the level of our HS.

To be honest, if this current spiral of source energy impulses continues like this, I am not sure if I will not ascend around March 13. But I agree that we need some more detailed information about the last phase of the ascension process and how to prepare for it.

Dear April, this is an excellent further validation of the present crescendo of relentless ascension waves without a pause and will help the PAT to better assess their personal situation after the radical change in the ascension scenario end of February. I wonder how the rest of humanity will react to these energy infusions, but I am personally expecting some spectacular collapses to occur next week.

With love and light

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