Feeling the Pulse of Humanity Prior to Ascension

by Eleanor Conda, March 25, 2013

Dearest George,

Events indeed are happening in a whirl. Out of linearity, I am barely able to zero in on and isolate one dream or incident from another and it is with difficulty that I peg them into  specific “points” in linear time space. However I know these specificities are important because they help in our greater discernment of synchronicities, connections, and validation, and these in turn provide us with a firmer viewing of the progress and unfoldment of events that help us to  intend next steps. Below is a best-effort attempt to do my sharing in a clear, specific manner and I apologize in advance if my effort fall short in this regard.  

After my year-long seclusion in 2012 (due mainly to my physical debilitation from LBP) and in the throes of our ascension-related travails of recent months, I accepted to  lead the team that would design and conduct a learning workshop on women’s human rights slated for the 18th to 21st of March in Bali, to be participated in by personnel who function significantly  within the diverse  hierarchical and overarching structures within the ASEAN (or the Association of Southeast Asian nations). Initially I was very uncertain if and how I would manage since for the first time, the expansive Self was venturing into a highly structured space and be interacting with many humans who might still be  very 3-D grounded in their external forms.

I was concerned too I could lose focus on ascension especially as the foretold significant dates (for ascension and related events) fall within those that  I have  set aside to prepare for and to conduct of this workshop, and I knew my keen ability for near total immersion in whatever it is I do to the exclusion of virtually everything else. At the same I could not  ignore my strong sense that this  opening offered me at this transition time was no happenstance. I felt there are good reasons why I needed to do this conspicuous  ‘testing of 3-D waters”  and to do this with people propping up and supporting a bastion of bureaucracy, conservatism, and politics such as the ASEAN.

What transpired and what I witnessed in the workshop convinced me that  inevitable change waves are beginning to hold  sway even in the most unexpected places. I sat in awe as two participants talked of love during the opening ceremony. Heart chakras opened up as I shared my insight that beyond the legalese of formal treaties and agreements, human rights articulations need to express and reflect the divine spirit inside and human beings’ highest dreams and aspirations. As their ‘graduation projects”  participants in groups were asked to draft human rights documents and to identify contextual issues that they might pose challenges in the drafting, adoption and implementation of these treaties.

One presenting group read out the “Convention on the Right to Pursuit of Happiness” they drafted and while listening to the group, i felt goose bumps all over. (Goosebumps have become my full-proof physical indicator of the occurrence of something of significance or of a creation (say a poem, music, dance, or painting etc) that is of immense beauty and celestial quality.) Totally without my control I entered a trance-like, floating state and I knew that whatever I said in such state must have sounded gibberish and out of sync to many who were listening.

But this is the part that was even more amazing and interesting. Last Friday (March 21) afternoon we were finishing up with the final session that a team member was leading. I was seated beside her – quietly listening, feeling the participants, and keeping still –  in some altered, floating state. Then this loud explosion — completely unexpected and booming — cut through the discussion  underway. The loud sound seemed to have emanated from where my team members and I were seated. Someone suggested that static caused by unused microphones simultaneously left turned on might have triggered the loud sound.

We thought no longer of this incident and went on with the ‘graduation ceremony” where all participants received their certificates of  completion and posed for their “graduation” photos. Everyone was in evident high spirit and good energy filled the room.  Although our programme was completed, people did not seem to want to leave to go shopping or sightseeing as would be the normal and usual conduct. They went back to their seats  and while our team was marvelling over this and considering what activity to introduce, the same loud explosion shattered our quiet discussion, and for a few minutes the loudness reverberated.

The next thing we knew the organizers immediately put on this blaring fast music and people immediately took to their feet. It was like people gripped by some unseen force completely dropped all their shyness and hesitation. Even the official from a Member-state who sits in the human rights commission that sponsored the workshop seemed to have caught the fun-bug and gamely joined in the frolicking and riotous dancing around. The atmosphere was ecstatic and full of laughter and the high level vibrational energy that permeated that space was perceptible. In a split second I remembered there was a similar scene in this (French?) film about perfumes and a murder where the multitude listening to the perfumer- turned- mystic went into a similar wild frenzy, shedding off all inhibitions, and started to bare and kiss and make love then and there.

I could reach no rational explanation for what happened that afternoon. All that my team mates and others could say was ‘magic happened.’ It was later that same evening of the 21st when I looked back to the incident when began to entertain propositions related to the ‘magic” I thought these to be not improbable at all::

Was  the strange incident a test run, a mini version, or a precursor  of sorts of  the super nova detonation that is expected to occur soon?  Did my presence  help to trigger it? Considering that in the constant altered (floating) state that I was uncontrollably brought to for the 4 days of the workshop, I knew I was suffused with highly vibrational frequency energies. Could these energies have suffused others who were in that same space as well?

On Mar 22nd evening my partner called me  in my hotel in Bali. She wanted to check why I called because when she answered her phone she heard only noise and unintelligible  voices. I told her it was impossible that I called her from my mobile phone.  One, my phone went dead and most likely had been so since the morning as I was too busy to remember to check and charge it. Two, even if my mobile phone were functioning,  when I am overseas  I could not use it for voice calls and it is good only for for sending or receiving text messages. My partner knew this for the 14 years that we have been together and I have been travelling.

After our conversation and I was mulling over this strange incident it hit me like a flash of lightning that it was my reminder that these are times for ‘magic” and “miracles.” and since I accept this fact, I should also accept that the loud explosions we heard last Friday  could be indeed the test run or mini version of the super nova detonation that I  felt they were.

On my midnight return flight to the Philippines this Saturday (March 23rd) I felt and had a visual image of horizontal planes or layers (4 or 5 of them) moving in rapid succession upwards. I have learned to associate similar fleeting visions in the past with the ascension or descent of Gaia, humanity, or of my own. The quick ascending pattern I saw this time gave me a very acute sense that the inter-dimensional split and ascension were really imminent and I remember I fervently prayed for the safety of everyone on the plane if the great events were to occur while we were cruising in high altitude.

Lucid dreams with clear and deep messages had been rare in past weeks. My dreams were mostly vague and hazy and often I got no impression of them when I wake up. This time the dreams came  right  in the aftermath of strong energy waves that hit around noon of Sunday (Mar 24th) while I was in bed determined to rest and sleep after my exhausting midnight flight and the whole Bali  episode. The waves were similar in intensity and quality to the intermittent energy infusions throughout this past week. My body was jerking like crazy and nausea set in. I was grateful when the arms of Morpheus finally engulfed me.

In one dream, some four or five women were in a large open hall which was the venue of  an apparently important  meeting set for mid afternoon. I did not recognize the women except one who is a friend/colleague from Thailand and is considered a leading figure in the women’s movement in her country. When I entered the hall, this colleague was in deep conversation with some men in another part of the hall while the other women were seated in  this long wide conference table in the middle of room. The latter were agitating that we start the meeting since everyone has arrived. They argued that we should no longer be bound to the scheduled time for the meeting which was in mid-afternoon.

The Thai colleague who came over to where we were said she was ready to leave her other meeting (across the hall) if we decide to start our meeting now. I told them I could not unilaterally convene the meeting  because of our collective agreement and  it is important to respect this agreement and the readiness of everyone to adjust or not. So let me check with the others, I told them and I started to walk towards the door. My Thai colleague followed me and said quietly – Eleanor, you have been leading in many ways; soon your leadership will be formalized – .

When I became more consciously awake around 2pm later  I felt that this dream was connected somehow with the timing of ascension and other events. I also felt that there was an  agreement reached  to advance the schedule. Immediately I found myself intentionally connecting with you, George for the first time since I have not had a similar compulsion in the past to initiate a telepathic link with you. I recall I told you that it was time to activate the web of light and trigger the super nova detonation of the PAT to set into motion the ID split. I afterwards heard myself stating: “By the Divine Authority of the I Am, I declare that these events will  occur Now.”

I don’t know what to make of all these phenomenal experiences I have had in recent days. It was mainly in the interest of your archiving project that I thought to share this information. If you have the time and inclination it would be great to hear what you think of these experiences and whether and how these correspond to yours and those of  PAT.

Solitary beings like me feel less alone when I  visit your site, read of insights and experiences that strongly resonate or are similar with mine,  or  read your response to intermittent emails I write to you. Each time I hook into the PAT community through the virtual space that you made possible, I could feel  and am able to celebrate the  immense power and love manifest among you. Thank you so much George and wonderful PATs-ers for the perfect way that you serve your unique roles in this End time and  for being the divine and perfect beacons of Light and mastery that you are.

Namaste from another Brethren of the Light!


Dear Eleanor,

thank you for your excellent, vivid and very informative account on the state of awakening of humanity on the verge of our Ascension. It proves that we have reached this point of readiness of the masses for the first time after many years of tedious work and that the events now seem to stipulate. These are dress rehearsals for the detonation of the PAT supernova and the triggering of the Pentecostal miracle when humanity will be in owe and probably in full stasis for a while, while processing these magnificent changes of cosmic proportions .

I will publish your report today as a separate article as it gives a lot of information of the current inner soul dynamics that has firmly enfolded the hearts and the psyche of the people even if they may not be aware of these powerful transformation processes at the conscious level.

With love and light

Dear George,

I’m happy that you find the information I shared to be useful. I rushed to send it to you knowing that events are unfolding so fast that whatever we each see/experience from our unique vantage points are important fragments of the evolving whole that we need to discern.

I decided to no longer add another dream I had yesterday since I did want to add to the already lengthy email I wrote you. This dream merely confirms our knowing that human beings’ Higher Selves have chosen already their destinations and was in three parts, each alluding to those who are/will be on earth A, earth B and earth A/B. On earth A a friend (who is currently in Amsterdam battling a metastasized cancer) and a biological sister were looking at this whitish piece of cloth with pockets which was hung in front. Someone asked why the pocket on the left side was wet. My friend replied that she placed ice on it so it would be softer (?). In the other pocket there was an empty packet of cigarettes and one with some sticks left. I was an observer invisible to both. When I left this place I got a distinct feeling that those who opt for earth A will create/ invent/ find all the wonderful solutions and ways to manifest fully the new earth (in 5D).

In the next scene I was walking with another friend/colleague towards a gate. On the road were pedophiles abusing very young children, and all around were squalor accompanied by such a putrid smell I was nauseated. When we reached the gate, my friend turned back. Concerned, I asked why she was going back to that world. She said she lives in area beyond the area we passed by. Intuitively I knew I was shown a piece of earth B.

The 3rd scene I was in this big stadium shrouded in part darkness. Someone was speaking in front. On my way out I passed through dead dogs and dirt which hastened my leaving. The same friend in the earth B scene was present and she seemed to have a key role in that event. While still in the dream I knew this was earth A/B which my friend has chosen. I felt that she would help those in earth B.

So people have chosen. Was it April who said in her post that the harvest is determined?

Oh George, who would have foretold that I, we and the others who have awakened to their roles in this magnificent transformation are so honored to be part and witness to it all!

With love and light

Dear Eleanor,

the most daring challenge for us has always been not to forget our pristine visions of a better world, while we immersed in the most despicable darkness in this universe – on the earth. As long as we remembered where we come from and how real life is in the higher dimensions, nothing bad could happen to us and our dreams were safe.

Now we have the unique privilege to be able to live our dreams, which we have created throughout this last incarnation at the level of our higher selves and in numerous previous incarnations, waiting for this most auspicious moment to finally arrive.


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