Energy Update – March 21, 2013

by Georgi Stankov, March 21, 2013

This night was a real roller coaster. The source pulse was so huge that it affected the whole humanity. My whole family was also fully hit, with headache, dizziness and the like. Thus the forecasts of the latest two external channeling sources about the powerful energy surge around equinox were fulfilled. 

This was the most unpleasant cleansing wave I have experienced for a while as it brought one more time all human fears like a tsunami into my field and let my skin burn so acutely as if I were tortured in hell. And it did feel like hell most of the time. I have absolutely no desire to stay any longer in this reality. At the same time I am emotionally very peaceful as if I am totally burnt out. There is only a very pronounced physical rejection on the part of my body against all materiality of this world and I hate any physical connection or action whatsoever. Also my heart chakra (breast) is radiating today like Fukushima and Tschernobyl put together.

I have gone through similar episodes of total energetic rejection and dissociation with this world in the past, but the intensity of this source surge at equinox was a solitary peak. It began actually yesterday and peaked in the night and is now ongoing relentlessly at a very high level.

I read yesterday somewhere that new filters will be now installed in the emotional bodies of all ascending humans, so that they no longer experience so much fear when they deal with past unpleasant issues. This is a preventive measure for them not to stumble over their cleansing process as the masses have progressed beyond expectations and are now involved in cleansing some dreadful old stuff that was not supposed to be released on the 3d-earth at this time as not to overwhelm these poor souls. This might be what we are now doing in a very massive way on behalf of humanity and some statements in the latest April’s message from her HS seem to confirm this assessment:

We suggest you spend your remaining time in deep telepathic communication and Communion with each other (the PAT), and with Gaia in ONENESS. We’d like your attention and awareness focused on just those two levels/areas for now as all energetics must now be streamlined and focused moving into the “moment” of birth. Obviously you can communicate/visit with whichever realm you wish, but we ask that the majority be spent or intentioned within the “womb” of Gaia with the collective PAT, especially during this next week.”

Such recommendations have always pointed to another episode of massive purgings in the past prior to an ascension test run. This time prior to the detonation of the PAT Supernova.

In addition, as I have written today on the Cyprus crisis, there is a new holographic model that is recycling all current human dross, so that it no longer enters the new grid, but still must be processed mainly by the PAT.

Finally, the latest missive of Manuscript of survival 287 tells us that we have entered yesterday a new  phase of evolution, which I interpret as a confirmation that the masses are now ready for our ascension.

Although a real roller coaster, this night ended with a highlight. I had a dream upon awakening which was very telling. I was sitting with my higher self, who always appears as a mute, uncommunicative person, like a Sphinx in my dreams, so that I have to pull his answers out of his nostrils with a pincette. Anyway, I asked him after sitting silent for while: “Tell me honestly, how does it feel when one ascends and makes the transformation to a light body?” After a pause my higher male self answered slowly: “It is indescribable, you just explode from within and you begin to expand with an incredible speed to the periphery until you reach the outskirts of the universe.”  While telling me this, I visualized my higher self in the centre of a circle and how he exploded from this point and a huge wave began to expand concentrically like a mushroom of a nuclear explosion.

When you experience this explosion“, my HS continued with his explanation: “you will realize all of a sudden what petty beings you humans are and then you will wonder all of a sudden why you have stayed so long on the earth. That is why we never tell you what a bliss it is not to be a human anymore as you will not stay a second longer on this toxic planet.” And he laughed for the first time, but still rather sarcastically.


Yesterday I also had to process many doubts about how real ascension is and some of them came from the rest of the PAT, but mostly from the many LW. As these doubts were of a fleeting nature, it was obvious that they came from outside and had to be extinguished rapidly within my field and the unity field of the PAT with which I now fully merge in a very conscious manner as to forge the ascension process. This is what I would recommend all members of the PAT to do in these last most dramatic days from an energetic point of view.

This morning another cc-wave is on the march and it is interesting to observe how it will unfold. I am pretty sure that after the energetic bombardments this week the old matrix can no longer survive and must crumble next week.

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