Congratulations! You Can Finally Take That Big Sigh of Relief Now. The Weight of the World Has Finally Been Lifted Off Your Shoulders.

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, March 26, 2013

Dear Dorie,

I am sending you this incredible energy report from Carla from the Rocky mountains for your information and eventual comments from your HS.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

This was an amazing report from Carla! As I began reading it, I could feel a multitude of Angels surrounding me, filling the room, I was in with so much love and light! They were not only validating this very important announcement from Carla, but most importantly, I could feel them announcing our imminent ascension and commending us on a job well done! I was crying as I felt their joy and appreciation for what we all have sacrificed and endured in order to complete this mission. I FELT from them the promise of home, with no hidden agendas or worries that the scenario would have to be changed once again -just a calm reassurance that THIS time is it!

What I also been felt Georgi, was the presence of MANY souls who were the victims of insidious crimes committed against them by the evil bastards on this planet. I have been feeling these beautiful souls around me for a couple of days now, as the veil is becoming so thin, and when reading this report from Carla, I could sense them around me again. It’s no coincidence that you have been sharing their stories with us in the forum, Georgi!  They shared with me today that they are now combining their energies with us as we prepare to ascend. They are excited that ascension is upon us, as they know that their voices will finally be heard through us as Ascended Masters, when we fully expose the truth of what happened to them with all those who are awakening. Their souls are now free.

I have connected with my HS this evening. She keeps her message short and sweet and gives validation to Carla’s beautiful experience and announcement. She keeps repeating happily, THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT! It’s a simple message she has shared with me over and over again the past couple of days, but TODAY I REALLY believe her! This time IS it!!!

With much much love and light to you and my PAT family!



Congratulations! You can finally take that big sigh of relief now. The weight of the world has finally been lifted off your shoulders, for as Sovereign Creators, you now literally hold the creations of the New Earth within the palms of your hands. All the hard work, the persistence, the determination, the FOCUS you have had has paid off… one chapter has closed and you’ve been given the key to the next open chapter!

In the last few days the intense blasts of energy from Source have cleared the remaining bits of darkness from all corners of time and space, allowing your perfected alignment with Gaia to take place. The only thing remaining in this ascension process is the final transformations that are taking place within your physical vessels. Your MOS is coming fully online, the optimization process is taking place as you become oriented to the timelines that are almost fully merged now.

And YOU, you are ALL shining so brightly! You are filled to capacity with Light Energy, and have reached that moment, where the energies can no longer be contained within your physical vessels – they need some place to go- they need to expand outward and upward. It will only take one, or perhaps two more Source Pulses to create an explosion of Light within your physical vessels that will ignite the Supernova of AscensionGaia is ready, you are ready, and the world is ready for you. It’s time to come home.


Dear Dorie,

I sent you Carla’s report for you and your HS to validate it as she was uncertain as to what she had actually experienced afterwards. It was too powerful and surrealistic. Unfortunately I am not good at envisioning colours and rays and could not be of great help to her. Otherwise I firmly believe that her experience was valid and a major stepstone on the way to our final ascension.

Carla told me that she was inspired /urged to go to the Rocky mountains before she travelled to Banff and I knew that this was with intention and that she was supposed to perform something important there, but I had no idea what exactly.

I myself had similar transcendental experiences / breakthroughs in the Alps in the early 90s where I discovered the Universal land was divinely inspired by unusual cosmic and personal events. Hence it is not new to me that cosmic forces use the mountains as an amplifier to promote such events and establish direct contact with us as incarnated human beings beyond our limited chakra system.

Hence I am very happy that you and your HS confirm the validity of her energetic experience, which must have been extremely powerful. I had one similar out-of-body-event in 200O during a holiday on the island of Mallorca, Spain in the Mediterranean sea.

The message of your HS has been fully validated by April’s HS which I also received this morning. I will publish both of them as soon as possible. Obviously the last 48 -72 hours must have been of tremendous importance for the accomplishment of all final purgings and alignments on the earth, necessary for the establishment of the optimal energetic conditions for the detonation of our Supernova.

It is not a coincidence that I was constantly switched on to the fields of the dark GB and US cabal and had to read their minds and desperation telepathically, as I have published in the last two days. Emotionally this was a very nasty affair and when one is fully immersed into this kind of dirtiest cleansing, one cannot fully perceive and enjoy the light that is immediately engulfing the cleared space. It takes some time to realize what a huge success we have achieved again in the elimination of the last pockets of darkness on this planet.

It could well be that the next two waves your HS has announced have already commenced yesterday in the afternoon when I was hit by another very intensive wave. This morning I  woke up with another similarly intensive wave, which has the potential to peak to a cc-wave around midday. This is not at all surprising, after all we will have a full moon tomorrow and the waves have always been most powerful and intensive for me in the past 24-48 hours before full moon.

Obviously we are on time with the schedule leading to the detonation of the PAT supernova and must now completely let go of any earthly activities or expectations and simply leave it to our HS to take full control over our lives in these last most auspicious hours. There is no other proper mental attitude to this cosmic event, but to have none and be fully prepared for all kind of surprises.

But as many of us have already gone through their dress rehearsal of personal ascension as reported on our website, we are mentally prepared and will know what to do when the transformation of our bodies commences and we will detonate collectively and simultaneously the PAT supernova and leave this miserable human condition for ever.

With love and light

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