Ascension – What is the Point? It’s All About Fun.

By Brian the Dragon, March 30, 2013

Hi everyone, this is the dragon.

You have been going through a transition (ascension) and from our vantage point, we must say you are in great shape. So there are many benefits to you individually for going through this transition, however there are often common misconceptions about reasons for the transition.

Misconception one: It will change the universe.

Actually, all-that-is will and always will be exactly the same, since all things are eternal.

Misconception two: It has never been done before.

It is going on in parallel in many similar and different ways throughout the universe, eternally. You may be part of some of those experiences as well.

Misconception three: It is being done against all odds.

Your souls knew what they were doing, and when there is any doubt about the possibility of success, more are invited to the party. Sure, there are timelines where things fail, but you are in one that will be a success. You have made sure of that even if you can’t remember it.

Misconception four: It will transform the galaxy.

This experience obviously adds to the diversity and experience of the galaxy, however it is already factored into the galaxy’s consciousness.

So, what is the point, then? It is not uncommon for human beings in 3d to think there must be some grand purpose for something they are doing, when in fact the experience alone is why many souls go through things. Obviously, this is also part of the fabric of the galaxy and the universe and you are directly experiencing that fabric.

Your souls are given a growth opportunity or at least the illusion of growth which can be interesting to experience, actually quite amazing.

However, the biggest thing is that the transformation itself is something that is incredibly fun to experience and even more amazing. It is beautiful and you are on the cusp of seeing that beauty. Much closer than it seems.

So there are definitely reasons that make the experiences you are going through worthwhile. However, those reasons are a lot closer to home than you may realize. They are more for humanity and those directly watching this experience, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is definitely still quite a show.

We have given this to you since this is a realization that you will come across at some point, that you are not operating for some universe-shattering purpose. This realization can actually be a bit of a disconcerting time for beings that are used to doing things for a critical reason versus just for the fun of the experience. However, that doesn’t make the experiences you are going through any less amazing, just because they aren’t transforming the entire universe. You are seeing transformation in your own reflection of the universe, so-to-speak, and it’s beautiful.

You are experiential beings, and you love every experience you go through. You are not focused only on the utilitarian aspects like is so common in your 3d experience. There is so much beauty in the universe, and it doesn’t need to have a “reason“. It just is. You are experiencing beauty in this life, and you have barely seen the tip of the iceberg for things will get much more beautiful for you soon.


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