My Ascension Dream – A Visit to New Earth

by Georgi Stankov, March 8, 2013

I have just woke up from a midday nap after I was hit this morning by another powerful cc-wave of ascension with the obligatory headache and splitting of my brain. I had the most incredible dream in such a lucid dream state that I continued dreaming for half an hour after awakening, while still dwelling in the higher vibrational dimensions with my body and mind. The dream was very precise and full of details.

I was invited to visit the new earth A. Accompanied by a higher-dimensional guide, I entered a space-craft that carried us through an inter-dimensional portal to the new 5d-earth very quickly. There, we travelled with a noiseless train at a very high speed for a while and I could barely see the flying landscape from the window. I noticed only that it was very vast, very clean, in a perfect order, and much less populated than on this earth. I saw also roads and other structures, but they only seemed to be optically similar to that on this earth. My guide told me telepathically that this landscape is now very similar to that on the earth, as not to scare the newcomers when they first arrive, but that it can be changed any time through our thoughts

He told me that ascension and the arrival of the first ascended groups of people have already commenced. Then I was shown my new house which was in a huge gallery on a broad. lavishly constructed street, which somehow very much resembled a street in my hometown Plovdiv in Bulgaria, but was architecturally built in a completely different, new way. The materials of the houses resembled earthly materials, with a lot of wood, and there were even nails to be seen in the planks.

I wondered about this observation and asked my guide if they did construct this gallery of houses physically, as I thought that they are simply created by our minds on the 5d-earth. The answer of my guide was that this gallery was physically constructed and that there is even a real architect who studied many different building styles on the earth. But that this is also an illusion from a higher vantage point of view and that these houses do not need to exist at all, but only to please the eye and psyche of the newcomers.

The gallery, where I was supposed to live, was covered, so that I could not see the sky above and this disturbed me a little bit. When I inspected our house, I found that my younger daughter was already there and experimented with the new lights in the house.

Then I turned to my guide and asked him if the Russian family has already arrived in the house left to ours. I wondered at that moment how I knew that our neighbours were Russians. The guide confirmed that they have just arrived, but were still somewhat confused due to the huge change in their life style.

I asked my guide if I were correct to assume that we need not pay any rent for these big houses and that we all will have a fixed income. I felt immediately that it was stupid on my part to ask these questions as I already knew the answer, but I was pleased to receive a confirmation from my guide that it was indeed so.

At that point a lightning thought crossed my mind. I asked my guide: “As I see, although the people have already ascended, they seem to think similarly as before, though much more relaxed and with an expanded awareness. This is at least what I sense for myself on the new 5d-earth. In that case how shall I introduce the new theory of the Universal law, which they will still not know, when they come to the new 5d-earth? It will be quite a difficult affair to open their minds for this theory. In that case was I not supposed to have a multi-dimensional unlimited consciousness to reach these people telepathically?”

My guide laughed whole heartedly and responded to me: “This is precisely the question we wanted to discuss with you. That is why we invited you to visit the new earth.”

“OK”, I said, “Come on, give me the answer!”

At that point the guide simply vanished and left me alone with my unanswered question.

While visiting the new earth, I was worried a little bit as I had an appointment with my wife on the old earth, but could not make it as I was invited all of a sudden to fly with the space craft. “She would not believe me when I tell her, where I have been and what I have just seen” I was saying to myself all the time in the lucid dream state, while inspecting the new earth. “And how should I relay to her that I travelled with a real inter-dimensional space-ship to another dimension?”

With these thoughts and unanswered questions I woke up and spent another half an hour lying in my bed as to mitigate the huge waves and vibrations coming from the source and to reassess the vivid pictures of my ascension dream one more time. The most puzzling question loomed poignantly in my mind:

“What should be done to make these people begin to comprehend the new Theory of the Universal Law?”

It was obvious to me that I can only teach them adequately if I do it in a telepathic manner.

This is my ascension dream. It indicates that first ascension may have commenced or is about to commence any moment and that my next obligation will be the propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law on earth A, which still displayed a distinct holographic materiality and mentality at this stage of evolution of mankind.

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