April’s HS: “You Are Beginning to Reach the Peak in This Final Process of Ascension

by April Bender, March 31, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. The energy wave today is extremely intense, much like yesterday, though both the morning and evenings do offer some respite. So I can definitely confirm that part of HS’s message.

I have to be honest, I just want to crawl into my bed right now. I feel OK, but have this overwhelming sense/need to be alone right now, to just meld into the wonderful 5D energies that are pressing in on me. And yet 3D continues to beckon with a house full in observance of Easter and still trying to get better sleeping arrangements in place, etc… My brain seems to protest even the smallest function and while I see I took a lot down for this message, I can make only the most basic sense of it. Even amongst all the family members, I don’t feel present or here in a physical sense at all.

I think we need to wait just a little longer. What is your sense today?

Much love and light,


HS Update 3-31-13

Me: So what is going on? Where do we stand? I feel like I’m literally ready to burst! While the energies are beyond wonderful, I am TOO full of them, and this constant dragging back into 3D situations/tasks/energies these last 2 days has been entirely grating and painful. I’d much rather stay nestled within the warm, light energies of 5D and above. When will we be ascending?

HS: Dear April, the discomfort you are describing is the oscillation of Self between 3D and 5D. This is what I was trying to explain to you previously when discussing your rotating mercabic/tornadic light bodies. You are still oscillating, at higher and higher rotational velocities / frequencies between these two main dimensions, plowing the way for every increment of the ID split, so that the rest of humanity may follow. You are now in the moderate stage of detonation, soon to move into the final phase.

Once you begin to move into this final phase, the oscillation between the two dimensions will decrease for you, and your new point of reference/perception will begin to stabilize into the higher of the two dimensions, 5DThis is actually part of your physical ascension itself. The other part is of course the reorganization/ assemblage of your vessel at a higher molecular level.

For now, today, you are still receiving all that this final pulse from Source has to give you. You are spinning, filling/merging, and increasing rotational velocities, in synchronicity with Gaia’s and the Cosmic/ Galactic vortices/ merkabic structures as well.

You are beginning to reach the peak in this final process. Please hang in there. Today the energies from this final, multi-day surge will increase tremendously.

The timing may be off only slightly from initial forecasts in that ALL is being synchronized for ACTUALIZATION. Georgi has prepared the PAT with the proper light packets of information, consisting mainly of what you could call sensers, timers and codes, so that all levels are synchronized and reach peak velocities/frequencies as ONE.

I know you’re wondering, how much faster, fuller, and higher can you go? PREPARE TO BE ASTOUNDED. Your vessel will dematerialize in it’s current form to accommodate the light frequencies and speeds of saturation when it needs to. Trust in your body, your vessel, for it has served you well, and within a VERY SHORT period of time, it will see you off.

The next 24 hours will see much intensifying, as the finale of what Source is sending you makes it way into your field and that of Gaia’s. Simply rest as much as you can, drink plenty of water, and RECEIVE. You already feel yourself slipping away, as more and more parts of your old functioning shut themselves off/down. Just let go… there’s no need and nothing for you to hold on to. Surrender into it, let yourself fly through the eye of the needle/storm, and you will find that we are right here to greet you.

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