To All My PAT Friends 

by Georgi Stankov, March 4, 2013

Today I have decided to enter a period of meditative contemplation in a total seclusion. During the next week I will try to establish an unbiased contact with my HS without any external influence and distractions. For this purpose I will stop editing this website for one week on personal grounds for the first time since I opened it two years ago. I will stay though in a constant telepathic contact with all of you through the unity field of the PAT and its collective consciousness and will support each one of you to exert his/her Divine Authority as ascended master still in a physical vessel.

You all have achieved the greatest possible goal in your last incarnation on the earth. You have connected to the Source and could have ascended numerous times in the past. There is nothing more you can do on this planet, but be present and wait for your departure. Obviously the time of our ascension has now become an object of cosmic gamble and we have no influence on it. All eventual future discussions on this matter will not help accelerate the arrival of ascension even for a second. It will come when it will come.

At the end of this week I will make a final assessment on the current energetic situation and will decide whether I will continue editing this website or stop publishing for ever. You all know everything about ascension and have become such experts in the ongoing waves that you no longer need an advertiser of these waves through this website to recognize them and choose the appropriate attitude. During this week I will not use the Internet, so please do not send any emails to me as they will not be responded.

With my whole personal dedication to the cause of the PAT!
Your soul friend in all eternity

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