Personal Opinions – February 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor

The Final PAT’s Decree of Oneness Prior to Ascension

Hi George

I have just finished reading April’s HS message on a final PAT decree of oneness and was a bizarre experience. One of importance no doubt. I was held motionless in an energetic download through the top of my head with tones and high pitch beeps. Just looking at the message accompanies a powerful feeling. A feeling of reverence and responsibility is bestowed upon us. It’s hard to describe but lets say it must be a precursor for merging. It’s getting real on a new level.

Warm regards

Dear Alex,

this is the actual function of this decree – to attune us to the grandeur and the enormous responsibility we will have to carry from now on in a conscious manner for the future of humanity and Gaia. It is a solemn moment indeed.


Dear Georgi,

wonderful explanation of Gaia-Portal messages. I like it. Great message from April.
And YES, we are ONE, we all know that, and now we declare/decree that to all of humanity, and HRs, WE ARE ALL ONE, WE ARE ONENESS, WE ARE ONE-ALL.
It’s time for visiting home for a short relax and reunion, for clear remembering, and return to our primal job, Keeping of Gaia and (H)/humanity


Dear Daniel,

thank you for  your positive feedback on the last decree of Oneness which is a formal declaration of the PAT, essentially saying farewell to our past lives and announcing the beginning of a new era for humanity.



I don’t believe it is a coincidence that on the very same week April penned this latest Decree of Oneness, I would be inspired to appear once again at local government chambers to expose the scourge that is public water fluoridation. Our work behind the veil is yielding increasingly tangible evidence that we are very soon to manifest the new reality we have co-created in the higher realms.

April’s latest message is actually what I have intuitively felt and known since at least January 2013, you might say since we were connected to the source but perhaps even before that?

Anyhow, I wonder if this Divine Authority will help me finally have a consciousness breakthrough in our area causing a waterfall of false paradigms to dissolve which till now sustain the ill motivations of our city planners to add Fluoride to the public drinking water.  I felt the energetic ripples of my last appearance work in a visceral way on the city council in Raleigh, I wonder if the frequency is now too high for the Orion council members to persist.

Is this how you envision the ascension causing such dramatic and sweeping social change?  Otherwise I don’t know what else to spend my linear time on being stuck in the 3rd dimensional matrix known as life on earth.

Light & Love,

Dear Corey,

I am convinced that at the end you will carry a full victory from this dispute with the council. It may happen in a most surprising way and not what you envision now, but the final result will satisfy you very much. There is simply no other outcome. Perseverance is always rewarded.

I personally believe that once ascension takes place and the changes are in full sway, then everything will change with such a rapid velocity that even we, who are mentally prepared for this, will be overwhelmed. But for an ascended master “overwhelming” is an inappropriate term as we will be responsible for this changes and only the masses will be in a state of total shock.

It is quite probable that the council dissolves on its own and its members will not dare to attend the meetings anymore. Expect surprises.


Dearest Dr. Georgi~~

I know everything is now falling into place, and soon the website will be about “rereading” past posts, along with all your incredible writings (what a legacy you have left. I am currently rereading Evolutionary Leap of Mankind).

As a non PAT daily reader since July 2012, I just wanted to say, before you “go” ~~

A Most Heartfelt Thanks!  For continuing the website, for gathering this community.
For helping me stretch, for your links. Mostly for the sacrifices you have made, and the work you have accomplished.

I am excitedly looking forward to whatever is next!

In Deepest Appreciation,
Pasadena, CA

Dear Chris,

I am humbled by your praise but I know that you  are very sincere and I am happy to hear that you have profited from the information on this website.

I can assure you that after our ascension the whole communication will be automatically shifted on a much higher level and then the real work for all of us will begin to enlighten humanity. In this sense this platform was only a spring board for our actual mission, for which we have come on the earth in the first place.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Well, looks like I had to pass into my 37th year without ascending -YET.

I’m fully with you and am keeping up with the articles. I’ve realize this last week and the family crisis is an opportunity for me to tell them all what I think in no uncertain terms. I’ve already sent an email to my father who is traveling and I have been working on emails to my brothers. I already told my mother in person, though I don’t know how much it sunk in.

I comfort myself with the thought of my ascension very soon and that even if they are using me as a screen on which to project all their fears, anger, and every thread of reactionary human behavior that are centuries old, I know that I have merely planted the seeds for the total destruction of their familiar paradigm. So I guess this is my last task on this 3D earth and it’s fitting it had to arrive during the week of my birthday last week. The Higher Realms are actually perfectly coordinating it, from my own personal corner of the globe here in northeast Ohio (my other corner is northwest Croatia, along with Leo but for some unknown reason we are meant to be here now)

That being said, since it was the 70th anniversary of the execution of members of the “white rose” on Feb. 22nd and I know you said these people were some of your best friends and mentors (survivors of it) when you emigrated in the 70s to Germany, I thought you might enjoy these links, which are mostly two articles about the White Rose and also the short radio interview which you may enjoy.

Chris Hedges article on Truthdig about White Rose

BBC article on White Rose

Radio Interview on BBC about White Rose

I’m so proud of you Georgi, really, I am. I know you don’t need praise and I’m not one to dish out compliments lightly, but it heartens me that we have your Slavic soul (even though I know you and your soul are far beyond your nationality or ethnicity) to lead us into the next paradigm of reality for this universe. Viva la revolution in Bulgaria. I really enjoyed seeing these photos and Leo said, “yep, Bulgarians, these are my people…”

I love you very much Georgi and can’t wait to see you and the PAT gang soon,

Love and light,

Dear Sarah,

my heartfelt congratulations to your birthday retrospectively. Your consolation is that this is definitely the last one you will celebrate on this planet.

Our last function is that of social caterpillars collapsing the structure of all old paradigms. They are now so unstable and without any foundation that a single breathing of an ascended master will topple them down. The old familial paradigms are of course the most resistant ones.

I am happy that you remember the story with the “white rose” and their provincial heroism. They are so highly revered by the Germans as this is a nation of cowards that will never be able to commit this kind of personal courage and to risk their lives. Besides, none of them actually value the actions of  Geschwister Scholl and Professor Huber  – it is only a kind of mythologizing the fact that not all Germans were spoiled by the Nazis, but that there were some who saved their reputation which they can now carry with pride. This is how they think:

“We, the Germans  know  that we do not belong to these heroes and they have never belonged to us and if Geschwister Scholl have lived in our time, they might have easily become Baader-Meinhof terrorists. So it is better that they are dead. But they are our moral heritage, upon which we  can now commit the same crimes as the Nazi did in the past -e g. doubling our sales of arms in all conflict zones in 2012 the world over to booster our economy and to protect our nationalistic interests“, as the Bilderbeg clone Merkel has just announced in a press conference.

This nation of Spießbürger-cowards and garden gnomes (Gartenzwerge) can be so despicable in their self-righteousness most of the time that it makes me really sick to think about them only for a second. I wonder how I have survived for so long in this dark country.

With love and light


I just had a lucid dream that involved me speaking out against the public school system, and it sparked me to write a new post.

Here is the link to the article and its text below:

Last night I had another lucid dream that took place in a classroom of a public school where I spoke out against the education system, calling school a prison and refusing to complete the math test that had been assigned by the teacher.

My disruption eventually led to another female student joining me in my rebellion, as she left her seat and stood in the middle of the floor exclaiming how she was also tired of being forced to come to school even though she hated it and was totally bored and creatively repressed by the curriculum.

My first objective as an ascended master will be to free the children from the public education (indoctrination) system and restore education to its natural state based on fun and freedom of creative exploration.

I absolutely love learning when I am allowed to do it in a way that works best for me, and there is nothing worse than being forced to conform to a particular learning style that doesn’t work for you. Every student is different and doesn’t deserve to be placed in a one-size-fits-all curriculum that lacks creativity and passion for the subjects being taught.

Students also deserve to be able to choose what subjects they want to invest their energy into, and should not have to prove their knowledge to anyone else through a ridiculous grading system and standardized tests that do not involve anything but the regurgitation of “facts”.

This is especially harmful in subjects like history where the governments have purposely suppressed the real history of the planet in order to further indoctrinate the students into a particular worldview that supports the slavery system of money, politics, etc.

To this day I regret not speaking out and expressing my feelings about the school system when I was still a student, but I will make up for it tenfold when I successfully collapse the public school system and replace it with one based on pure principles and respect for each student as individual sovereign beings.

This is my ascension vision, and I know it will come true because my intention is righteous and only truth is able to stand the test of time. All illusion eventually fades away once enough light is shed upon it, and this case is no different.

With love and light,

Dear Skyler,

it is exactly as you say it, and the education system must collapse very soon. I have always felt to be martyred by this educational system and I have gone through all its grades.


Beloved Georgi:

I am very excited about all these changes in the world. I thought I was far from all these changes,  anyway that my symptoms, as all PAT feeling them, but did not see significant changes in my country.

I am experiencing real history, here in Mexico there is a woman leader of the  Union of Education for about 18 years,  people say she handled dark energy or voodoo, this woman was untouchable, responsible for thousand deaths and is tremendously corrupt, never allowed reform to improve the country, but today February 26  she was  arrested by police for corruption, accused of stealing $ 200 milion USD.

Gergi Oh, I’m so excited, it’s happening! And I see  change in my country. Kisses and love to all my brothers and sisters , Im so happy, yeahhhhh!!!


Dear Claudia,

this is a very exciting news indeed and I thank you for informing me. This case clearly shows that there is much going on behind the veil and that it is a matter of days if not hours before the whole house of  cards crumbles.

With love and light

Beloved Georgi,

Just a shorty…. after seeing you would show up in Bulgaria first as Ascended Master….

I will definilty show up in Africa. Do not know in what order, but definitly there. I have been working there for several years now.

Change is imminent!
~ Love, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,

I have no idea about the order of appearance but my current sense is that we will ascend all more or less at the same time and then our appearance will be guided by a higher awareness. Therefore it does not make any sense to ponder about details. My decision to show up first in Bulgaria is very old and backed by previous personal experiences and activities in the 90s.


Hi Georgi,

What do you think of this? I keep getting signs that I’m suppose to do something with this, but my role isn’t entirely clear.

Any insight you have is appreciated. Even if your advice is to just ignore it.

Rainbows and sunshine,

Dear Jennifer,

I am glad that you made me aware of this compendium of numerous devices working on the basis of free photon energy. The very volume of this book is awesome. As the author stresses in the introduction, he has not build or tested any of these devices, so that he is not in the position to tell the reader whether they will work or not. But he has done an incredible compilation work to put all this information together and for this he deserves all the merit.

I am also not in the position to tell you which of these devices may be of any use in the near future, if any, as I am not an engineer or construction specialist. But this book points to a new future when humanity will use these new technologies extensively. It could be that after ascension you will deal with the implementation of such new technologies and that your HS wants to make you now aware of the fact that humanity has already started working in this direction in a diligent manner and not only the dark cabal in clandestine laboratories underground.

I personally do not think that your occupation with this book on new free energy technologies will lead immediately to any direct actions and results, but only to show you the probable future path that you will follow. From this point of view you could scroll through the book and see which inventions resonate with you and then concentrate on them and ask for further insights and information from your HS. You will definitely receive this information that will instruct you how to carry out your further studies. The more you deal with this matter, the more impulses you will get from your HS. This is how my HS functions.

With love and light

Hi George,

Thank you for your insight. I have the same inclination that it is of no immediate use, but that I’m just supposed to know about it now for a larger future coordination.

Something is going to happen and it is going to happen very quickly… literally over night everything is going to change. I’m working right now on writing organizing principles for education that supports sustainable social, economic, and political systems (which only result from self-reinforcing learning systems- at least that is the only way I know).

Over the past 2 days, I have received 3 sightings of owl pellets. Each was in a different location. I have only found these once before.

Thanks for all your work on the website.

love and light to you too,

Vatican, Queen and Canadian PM charged with Crimes against Humanity

Dear Georgi,

I have known about these atrocities for many years, having gotten first-hand stories from my patients on the reserves when working as a public health nurse. I have felt the depth of their pain and their sense of hopelessness in the face of such domination and cruelty where no words can describe the suffering.

Of course, it was with great relief that I read the Statement of Claim last year for this proceeding in the First Common Law Court case.

Now that there is a clear verdict issued, I am wondering where it will all go, for as you have stated, that this court “is not yet officially recognized by any country and has no executive power to enforce its verdict”. Perhaps this represents one of the first falling dominoes.

Wishing you peace this evening,

Dear Carla,

This may indeed be one of the first dominoes to fall, but we need first our ascension and official appearance.


Hallo George,

I truly enjoyed the latest posting re the Gaiaportal discussion. Just wanted to let you know that I overheard in my dream state the following:”You will ascend upon the Frankfurt meeting”. I have no idea what that means. Maybe you can make sense of it.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

I checked the events list for Frankfurt in the next months but could not find anything particular. Then I got an inkling from my soul. This term “Frankfurter meeting ” may allude to the Frankfurter Nationalversammling in 1848, which was the first Parliament of the new German state. I have no other idea.



Thank you for taking the time with your reply for me. I cannot express anything but gratitude….

I feel an event, or Ascension is upon us. With the overwhelming pressures within the body, headaches, dizziness, karmic lessons, I am at that stage that “:this cannot continue much longer!!”  That said, now my 3D body sees these chemtrail poisonings, and sees a direct correlation of barium/aluminum/carbon compound sprayings we have been breathing in for years and these symptoms of ascension. My HS relates to your words of true ascension being upon us all.

I simply have a tough time letting the Chemtrails “go”. My family, your families, everyones family are exposed to this atrocity every day, in maximum doses and I cannot accept this. This is righteous anger and I am trying hard to seek the truth wisdom, through the disinfo out there that TPTW are trying to kill us (although that’s likely inadvertently happening) and know this is all about trying to stop or at least limit our higher consciousness from evolving. I know this program’s true intent, is to hold onto as many souls as possible, keep them asleep and they are willing to poison themselves to do so.

I thank you for your feedback and look forward to any replies you have in the future. I believe I am on my way with the process of ascension either within the 1st or 2nd wave as I believe my true life chart has come to a close. I look forward to love and abundance for all; peace and gratitude, acceptance and understanding and respect and honor to exist within all of us, for each other and for everyone and every thing. I see the world for what it i rigt now and see it is only the tool for learning.

Thanks Georgi and I hope you remain well in your journey.


Dear Phil,

thank you for your comprehensive reply. I can confirm that we are on the cusp of the first ascension wave and the next waves will follow rapidly. That is why the HR are preparing so diligently the initial wave as after that there will be no time for corrections and adjustments as everything must flow very fluently and overwhelmingly.

The chemtrail activity is indeed part of human genocide by the PTB for the End Times . There are other means which are even more effective such as the pharmaceutical industry and the health care system in cahoot. It is one big disaster and anyone who refutes the idea that this is the most toxic planet in this universe, has no idea what he is talking about.

Let us hope that we will ascend this week. I have crossed this month already.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

I agree completely. I lost my mom to dementia at 62, heavy metal toxicity, and my dad is now following his path of high amounts of pushed pharma pills. I estimate he won’t likely last another year.

I work in the healthcare industry and speak with many business owners. Doctor accounts are vital. They are given kickbacks to push prescription pills any which way they can, while believing and trusting everything is normal. Pills are THE worst act against humanity. I can only imagine how many millions of lives they have ruined. To fix one symptom, you receive 3 more unknowns. You then must add to the prescription and the chain reaction begins.

I am sick to my stomach that we have been lied to on so many levels, but I am working to forgive. It is not easy. I know that once I come from the perspective that we have all chosen our lives prior to coming here, I can feel assurance that many friends and family who have suffered, were here for their chosen lessons to get through.

Due to all the toxins and poisons in our food, air and water at this present time, we are all 3d sheep lining up to the pharma slaughterhouse. It is getting worse by the day.

Even today I have symptoms my parents both had in their late 50s; numb fingers and feet and thyroid disease. I am 39.

I pray ascension happens soon. I am fed up with disinformation, lies and deceit.

I believe in you fully and look upon u as a brother. Thanks again for your reply.

I want to be up on that stage with you, in front of the world, to speak of truth and get to hear the tears of joy and celebrations from the masses ensue. I continue to envision such a day.


Dear Phil

keep this vision alive as it will carry you to this glorious reality very soon.


Thank you Georgi. I will.  I look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Best regards always.

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