The PAT Is Ahead of Its Schedule in Preparation For Ascension

by Dorie Bowlin, February 2, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I was up very late and wrote this message last night before going to bed. I had this overwhelming feeling yesterday that ascension is VERY near, as if it’s coming sooner than what we thought. I just could not shake the feeling all day and even felt like Source would be attempting a full scale ascension attempt with you this weekend. For some reason I hesitated in sending it to you last night though. I have become very discerning now about my messages and wanted to be absolutely sure before sending. I really felt I should wait until this morning as I had a strong feeling there would be something of importance I would read and I should wait and check your site before sending.

That’s the first thing I did this morning even before getting out of bed. I checked on my phone to see if you had any new postings and then read about Jerry and Anita. I know I have to share this message with you now, for I believe it’s for them too, thus Source’s reason for the decision to make an early ascension attempt with you, as well. It would be lovely if the three of you could walk hand in hand into ascension like I envisioned. I am glad now that I wrote this down last night before going to bed and before seeing your message about Anita this morning. This means my message is coming clearly from HS and not from just my hopeful heart.

With much love and light,


We previously informed you of the powerful Source Pulse/Energy Wave that will be arriving on the February 2nd and 3rd that will not only be preparing you for your dress rehearsal of ascension but also the assessment of humanity in it’s preparedness for your arrival as Ascended Masters in the following weeks ahead.

However, you have noticed something different during this last intermission. You have felt this new wave as early as January 28th and 29th. Even today (Feb 1) you felt the beginning of the new wave of energy that has slowly been announcing it’s arrival over the course of this last week.

Now that the PAT are fully connected at the nexus point of Source, pulses can be accelerated and dispersed without causing overload to your Captain and his physical vessel THUS allowing a full scale ascension attempt to be made, knowing that this time in attempting to do so it will not cause severe damage to his physical body. If this attempt is successful, ascension of the PAT will not be far behind.


Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for this unexpected, but highly appreciated and timely message from your HS. It is true that I am arguing with my HS and the HR for more than a week now that they should let Anita and Jerry ascend earlier, at best this weekend, as I have written to Jerry on several occasions in the past and one more time today. The other alternative is that I ascend this weekend and perform a miraculous healing on Anita as an ascended master. I have just come from a walk in the fields with my dog, where I prayed one more time for Anita’s and Jerry’ immediate ascension.

Now to your message. I can confirm that this week was not a reprieve from the past very tense one, but another full-fledged, dirty cleansing tour de force from the very beginning, since Monday Feb 28th, with a peak on Wednesday. Since then the unpleasant, burning waves are staying at a very high plateau, especially in the night and in the morning with a minor improvement in late afternoon.

There is a lot of human dross, mainly primordial, collective, fear-based, survival patterns that flow through my field and are rapidly released. I am used to this unrewarding job, which is as unpleasant as it has been in the last 5-10 years (one never gets used to it), but this time, indeed, my physical body is less affected. This is undoubtedly the consequence from the full connection of the entire PAT at the nexus of the source.

Now, I have read your message several times very carefully and could not quite understand if the dress rehearsal that was planned for this weekend, did actually took place earlier, in the course of this week, so that we can now undertake a full-scaled ascension test run earlier than on Feb 11th, and Anita, Jerry and myself could eventually ascend earlier than announced by your HS? Or whether your message is simply a confirmation that we are on track and that all preparations are proceeding very well for the beginning of the PAT ascension during the second week of February 11th?

If you could please clear this indeterminacy in your message quickly, I will publish your message today and sent it to Jerry to motivate him and Anita to hold on a couple of more days.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

As you know, when receiving a channeled message from HS, there is not just the message that comes through, but there is also what you feel you are being led to interpret from the words. While writing the message, what I FELT was that because of the accelerated pulses from Source this week, we have already gone through the stages of our dress rehearsal. In fact, last night I experienced a very mild ascension test run right before falling asleep, where it feels as if I am leaving my body and I see signs, symbols and shapes in my mind’s eye. I fell asleep saying to myself, “Yep, everything appears to be online!”

So, to be clear, what I interpreted/felt at the time of receiving the message was that HS was only reiterating what was previously stated and planned merely for the purpose of letting us know that ascension has accelerated to such a degree that the dress rehearsal has ALREADY taken place, and being that we have gone through another week of deep cleansing, they feel confident in giving a full scale ascension attempt for you a green light.

I hope this new information is helpful!

With much love to you!

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