PAT Ascension is the Substitution of the Current Orion Matrix of Humanity with the Creative Matrix of the Collective Consciousness of the PAT

by Georgi Stankov, February 15, 2013

On the cusp of our ascension I was urged by my HS to discuss a very difficult topic in terms of comprehension from the linear point of thinking of human minds. All reality in All-That-Is is a subjective reality and is created each moment anew by all sentient beings. The frequency of creation at the highest 5d-level is measured quantitatively by the Planck’s constant and is in the order of 10 high 34 times each second. This is equivalent to the 144-octave of the highest 5d-level, There are other creation levels and frequencies beyond this range, which are a prerequisite for the creation of holographic forms from the 5th level downwards to the 4th, 3rd, second and first level. I have discussed these frequency ranges in previous articles. 

This is the physical background for any creation within these dimensions. Souls that incarnate in the 3d-space-time of the solar universes, use the 144-octave or Planck’s frequency of 10 high 34 to create each time a complete new holographic reality within their particular incarnation experiments, which is extinguished in the intervals between each creation pulse and created anew. This is also the mechanism as to how parallel realities and astral probability alternatives are created.

The new creation after each extinction normally do not change much from the previous one, but is still a completely new version, as even the smallest change affects all the parts of the Whole. The reason for this is that all systems and levels of All-That-Is are U-sets that contain themselves as an element, and the element is energy = All-That-Is. This should be basic gnostic knowledge to all transcendental thinkers.

Now let us consider the fact that each sentient being, such as an incarnated entity, soul, multidimensional personality, soul family, monad, etc. creates a higher order of realities that contain the secondary, lower frequency realities of the 4th and 3rd dimensions as an element. One can imagine Creation as an infinite tapestry of interwoven patterns that criss-cross the dimensions.

The building of the rainbow bridge throughout the twelve dimensions up to the source by PAT last summer is such a creation of the highest order that encompasses all levels of All-That-Is in the vertical and horizontal direction. The current ascension process in which the entire PAT has connected to the Source and the Christed self of each member is descending in the physical vessel in preparation for individual ascension represents another example of vertical creation from the source through all dimensions down to the 3d-physical vessel. The light bodies of each PAT member already exist in all dimensions – from the 4th to the 12th. In this case all light bodies that exist beyond the 5th dimension no longer obey the creation frequency pattern set by the Planck’s constant (frequency). This is very important to observe.

When humans speak of immediate creation through mental intention and emotional intensity, they always refer to the creation within the basic 5d-frequency of 10 high 34. This will be the kind of creation which the ascending masses will enjoy after mass ascension around equinox. For this reason they must now be upgraded as to become full-fledged creator beings within this frequency range. For this purpose the PAT transmitted the new Adam Kadmon templates to humanity in the summer of last year, so that their brains, emotional and mental bodies could be upgraded as to be able to incorporate the new MOS (multidimensional operation system), without which no creation in the 5th dimension is possible. To this I will say more below.

Only today Gaiaportal confirms that the familial DNA patterns of humanity are now transformed and upgraded as to comply with the requirements of the pristine transgalactic soul families and enable the ascended humans to begin creating in the 5th dimension. The old genetic codes are too restricted and do not allow for immediate creation:

“Restlessness may be a characteristic of current sensations in the 3D body. Specific changes and upgrades to DNA familial patterns requires significant alterations in DNA coding.

These DNA upgrades allow ease of transition out of 3D dysfunctional familial patterns and into Galactic family connections. Such upgrades are necessary for full disclosure process to proceed.”     

From these examples it becomes evident that creation is vertical and horizontal at once. The ego for instance can only create at the horizontal level of the 3rd dimension by moving the body physically and creating all kinds of social situations, interactions and activities. In this function the ego believes to be the master of his reality. Due to its limited perception, human ego does not perceive that all these situations are created beforehand in the higher dimensions and explored in infinite parallel realities and astral probability alternatives before the optimal alternative can materialize in the 3d reality.

The ego has no idea of all this preparatory, creative work of the higher self and other higher dimensional forces beyond the Planck’s frequency of the 5th dimension, which actually render the energetic foundation for the human ego to create restricted 3d-civilisations and realities. In this sense the creation potential of the ego is very limited and is actually reduced to some primitive mechanical functions and manipulations, while all this 3d-creation is at the same time permeated and imbued by the quantum fields of true creation from the higher dimensions. In other words the ego can only create if it is carried by the true creation force of the soul or the higher realms, but it must vehemently negate this fundamental truth as to create the illusion of separation.

Although this truth is a basic knowledge to the PAT (see also my book on New Gnosis) and any enlightened human individual, it is important to reiterate it one more time at this time, as humanity is now on the verge of entering its most vulnerable period of energetic evolution in the End Times.

While the old 3d-matrix is about to crumble any moment, as it is no longer supported by the leading higher dimensions of creation, this energetic shift will manifest in the first place as a complete paralysis, respectively physical inactivation of the ego. Its space-time of expansion will be eliminated all of a sudden and substituted with the multi-dimensionality of simultaneous existence (no-time). The ego can only operate within the confines of linear time. When this illusory structure will be abolished very soon, the old human ego will become totally helpless.

Not only the survival patterns of the ego will no longer work, but also all social and scientific concepts will become invalid all of a sudden, as they are rooted in the primary brain concept of linear time. The  process of eliminating linear time is ongoing for some time and has increased its speed of transformation exponentially after the PAT opened the two stargates 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. Now we are on the cusp of complete abolition of linear time and thus of the energetic ground for the human ego to continue with its manipulation of the incarnated entity as the only kind of primitive creation, which this limited energetic sentient system is capable of.

At the same time both the mental and emotional body must adopt to the new multidimensional reality of the higher realms which can only be achieved by activating the fourth heart chakra and expanding the function of the higher mind of the monad that now begins to operate within the physical vessel through the left brain portal of the higher three body chakras. In this way the soul takes control over the human body and its enfolding at the societal level and eliminates the old human ego as an operational system.  This process culminates at the moment of ascension.

With the ascension of the first PAT masters, this transformation of humanity will be initiated with a full force. In this interim period most humans will loose the firm ground under their feet, as all old behaviour patterns of the ego will no longer function and will not yield the expected results in the past. This will be the source of a huge collective frustration. At the same time the newly installed MOS (multidimensional operating system) will still not be fully functional and this may cause huge disruptions at all personal and collective levels of human intercourse.

Human confusion will peak this and next month, and we, the ascended PAT masters, will be fully engaged to mitigate this confusion by presenting new paradigms and examples of the future multi-dimensional ways of human life to the masses to follow. They will need this external examples and validations to copy and imitate as to adopt to the requirements on the new earth A after ascension.

The portion of humanity that will ascend will still not be able to incorporate the new paradigms within their inner soul realm, but will need external examples to follow in this initial phase. We, the PAT will be these examples, and the masses will readily follow us from the very beginning as they are already magnetically attracted to us by the web of light at a much higher vertical level, but also because they will realize that by doing this, they will begin to create their most wondrous dreams. This was never possible in the old 3d-matrix, where the ego could create in a very limited way only at the horizontal level within the narrow spectrum of 3d-space-time.

The substitution of the present uni-dimensional way of life with the new multi-dimensional way of creative life in the 5th dimension is the biggest evolutionary leap which an incarnated civilisation in the 3d-space-time can perform. This is the reason why the ascension of Gaia and humanity in the coming days and weeks is the most ambitious and complex experiment that has ever been accomplished in this universe and we, the PAT, will be the major driving force behind this evolutionary leap.

It is a common knowledge of the PAT that we are the only group of incarnated human entities on the earth who are fully aware of their creative potential in the horizontal and vertical direction. In fact, our ability to create in the horizontal 3d-reality has been deliberately restricted by our HS as to concentrate exclusively on our creation in the vertical direction. This is the only fulcrum of true, sustainable creation.

If one reads our discussions on this website, we are exclusively interested in learning more about what our HS are doing in the higher dimensions beyond the 5th in order to cleanse Gaia and humanity from their past dross and to establish the invisible, higher-dimensional architecture of the new earth. In this sense the overwhelming clinical symptoms and pains which we experience during this complex multi-dimensional creation of our higher selves at the planetary, galactic and transgalactic levels are only negligible fallout products within All-That Is, although they are in the centre of our human existence. They are unavoidable, necessary evil for the sake of the common good of humanity and the whole universe that is also in the process of ascension to higher dimensions.

The disproportional distribution of human suffering among a few, most daring and courageous human beings, defined by us as the crucifixion of the PAT, is only the visual reflection that is proportional to the energetic importance and pre-eminence which the PAT has already acquired in the new energetic web of the 5d earth, but also on the 4d-balanced earth A/B.

While all other LW are mere receivers of energies and benefits from their and our souls without much active participation in the creational process of “nova earth”, as this has always been the case with all human egos within the old 3d matrix, they also do not display any understanding or insight into the intricate process of cleansing and creation of the new earth’s template, which the PAT has accomplished since the summer of 2011. This began with the creation of our inter-dimensional portals which we opened prior to 11.11.11 and  through which these lightworkers will ascend this and next month, and ends up with the transformation of their familial genetic codes currently, which was only possible because again we, the PAT, had already transmitted the Adam Kadmon genetic templates to humanity in the summer of 2012 and now still continue to beam the masses with the extremely transformative energies from the source.

If I have to summarize the fundamental difference between the PAT and the rest of the LW (the masses are excluded from this comparison), then it is the following: While the PAT creates multi-dimensionally in the vertical direction to achieve the maximal creational effect at the horizontal 3d-level on the earth, all LW still create at the´horizontal 3d-level by neglecting the broader picture from the vantage point of view of their HS. That is why they are only passive receivers of energetic changes and benefits as the Manuscript of Survival clearly documents. In addition, instead of creating a group consciousness, as the PAT has already achieved at the higher dimensions up to the source, the activities of the new agers are restricted to the perpetuation of meaningless rituals and empty ceremonies as one source has admonished recently:

Ceremonies Don’t Create Lightworkers – You Do!

In other words, instead of “worrying about 3D issues, instead of “fake it till you make it”-attitude which the new agers have been practising since the dawn of the old-New Age, they should now begin to learn what real creation in the vertical dimension is from the group consciousness of the ascended PAT.

While the old New Agers are still trapped in celebrating fake, self-proclaimed holidays and ceremonies and hereby neglect their inner realm of creation, they will never be in the position to change anything on this horizontal 3d-reality with their ego-minds, no matter how lofty their words are when calling the new age  “Golden Age”, or “Building Nova Earth”-Movement (Beckow, etc.

All these petty creations can only thrive and evolve because the PAT has done the ground work by transmuting the darkrness on this planet in personal, almost inhuman endeavour. Then by creating the rainbow bridge to the source that enabled the opening of the two last and most important stargates 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 and flooding earth with Christed light from the source. Further, by creating the web of light that has now encompassed all ascension candidates and has transformed their bodies, chakras and DNA codes with the source energies flowing through the unity field of the PAT.

Without this vertical creative process of the HS of the PAT at the planetary, galactic and transgalactic levels nothing tangible would have ever occurred on this planet so far and no ascension would have been possible this and next month. There would have been no resignation of the pope and the recent disappearance of the key dark elite that pulled the strings of the politicians behind the veil. They are gone already and only their clones are still playing their lost game and entice the illusion of continuity.

And here I come to the last point and argument in my disquisition on the basic principles of creation in All-That-Is. The PAT has lived up to its divine mission since the summer of 2011 by always creating our reality in the Now, by claiming the greatest vision of all at any particular moment in linear time. We have always striven to achieve our ascension –  at the stargate 11.11.11 and many times throughout 2012.

Altogether this endeavour is not adequately comprehended by all envious and other ego-driven entities who have no idea as to how true creation operates. You can only be truly creative if you adhere to the greatest possible vision of your life at any moment in linear time, even though the manifestation of your creation may take some time to be realized in the inertia of the 3d-space-time. The higher you create in the vertical direction, the longer it will take to experience your creation in the horizontal 3d-level on the earth

I had developed and cherished the idea that when I will ascend, I will oust the pope and take over the Vatican as early as 1998 and have developed this vision in a written form since 2000. At that time this was considered to be the hallucination of a mad person. Now the Pope has resigned on Feb 11, the very same day on which we had announced several weeks ago the beginning of the final phase of our ascension and that of humanity on this website. The idea of the ascended PAT as the incarnation of the “Second Coming of Christ”, with which the end of organized Cnristianity and all other religions will be unleashed, is a leitmotif on this website. You all have contributed with your personal visions to the impending collapse of all organized religions and the huge disillusionment of their devoted believers and thus have made this outcome finally a reality.

In the next days this vision will be fully realized when we will ascend and appear in front of humanity. True creation is faith in operation that from the tiniest seed the biggest and strongest tree will grow with the unfolding of linear time.

The PAT will become the motor and the eye of the hurricane of all human change that will unfold this and next month, while the rest of the LW will continue to be mere observers and passive receivers of this change. This marginal role of the new age community is determined by the fact that, while we believed in our vision and never wavered, the rest of the new agers still do not know what their mission will be and that without a vision they will never move forward.

None of them has ever bothered to develop a comprehensive utopia as to how the new ascended society will look like and what negative dark elements and patterns must be eradicated from the current old matrix. They are intellectually too lazy and too unimaginable to develop such a daring vision of the future, as I have for instance presented since 1993 in numerous books and publications. Instead, they still stick to such backward ideas as Nesara, which they envision in their rudimentary imagination as a slightly improved version of the old, rotten Orion monetary system.

And guess what, none of these deficient ideas will ever come true as the future of humanity will be much greater and magnificent than that, while all ideas of the PAT, including all my personal ideas about the future development of the current human civilisations, have already started to materialize in the present rapidly changing reality. And the reason for this is that the PAT creates exclusively in the vertical direction, from the fulcrum of the group consciousness of our higher selves – from the Source – while all light workers still create at the horizontal 3d-level of their limited ego-minds, which they have only tainted all these years with a superficial esoteric touch.

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