Joe’s Latest Message

About Solar Activity in February

Channeled by Joe Böhe on 6th Feb 2013

Translation: Björn Kurt

After a longer period of apparent calm – disrupt by smaller activities – things are about to get a little more lively. On 15th February 2013 we will witness a larger eruption which hurls its energy towards earth. Following this event will be an eruption on 18th which will extent till the 22nd February.

In both cases, human responses are expected, which affect not only the sensitive, but also ordinary people who claimed not to have ever suffered from this energy, will complain of headaches and poor concentration.

A real firework will hit the earth from 25th onwards till the end of the month.

This as a factual report, leaving aside considerations about further causes or the sun supporting the planed ascension into the 5th dimension.

I, the Divine Father, wants only tell you’re ready for anything, what’s to come in the near future for yourselves and for the earth. Everything that happens is a game and a manipulation of the energies that surround you and which you are made of. Everything is atomic, everything vibrates and is energy. This applies to every sun and every star in the universe, but also for every living being in the universe. You are One with all and all is one with you and with me, the Divine Father, who created all things….

Seize your chance within the next days and detach yourself from all that hinders your evolution and liberation in every respect. Raise above the evil forces which will engage
again after you, because in your impatience you have started to doubt your faith.
Trust me, the divine father, and my love, and your path will be fulfilled.


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