The Final PAT’s Decree of Oneness Prior to Ascension

by April Bender, February 27, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Your latest post, “My Interpretation of the Last GaiaPortal’s Messages” was FANTASTIC, SUPERBLY DONE! I was going to check in with HS for an update but decided to check the PAT site first. I am so glad I did! WOW! What a powerful and potent summation of historic PAT events as well as clarification of the latest messages from GaiaPortal, and how they very much confirm and further clarify our own understanding of what has been and what is about to transpire. Very aligning and empowering.

I did still check in with HS shortly after reading your post. She was waving me off of the typical ascension update, as you covered the majority of that with your last post, and alluded to other factors in other recent posts (Vatican, Belgium, Italy, US, etc…) Meaning, “final catalytic alignments/scenarios are being made and are manifesting now. Ascension can come at any time.”

Instead, HS was VERY emphatic that I share the following message with the PAT instead. HS felt that this was crucial information that further deepened what you just shared with the PAT in your last message concerning GaiaPortal, and would further aid us all in our remaining time here in the “old form.”

I am curious and eager as always to hear your thoughts about this. Especially about the idea of another decree. If you feel this is a bit too much, I completely understand. Honestly, it’s hard to say who was more excited or animated about your most recent post, me or HS, haha! And who knows, from what I’m feeling right now, this message could be moot by tomorrow anyway, as such are the energies right now, seemingly so right for ascension.

Much love and light,

HS Important Update/Addition:
Final Decree/Act – The Law of One/Oneness

HS: So as you read within Georgi’s latest post regarding recent GaiaPortal messages, there WAS a deeper message/indicator hidden within the already deep message for the PAT to pick up on. One that Georgi himself is aware of, and has been gently attempting to convey to you for a little while now.

This message, as Georgi has hinted, is about you the collective PAT, “being” or standing as ONE “formation” or “wave,” in singular intent. And now is the time to do just that!

Yes, you’ve done and used this action/intention before, such as when declaring your Decrees or during meditation/contemplation or dreamtime. However this time around, we’re going to ask you to deepen that intention and ultimately, your experience of it.

We in the HR (your collective HSs, in which April’s HS is speaking for) would like you to focus your very conscious, everyday waking awareness on your PAT family in the manner below. Some of the PAT have already/always been doing this and that is perfect, but now we need all of the first wave linked up together with “radio frequencies on and open/clear.”

1. THINK of your fellow PAT brothers and sisters as ALWAYS being with you – in your field, aura, the collective mind. They are such an integral part of you, and you know in ALL intents and purposes, they ARE you. You ARE ONE. ONE in AUTHORITY, ONE in WORD and DEED, ONE in singular INTENT. Allow your consciousness to connect deeply and openly with one another, your loving, shining and magnificent PAT family. Also allow your awareness to expand out to the other “ships” out there, like so many of you have been doing during dream time, to further support and encourage the other ascending ones, and to really appreciate the full breadth of your handiwork.

2. FEEL your PAT brothers and sisters deeply woven into the very fabric of your HEARTS, of your EXPERIENCE, of your FAITH. They are your SUPPORT, the new collective FOUNDATION/BLUEPRINT, they are YOU. And, YOU ARE ONE. Whether physically standing next to each other or not, in “spirit” or “quantum coherence” you are always standing powerfully next to one another. Do not underestimate the power of your ring of PAT members united. Step into it fully now, together!

3. From this point onward, when you individually SPEAK, THINK, or ACT in all daily interactions, do so by “COLLECTIVE DIVINE AUTHORITY.” You are a governing body/being/council now as Divinely Ordained and you must now BE, ACT, DECIDE and GOVERN as ONE. Do know that the PAT are fully supporting you, standing right beside you, in connection with you at all times. This is already so now! For you’ll need this constant connection with one another in order to:

Model and Initiate the Final Decree/Initiation for Humanity – The Law of One/Oneness!

Draw on the power of the PAT collective. RISE together! GOVERN together! CLEAN house and TEND the flock together! AS ONE.

This singular focus of intention is in preparation of your final transition and will also help to balance the workload.

All others ascending will soon follow suit/example. See you soon.

With the few precious moments that remain!

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