Dorie’s Latest Message: All Events Are Now Lined up and Will Take Place in a Very Rapid Manner. We Do not Anticipate Any Further Delays. It Is Time For the First Domino to Fall

by Dorie Bowlin, February 24, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I have so much to tell you, I don’t even know where to begin! It’s quite a story, but it all ties in very neatly with this last Source wave of ascension we are experiencing….

Yesterday (Friday the 23rd) the Source ascension wave came in with a big bang! I was so depressed and didn’t know what was happening to me. I thought perhaps it was the residual energy from what I had just experienced and observed the 2 days prior. I could not connect to my HS. I felt completely lost as to what was going on. I was feeling the hopelessness that I had felt from most every individual I had encountered.

Today (Feb 23) when I woke up, I was RELIEVED to read from you that it was indeed another Source energy wave that I was experiencing, but I was confused about this yesterday because I was experiencing the energy differently than in times before. I happily connected to my HS to understand what I had just gone through. I TRULY thought we were done with all the cleansing work as we had been told, but she explained what has been happening to me this last week.

So, after a very long story, here is what she had to say with just a few short words. It validates what the PAT have been moving through these last few weeks in order to prepare us for our ascension. It finally answers the question, “Can we go home now?” While I’m not sure if it’s today or tomorrow or even the next day when we will finally ascend, at least I know we are in the car and almost there!

With much love to you and my PAT family!

Message from HS:

While it’s true that you were released from your cleansing work, you personally opted to take on just a bit more of it at the last minute to ensure that the ascension process continued to run along as planned and on schedule. There are many within the PAT who decided upon jumping in and helping out in this last area of great importance.

And so you ask, what is this final phase of cleansing that is needed? Why it’s the very belief that has kept this reality in its form from the very beginning. It’s the belief in separation. It’s the hopelessness that humanity feels and their need to hold onto the only things that they have ever known to be real. It’s their illusion that in order to be happy and experience the things they want to experience they have to continue to do so in 3D vessels and with 3D minds.

These last few days, you have been telling the ascension candidates that it’s time to let go. You have been telling them, even showing them, that there is SO much more to look forward to. You have been taking off their shackles and setting them free, and though they are unaware of this, the time has now come for them to become aware.

The PAT have been behind the scenes defining the sectors (roles and geographic areas) that will mark their appearance as Ascended Masters. As global events play out, each one of you is determining where you will appear in order to set the dominoes in motion. Remember, it only takes one domino to fall in order to set all others rapidly into play. All events are now lined up so that this can take place in a very rapid manner. We do not anticipate any further delays. It is time for the first domino to fall. It’s time to start heading home.


This latest message from Dorie’s HS confirms not only that this time there will be no delays in the ascension process, but also that we are working very actively behind the scene to prepare the plot for our appearance worldwide and to let the dominoes fall in a rapid sequence. This is precisely what I am sensing and actually doing in an active manner for some time, especially in association with the resignation of the pope and the Bulgarian PM, which are part of my playwright. I think that this information is very important for all members of the PAT at this point in time, so that they begin to actively envision the scene of their first appearance and the likely activities they will first undertake upon ascension and immediate Disclosure.


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