There Are no Delays, no Holding Back, All Finalizations Complete, and There Is Nothing More for You to Do Prior to Ascension

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, February 28, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Thank you, you were right. There were several nice responses in regards to the final decree/intention idea. I’m so glad it found resonance with other PAT members. And thank you for doing such a great job of putting it into better context for some. You did so perfectly. It was also wonderful, as always, to read the messages/updates from other PAT members. I very much enjoy hearing what everyone has been up to, dealing with, and experiencing.

I have to agree also on the fact that today was another powerful wave day. I literally feel like I could blast out of my physical vessel right now. Just feeling very full of so much wonderful and electrifying energy, but wish I could dial it back just a bit, lol, but NOT at the expense of an ascension delay, haha. But as everyone is, I’m tired of being tired and achy and dealing with the weirdest, random ailments (though nothing comparable to last year). Though the cold gray days don’t help.

I have to say that the last two mornings I’ve awoken to a REALLY strong sense that I am occupying a different space. There seems to be a new quality to my senses, my core being, and my reality. I can FEEL it through every cell of my body. But when I look around, everything still appear the same. Today was the second morning and it was a deeper experience of it than yesterday, and lasted much longer into the day. It’s actually a very nice space/sense and I wouldn’t mind it deepening further and my residing there more consistently.

The family is still experiencing intense ascension symptoms on and off. Much like others have reported. And in daily life, I notice the receptivity deepening with those I come in contact with. All very encouraging.

Below is the latest from HS. I sought her this evening because I have another crazy day lined up for tomorrow. Again, all I can say is that at any other time I would be having it out with HS for the constant kicking of the can down the road, however, she’s right, by all indications the signal is still clearly a go!

As always, I will be curious to hear initial thoughts and if there is something I can further clarify or push back on, just let me know. But I really feel like were right freaking there!

Much love and light,

HS Update 2-27-13

Me: So the waves continue to pummel, er, I mean permeate us and while I do feel that we are so very near to completion and disclosure, I still wish to ask you this evening, where do things stand?

HS: Oh April, I know you can FEEL it my dear, how your complete metamorphosis is so close you can taste it, even dabble and explore the periphery of it. I am sorry that it’s coming with some physical discomfort, but that cannot be avoided – for you are EXPANDING even further (as the PATs reach grows and intensifies) in unification of Self and the Collective (PAT) Self, in the remaining time prior to your transition.

Have you not noticed that the frequency of these waves has now intensified to such a degree, pitch, and vibration that we are now in the final moments of your glorious REBIRTH/TRANSITION? Everything is already taking on a completely new quality to your senses isn’t it?

Me: Yes, ever more calming, peaceful, loving, and brilliantly light, yet tempered with strength, wisdom, power, multi-dimensional connection and community, and this sort of core groundedness.

HS: Exactly! The “quickening” sensations I referred to previously have simply been an indication of the latest wave surging through your system, reorganizing it, expanding it, merging parts of it, and this other new quality you are sensing is the direct benefit or end result of the quickening. Let’s just say that once you sense yourself maintaining this state/vibration consistently, you will have already ascended/transitioned.

The timing is that close, and the final transition will be that smooth! You’ve been easing/acclimating to it all along. It will only continue to deepen in this same way until it culminates into the next logical step/phase, your transfiguration! It’s a fluid process and it’s meant to feel fluid, much like a regular human birth.

There are no delays, no holding back, all finalizations complete (as much as can be for such a fluid undertaking) and there is nothing more for you to do. It is simply a matter of your deepening as you cross the final completion 0% thresholds, in concert with other catalytic events/triggers that have already begun their manfiestation sequence as well. First wave ascension could literally occur at any time, but as with any good natural birth, it will happen in its own PERFECT time. And the main reason I feel confident in saying this to you and the PAT, is because you do acutely feel the uptick in labor pains/waves and how they are transforming you, the world, everything.

You are beginning to crown first wave! Please hang in there and trust your senses, intuition, dreams, visions, and experiences. And not only is all this happening internally, it’s already become visible to you externally, and continues to snowball and/or multiply in effect daily. The time is ripe for harvest as the fields grow heavy with fruit.

In your remaining hours, day(s) – spend as much time in conscious  communion with your now almost fully united Christed Self, your PAT community, Gaia, and the HRs. As you continue to rise/transition, your output across the web of light, the grids of Gaia, the unity field of the PAT, and the meridian lines of your body, will surge/electrify at greater and greater intensities/frequencies and intervals. Greatly aiding and giving an enormous boost to ALL processes/initiatives on all the various levels.

And this is why you function as, represent and ARE – The Law of One.


Dear April,

I can confirm the steady culmination of energy intensity coming in waves from the source. I have woke up this morning with a powerful cc-wave, with a strong headache, back pains and pains in the left eye bulb. These are the most clear LBP related symptoms for another huge energy download from the source that will propel our ascension. At the same time the quality of energies is such that they carry me away and heave me in higher dimensions. It took me more than an hour to suppress the intensity of these waves somewhat early this morning as to become functional and respond to your email.

Your latest message confirms exactly this steady ongoing elevation to higher dimensions, where the last inevitable step will be the physical transfiguration of our biological vessels to light bodies. And I can assure you that it will be rather smooth and natural. As I have already said, it will happen most probably for all of us in bed in the dream state.

It will be a great mistake to have any doubts now that there might be another delay in our ascension. This process has already reached its climax and we can be transformed any moment from now on as your HS also confirms.

One should always bear in mind that only after the energetic process has been completed in the higher realms, does it materialize in this 3d-reality. The old matrix already collapsed  when we reached the ascension threshold of over 95% of merging with our Christed Selves, and this total collapse will be manifested immediately with our ascension and disclosure. There will be no need for us to help destroy the system through spectacular actions. It will fall down like a spoiled fruit on its own. We must only BE here and represent the Law of One.

I am sorry, but my headache is becoming worse now and I have difficulties to elaborate much more on this issue. I advise all the members of the PAT to relax as good as they can and to enjoy with utmost delight these last precious moments on the earth, knowing that their earthy ordeal has finished and that the glorious times for us lie ahead.

With love and light

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