The Clash of Mentalities on the Ascension Issue

by Georgi Stankov and Marek Prochyra, February 8, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Your reply to Anthony was excellent.

My state of mind is also exactly the same as yours. Each one word is true, it is as you’d have read my mind.

From the end of January when it started to be confirmed from different sources that the Ascension is near and real this time I was surprised that I didn’t encountered any special feeling – either positive, or negative – for having to be here for so long. I noticed only that ever-present notion of peace and calmness in me, deepened despite the bad health condition.

Few days ago I was told by some alternative healer, who distantly scanned me that further detoxification will not be efficient because I’m full of parasites. This was exactly the only one required information for me that I needed, to realize that in my personal field probably some lazy energies are still sitting and “consuming” my energies. So I told them that I’m Almighty Spark of Source and Ascended Master and I expelled them to where-ever they belong to.

Now my health is improving daily. It’s unpleasant still, but at least not un-bearable like the last two months were daily. So this also helped to deepen my calmness.

I’m still not sleeping, only 1-2 hrs per day, but as I noticed a lot of people around me have this experience. Of course, the PATers are as always leaders in any such trend.

It’s simply strange for me to ponder in the nights about the fact that this month is the last one here and that ascension will come peacefully in the night.

I hope that you’ll be spared from the cleansing waves these last remaining days of February – you’ve had already enough.


Dear Marek,

thank you for this validation on the emotional front. I am happy to hear that you have your neurodermatitis now under control, even if it is still present.

In fact I was fully engaged in this last ascension test run and had a powerful cc-wave yesterday (Feb 6) when it began, but nothing comparable to that before and around Dec 21. The reason is that now the source energies are more evenly distributed among all members of the PAT. But the combined effect of these most intensive energy pulse from the source must be tremendous, when one multiplies the effect of each PAT member, knowing that the whole effect is even bigger than the parts. This must shake the masses and prepare them very effectively for our impending ascension next week.

I personally hope to be fully released from these waves next week and to ascend, thus finally triggering the rapid ascension of the entire PAT. Once this chain reaction has commenced, there will be no stopping any more. And the surprise will be huge, not only among the slumbering masses, but among most LW, who do not seriously believe that this is possible and will happen so quickly. At least their writings on the Internet tell me that they do not expect this outcome so soon, and when it will come, they will be really shocked and this is good so.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

what surprises me all my life is how true the saying that “one will only take as much as s/he can bear” is.

I was always trying to find the reasons and triggers for different health related symptoms, but I’ve never found any – by all medical tests I was the most healthy person in my surroundings.

The symptoms were nice spread and all of them were long-lasting.

As a child I had skin problems, strong headaches, gastro-intestinal (digestive) problems. In 2009 I had 5 months lasting daily vomiting without any reason with even the most vegetarian foods. From 2009 I had regular weekend’s strong CC-waves. These waves completely stopped without any reason in October 2012 when they were replaced with repeated skin problems that last until now.

However, what surprises me the most is that the symptoms were/are never combined (in my case). It is either one of them or none.

How well orchestrated this all LBP process really is, when I take into account also coordination and spreading of personal experiences/symptoms around the whole PAT team in such a way that each member will only take as much as s/he can bear and at the same time s/he can still contribute to the whole process of Source’s energy distribution.

When I’m hearing good advices from many LWs that I need to change my thoughts because they create my reality / health I can only laugh at their simple and limited line of thinking. I don’t / didn’t have almost any negative feelings throughout my life – I was often times defending the ones who had hurt me against the reactions of others because I subconsciously knew that there has to be a reason for such a behaviour.

So how much more should I change my mind?

The shock of masses and LWs will be really huge, once we’ll demonstrate what Life was supposed to be on this earth. I’m surprised how quickly the LWs forgot about all the
ascension-related facts, be it ET life, teachings of aboriginals, energetic sites, and stopped believing in ascension process, once December came without any sign of progress.

I’m not talking anymore to my lovely wife about my ascension this month. Even though she’s a highly developed soul, she simply doesn’t believe me anymore, after I gave her few dates that were scheduled for the A-day and that were missed. Why is it so tough for common people to understand that all that exist in Universe is a process (or in a process) that has input and output parameters and next action always starts once the initial parameters met pre-determined conditions?

I see it more easier to understand and explain than for ex. a process of breathing.


Dear Marek,

the complexity and perfection of the coordination of our lives, also as biological organisms, is so perfect that any human effort to explain it and to give in a second step well-intended, “wise” advises as to how one should behave in accordance with the soul, is the most ridiculous and preposterous human effort of all, and at the same time the most evident sign of spiritual ignorance.

This is the main reason, why I am so intolerant to all kinds of esoteric advises I receive from time to time on this website. I have entered the mystery of biological regulation, as shown in volume III, deeper than any other living human being on this planet and I had to give up frustrated in front of this infinite complexity. We are not able to understand the complex regulation of a single cell with our primitive linear minds. How should we comprehend the regulation of a whole organism with trillions of cells. And then comes on top of this the further objectives of the soul, which only she knows how and why to fulfil. We are only the instrument that is pushed by the soul to make these human experiences on the earth.

However, there are some basic principles which, should one follow them, may give you a glimpse into the inner logic, into the Logos of human and all existence in All-That-Is. And this is, in a tautological manner, exactly this very logic, which only very few human beings possess and use in daily life at present.

As far as the delays in our ascension schedule are concerned and why they are a major source of disbelief for our relatives and many LW, there is a simple explanation. For them the whole ascension process behind the veil is a black box. As they cannot see it or feel it as we do through our perennial LBP waves and sufferings, they readily succumb to the most primitive attitude, namely to reiterate that ascension does not exist because there are so many delays in its planning and completion. Life will go on and on, as it has always been the case on this planet, etc., etc…

What these people however completely disregard in their faulty point of view is that this argument is based on the implicit assumption that the higher realms, or God, must be so perfect that they should not allow for such delays in the planning. Thus their naive belief in God’s perfectionism is used at the same time as an argument to reject the existence of this very God or the soul, respectively, the higher realms and their ability to ascend their incarnated personalities.

This ubiquitous vicious circle in human weird thinking is the primary source of all rejection of the ascension process by the current humanity.

This distorted idea can be expressed in numerous ways. For instance another very common argument coming from my wife, as representative of the average agnostic relative, is: “How should you ascend if nobody has ascended before you?” If I tell her that this is not true and that many human incarnations on this planet have ascended in the past, but our distorted and highly incomplete historical records have no documentation on them, then she responds with another flawed argument: “How do you know this?” and then again we end on the fringe of limited human perception and lack of any desire to expand one’s own knowledge by reading the appropriate esoteric sources on the Internet.

A third common argument I hear often from my wife is: “Why do you believe that you will ascend as the first one? Do you believe that you deserve this with respect to your character?, thus implying that I am a crook and a most despicable person. This is of course the most insidious argument of all and worth of the darkest archon on this planet. Destroy one’s personal appreciation and then manipulate him as much as you can. I do not imply that my wife is doing this consciously, as in this case she should have established a perfect strategy to demoralize me, which is definitely not the case.

But it is amazing how one is always confronted with the same pattern of weird arguments, each time one challenges the narrow-mindedness and genetically ingrained stupidity of the people with new transcendental ideas that pulverize their narrow horizon.


Dear Georgi,

nice explanation of the complexity of it all. It makes more sense to me now. To our discussion I can only add 4th flawed argument that I often hear:

“How could anyone of good will ascend to a better place / state through suffering?
Such injustice and imperfection would HR / God never allow.”

The net result of this argument: “We all ( PAT team ) are martyrs who like to talk about who suffers more, and by chance at the same time.”

Of course there’s no need to argue anymore. The better approach is to show these people next week that we always knew our truth despite their doubts.


Dear Marek,

the reason why most people do not understand our sufferings for the higher cause of ascension of Gaia and humanity is because we live in a hedonistic society. which was deliberately instigated by the former PTB in the current End Times as to dumb down humanity and attract the masses more avidly to the material world and their physical bodies. The whole entertainment branch, beginning with Hollywood and ending with modern techno music is dedicated to this deplorable end.

In ancient Greek, this human tendency of attachment to the material world was widely recognized as very disastrous for the human spirit and was rejected by all schools of philosophy. Both, the Epicureans and the Stoics, favoured instead the neutral state of mind and emotions, which they described with the special term “Ataraxia“, which means “imperturbability“. Now we, the PAT, have reached this final state of mind and psyche, which also includes our stoic attitude towards the pains and suffering during the most intensive phases of the LBP.

Therefore, an external observer must interpret the discussions about our sufferings during the LBP and the heavy cleansing of human dross on this website as spiritual masochism from an external, hedonistic point of view due to the simple fact that none of these people has ever gone through such inhuman blasts of source energies, for which normal human bodes are not constructed. Our LBP experiences are definitely beyond normal human experience and apprehension, which evolve within a very narrow energetic spectrum and limited awareness, be they mental or somatic (corporeal). And this conclusion is entirely valid, not only for our relatives, but also for the vast majority of the light workers.


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