More on the Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov and Debra Casagrande, February 8, 2013

Hi George

How are you holding up? Are you still feeling better, like you said on Sunday, the first time your energies had normalized since Dec 21?

I actually have something of importance to contribute to the archives today. Sun-Mon I dreamt of you. And like I mentioned earlier, I have not been recalling any of my dreams the past few weeks). Only today do I realize what the dream means, although it´s still hard for me to put into words. 

There was a clear quartz crystal, in the shape of a rectangle and suspended in black space at the heart of the Kabbalistic tree of life. So I am thinking YOU are the center here. I was downloaded this crystal, and although I couldn´t take all the aspects of the download, I took 3 parts or symptoms and this was shown to me much like on a multiple choice test. I felt insecure that I couldn´t take all the attributes from the crystal. You were there. When I asked you about it, you mocked my meditation style (Buddhist style). Instead you showed me how to prostrate myself (much like Muslims do at prayer). I understood that only really by martyring yourself, giving up everything to this mission the way you have, were you able to take on so much of this energy and be the nexus of it.

Well today I´ve been hit by the wave that everyone is on about. At first it does seem to come on a bit like a virus, with my lymph nodes all swollen. But then the headache came and this is unlike any one I´ve experienced before, gripping my whole head in a vice. The other usual symptoms that have since kicked in: ravenous hunger, flu-like body aches, profuse mucous expulsion, burning skin on the thighs. I have had them before, but the head-ache is the clincher.

So together with my dream of being connected to the source through you, and this amplification of cleansing symptoms, I also think you must be on your way to being relieved of your arduous position as other PATsters share more of the burden. I don´t mean the ones who have been dealing with them severely for many years, but more like my type, who have them here and there and not too debilitating.

Also to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the Obama articles. Well done!  It´s interesting to see the lines intersecting now.

Many blessings, I am going to eat again now and then pass out for a while. How are things with your daughter in Wien?

xx Love Debra.

Dear Debra,

this is a very interesting dream indeed. I can only confirm that I meet with so many people in my dreams and, I either give them advises how to ascend or change their thought patterns in an active way, that I wake up each morning fully exhausted. While my waves have lost their pernicious character from the past, yesterday the cc-wave you have also described was very heavy and powerful and knocked me down as most of you. But this time the physical damage is not that much pronounced and I can recover much more quickly.

What you have experienced is the classical cc-wave initiating the ascension test run. This wave cycle has already commenced yesterday and I suppose that it will peak on Monday and then stay at a high plateau throughout the next week. I hope strongly that I will ascend at some point in time next week and then take the most prepared and aged members of the PAT with me.

We have now entered the most exciting period in our lives and this time everything points to our imminent ascension. The two preconditions for this event are already met:

1) The entire PAT is connected to the source as you have personally dreamt and

2) The ascending masses are now ready as April’s HS has just confirmed and as the mainstream media are beginning to indicate with their significant leap in critical articles, which were unthinkable only a week ago, before we accomplished the successful dress rehearsal for the beginning of the real ascension process.

Today I had a clear vision from my HS that all my articles discussing the crimes of Obama are a vital component of the ascension scenario and carefully planned at the HR. I felt this first in October and then again in November and December when I started with my series of critical articles against Obama and now one more time with a much greater clarity.

The  objective is though the same. When I ascend, I will immediately oust Obama from the White House with the help of these and further revelations. As he is considered now to be the most powerful man in the world, all other satraps will fall like dominoes without my direct intervention soon thereafter. This must happen very quickly – my HS tells me that this must take place in the course of this month as to prepare the people for mass ascension around equinox.

We can  no longer wait as the energies are peaking now and we must “monetize” them in tangible political and social reforms within a very short period of time. This is the main reason why we will ascend very soon and show in front of humanity and take over their leadership. It is obvious that none of the dumbed down New Agers have the qualification to do this as long as they dwell in their physical vessels and their minds are functioning in such an insufficient way. And none of them can ascend before we have ascended.

This scenario has always been my favourite, even before the beginning of my effort as the captain of the PAT, notwithstanding the fact that I also supported a quick ID split and the detonation of the PAT supernova last summer, as I wanted to accelerate our ascension process. But when it became evident that the masses are not ready for ascension, it was clear to me again that my initial ascension scenario was the only optimal alternative under these dire circumstances. It satisfies me more as we will now see the real changes on the ground and will be their major catalyst and architects at the same time. This is more rewarding from a human point of view.

With love and light

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