The Sobering Reality of My Astral Encounters

by Bernice Romain, January 9, 2012

Dear George & PAT,

Hope you are better. I keep trying to write this message. Since 5/1/13. I get so far, I stop, delete. Then I attempt to write again. So here goes. I’ll try to keep it short.

On the night of 4/1/13 I was in higher 4D, where I’m no longer surprised to see many a  HS that is not that bothered to wake up their instrument (human) or, even that being a  HS, they have ever had a duty to do so. Then there are the sycophantic representatives from the council of worlds. Having encountered this SHIT before – I have sojourned many times now in the HR’s – at the discretion of source – because a creature creator can get more work done on ascension in the HR’s by ‘going in’, than by leaving it to the HS to do it alone. Most of them have no clue where to start – yes they are like sheep that can play a mean game of chess.

The reason I’m writing is to tell you what happened this visit: Me being pissed off, but not surprised with what is the current state of affairs – Ascension wise – yes there were  loads of waves – high upgraded frequencies pouring in, you’d have to be dead not to sense them, ha ha ( these channeller’s really know how to wring it out) But Post 21/12/12  our Earth & species in reality; still Stuck here.

For me 21/12/12 arrived and I was changing a flat tyre on a motorway for my 2 sons. My emergency call came at 22.22 pm (which has always been the number sequence that feature in my life and signalled protection) My relief was that my sons were fine. Beautiful experiences, of ascension like going through the firewall, uniting with my tf, my lives review, for me; had already happened before 21/12/ 2012 and so by 17/09/12  the ID split began (personally) for me.

Plain and simple, I did not connect with you or the PAT between end March 2012 and up until you wrote your post on the great deception. At the discretion of I AM, I began visiting the HR’s – directed from source. I call it “going in” because that’s what is. I just jump through a vortex and I’m there, wherever source wants me to be. I don’t know if one can describe this as working in multi-dimensions, but I prefer to keep it simple and not dwell too much on 3d perceptions

I began to realise that what I witnessed in the HR’s was way off what others were talking about in 3d. There was always neglect on the part of the HS – they too are graduating and most of them quite frankly are under-achieved. I’m not talking about beyond higher 4d, but solely what concerned/concerns our energetic status and ascension as a planet & species.

Source has sent me to the HR’s many visits, as required. So far I’ve been used to transport HSs on my ASCENSION TRAIN (I created the train in  9.11 just after you opened your site)  to H4D containment, the first train left on 10.10.12 at 22.22 pm and transport continued for about a week, during which many more of ripened HSs arrived over this sequence. Source told me in 2011 they would come and they did. I was surprised, because I’d almost forgotten I’d created it!

I’ve been used to argue on human’s behalf, the former and current status of ascension; with the council of worlds, I was used to make ‘noise’ – in my case bells – create a rumpus – stir things up – throw out the HC – higher council -, which were nothing but a renegade bunch of galactic infiltrators, who enjoyed experimenting & extracting knowledge on what is human consciousness and the connection of emotion – love – between our species – I’ve seen quarantined HSs and experiments on such. If it wasn’t for I AM being that good at connecting with me, I would not have gotten out of quarantine myself.

These so called councils are fuckers and once exposed to source and  benevolent galactic’s, they are banished and in containment. We are out of bounds now. Yes I have seen a lot and it was not all pretty. I did not work alone, but status is not important beyond this shit whole 3d, and there is no jolly old boys club members.

However when I’ve been there, with Source protection and united as  I AM & instrument, still a human vessel in 3d, but with source consciousness, anything/everything is possible; SO THERE IS HOPE, but there is also truth.

On 4/1/13 I was surprised to be in higher 4D. It’s not a place I would genuinely decide to be, but so I was. As source requests (I was on the BRIG and it was for a meeting). The types I’ve seen here before, from the council of worlds; well  I’m not impressed, and the many HSs, one can see on looking out to the extended 4d chamber; can be described or compared to a pole dancing inter-dimensional space lounge bar! Fucking tragic that is.
I am not the only one that is here on mission, I sense others. Telepathic communication only. I see a valued cosmic partner, another of the silenced PAT.

And there you are too with many more of PAT. A cosmic collaboration working together AS PURE ONE

Tired of the lack of order in the H4D, we connect with source and tell it like it is. There are those at the meeting prepared to let ‘this run its course’; no surprise there. However that’s not going to happen and we are given assurances from source, to deal with it as we see fit. We are charged to be THE reveal with the force. As masters we do not sit and wait for the H4D in the HRs to create the new. We are beyond them now. ‘Go in’ = action = reaction = creation’.

It is decided that we will not continue as before. ‘All bets are off’. We have to take matters on at our level, we are aware that source gives us (as a  creature creator – and I AM  & Instrument united) the signal and we are more than able to – no more lies – from HSs in the space lounge bar.

We sit together in a circle-on the BRIG. In the centre of us there is a white crystal dome. We all unite to place a hand on the crystal and join together to press for detonation. The power-energy is from Source. The detonation begins. I felt some still wanted to wait, but I wanted to push it. Once we had pushed, we all knew this is what source wants – has been waiting for – For All Of Us to step up – be creative together – take charge, united-to  take us back – away from the many HSs into the hands of the few that  are creature & creator as one.

We decided then to ascend smaller, more manageable groups out of 3d, of those that are ready (Approximate numbers of 45- 50). AND THIS IS THE REASON WHY I DECIDED ON WRITING THIS TO YOU AND THE PAT. BECAUSE WE WERE AT THIS MEETING TOGETHER: WE DECIDED TO WORK WITH SMALLER GROUPS. I believe I’ve read you had seen it had been decided.

I had a blissful day on 5/1/13 knowing that behind what is seen & felt with eyes and within the limits of a 3d vessel with only a 5 sense perception ,is the greatest power ever known; that is always working its magic. As everything we achieve above the veil, is revealed & achieved telepathically, words cannot do justice to what is beyond. I would love a probe into my brain/memory bank, so that I can download onto a screen of that meeting; only that will suffice.

Also the timing, dates, of the detonation meeting, the reveal of H4D deception, the decision to ascend manageable size groups, all connects and is therefore more confirmation for the PAT. I don’t know if you will choose to publish this. As directed by Source, I just cannot contain this info any longer.

Much love

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