Reflections on My Discourse with Charlotte

by Georgi Stankov, January 4, 2012

The discourse with Charlotte “On Jesus Myth, LBP Ascension Technology and Radical Earth’s Changes” prompted me to ponder one more time on the necessity of massive earth’s and societal changes this year. There is no doubt that they will occur and on a  grander scale than most visionaries could imagine in their worst or most daring dreams.

But the point that I want to discuss at this place is whether we need these changes for our ascension or not. In other words, is there a necessity for a causal link between our ascension as first wave and the inevitable big changes of human civilisation and the earth’s crust or are these two major lines of evolution in the End Time independent of each other?

The more I thought about this topic, the more I came to the conclusion that the causal relationship between our ascension and the impending big changes is a very loose one and its causality can be reversed according to the needs of the higher realms. As we all know, everything happens in the Now and the linear time schedule of their appearance in the old holographic model on the earth can be reversed, depending on the ad hoc considerations of the higher realms.

The fact that nothing tangible has happened yet – no revolutions, no ousting of the ruling cabal, no financial crash and economic collapse, no global enlightenment of the masses – does this all speak against our imminent ascension or in favour of it? This is the key question for the PAT to resolve.

I came to the conclusion that the current stalemate or superficial stasis is the most convincing proof that our ascension is imminent and that it is actually necessary to have this artificial stillness at the societal level that entices the illusory hope among the masses that this Orion model will go on indefinitely. At the same time the dramatic changes within the inner soul dimension of all incarnated entities are running with full force and prepare the psycho-mental ground for their rapid transformation.

This approach is not new. We all have gone through the same inner soul dynamics when we were opened for the transcendental dimensions and turn our back on this 3d-reality. There was a silent period of preparation, which in my case lasted several years before the actual switch came all of a sudden, overnight, so to say.

Now we are exactly in this same period with respect to the masses. Actually the inner, clandestine, peaceful transformation of humanity is taking place since 1997 when it was decided that there will be a mass ascension in the current End Times and that the earth will not be destroyed.

Of course the higher realms and we as incarnated souls had to deal all the time with the two principal scenarios – revolution and dramatic changes of the old Orion society out of inner insight by the masses or unapparent transformation of their minds, DNA, and psyche, while blocking any effort of the dark side to promote mayhem and havoc in order to establish the NWO.

In the last message from Sue, the Arcturians confirmed what I have known all the time – the years between 1997 and 2005 were the most dark period in the history of humanity since the Fall of Atlantis. And I have lived in the middle of the Cold war, geographically and as a former dissident and political emigre, and find that the 70s and early 80s were no less dark and sinister.

During this time humanity and Gaia were on the verge of complete enslavement and even physical annihilation by the ravaging wars behind the veil between the Orion empire, the former PTB, and the Forces of light. We all have participated in these wars at the soul level as the most brave warriors in the whole universe. But it is cogent that one could hardly stage a revolution under such precarious conditions.

In this sense Jerry is right when he observes that in the 60s it was much easier to start a revolution in the Western world when the people were much more rebellious and the clandestine efforts of the elite to establish the NWO were not advanced to such an extent as to trap the masses in the social complexity and the numerous, invisible economic shackles, which they began to introduce at the legislative level in the early 80s when the computer technology was first introduced on a broad scale and the big brother assumed his global spying and control function over the masses.

It is always important to keep the historical perspective in mind as to comprehend the current events, or lack of such.

From a human point of view it was rather disappointing that we did not see any dramatic changes at the societal level which would have been the logical materialisation of an enhanced spiritual awareness of the masses.

Instead we are observing in the last years an even more stubborn clinging of the people to the old crumbling Orion matrix, which has no longer the energetic support of the leading higher dimensions, where this holographic model is created and kept alive.

The reason for this is the surge of the deep-seated survival fears of the masses in the course of their clandestine psycho-mental transformation. The current excessive digging of the masses in old, ineffective habits is only the dialectical aspect of the disintegration of the Orion matrix and not its consolidation as some superficial observers may believe.

But its destiny is sealed and it is prudent not to be negatively impacted by the lack of any social progress and consider this as a stasis.  Beneath this social camouflage the powerful streams of cosmic energy are penetrating all life and transforming it beyond recognition. And we the PAT have been the main motor of this transformation all the time.

Therefore it is short sighted to lament about the absence of any social change at this moment and consider this instead as the most valid indication that all changes can and will only commence with the PAT, as it has always been the case in the past.

One only needs to read what we have performed, achieved and discussed in the course of this last year to realize that we are the spearhead of all human progress and that it will stay so as there is no other viable force in the whole universe that could assume this function. This planet is still a planet of free will and the incarnated souls on the ground are the ones that determine the pace of evolution – for the good and for the bad.

I have personally come to the conclusion that, notwithstanding the many setbacks due to the slumbering of the masses that could not wake up in due time and ascend with us, nothing has changed in the preeminent role of the PAT as the key driving force of all transformation on this planet. Actually with every setback due to the inability of the higher realms and the GF to mobilize their masses of incarnated souls the importance of the PAT has energetically increased.

This trend will stipulate in the coming days and weeks as all energetic processes follow an inner logic, where creation sprouts from a centre of radiating energy and expands outwards. And the biggest centre of creation on the earth is now the PAT with its unity field and its clear intent and knowledge of its mission. All other light workers are at present still unaware of their mission as one can read on their websites and this precludes their active and conscious participation in the creation of the new earth as is the case with all PAT members.  We are inextricably linked with all grids and energetic webs throughout the whole universe and it will stay so in all eternity AS WE ARE THE SOURCE.

The only hindrance we have to overcome now is our impatience, and I know what I am talking about as I am the most impatient person I have ever met. It has been my heroic effort in this incarnation to overcome this natural human fear and I have proved than I can patiently wait if necessary. Since 1995 I am waiting for the global introduction and popularisation of the New theory of the Universal Law and I have never lost hope that I will be ultimately successful, as this is the will of the Source and I am merely its conduit on the ground.

But this impatience is well founded in our perennial pains and suffering during our prolonged LBP and our incessant, exhausting cleansing activities on behalf of humanity. Also because of our inhuman efforts to raise the frequencies of Gaia and humanity and perform one ascension test run after the other as to help them liberate from the old Orion matrix and enjoy the bliss of the 5th dimension. And this aspect must be imminently taken into consideration and resolved by our HS and the Source. That is why I believe that we must ascend very soon and trigger all subsequent dramatic changes we have discussed so much during the last year.


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