Personal Opinions -January 9, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Dear George,

Although, I have been experiencing different successive gradations in energy downloads since December 23rd, each characterized by different sensations and aspects of the cleansing and transformative process, the last couple of days have been extremely intense and painful for me. I observed the energy shifting from the physical level to the emotional level and back to the physical again. Different triggers, some of them connected to the current mass consciousness of the planet and others more personal dealing with past, present and possible future selves were being addressed by this powerful energy and being cleansed and released through tears of acknowledgement as well as a great deal of sleep.

I have experienced burning mouth syndrome and a dry, sore throat for the last 3 years. I have also experienced severe neuritis in both of my feet for the last 5 years. The download of energy created pain beyond what I could tolerate with no let-up for a couple of days in my feet and mouth and throat. My gallbladder/liver were affected and were in pain; I experienced severe esophageal spasms. My hands and feet were burning hot and shaking from the energy download. My legs were experiencing spasms; my heart was palpitating; the energy coming through my crown center was creating dizziness and nausea. I felt as if my face and body were being dismantled. I envisioned my body exploding into little pieces and moving out into space and there was nothing left of what I had identified as me in a physical body. I slept a great deal during these past few days; it was the only release I had from the physical pain and the quivering that my body was going through. There was no part of my body that was left untouched.

I am grateful that I am alone and do not have to deal with other people or be out in the business world as I had been for many years. I don’t care to be around other people any more, unless they are enlightened and I haven’t found anyone of that level of awareness in my surroundings except for you, George, and the members of the PAT.

I continue to focus on the continued Ascension Process for myself and the other members of the PAT. My faith will not waiver, regardless of how difficult and challenging it can be at times. Ascension is occurring in increments. I can feel it and I can observe it.   I am grateful to you, George, and this website, and the gifted contributions of the various members of the PAT. It has given me strength and support when I have needed it the most.

Love & Light,

Dear Patrice,

your email reads like a panopticum of all LBP related symptoms in their severest form. I am sorry to hear that you are hit so hard by these waves and we have every right to be disgusted by our HS that allow this ongoing tortures, although we have only been disappointed in the last months and years with their false promises.

But it is also true that with every effort on our part we are one step nearer to our ascension and liberation from the shackles of this physical reality. Our problem is that the more we progress with our vibrations, the more acutely we realize in what a toxic planet we have incarnated as we are no longer subjugated to the usual lies and deceptions and see the earth for what it is – a real hell. Hence our growing desire to leave this reality as soon as possible.

With love and light

Dear George,

I can only confirm that utter exasperation and both physical and psychological exhaustion reached another peak yesterday and that this has been reoccurring and building up for weeks, with some days of relieve, outwardly triggered by my slowly healing ruptured ankle ligaments, while being very hard pressed for practical help despite my clear expression: “I’m getting really tired here, I can feel every joint and muscle for shifting my weight all the time while trying to get basic chores done, end of the rope!” They don’t hear it.

So, maybe I found the reason now why I had that unfortunate foot accident. Maybe this was more meant for simply a personal imbuing, review and releasing of any trust in the reliability of others than a PAT task – is there a difference, what’s mine, what’s others’s??.  I don’t know anymore, but I do know that I’m hanging on by a thread here, once more.  Today is another day, pulling myself up by the bootstraps. Just let it be over now soon, one way or the other, for the first time I have fully understood the word TOXIC.  Not brilliantly expressed, I’m sure you catch my drift though.  Hang in there yourself!

With Love and Light,

Dear George,

Today I read your update with amazement at the depth of purest soul energy download, reverberating still, this cathartic experience.  And yet today, you are able to come back to your editing and give a brilliant assessment of the moment.

Yesterday I was helpless, but physically so. My body lost so much water upon arising  I flat lined mentally, remaining covered up and disinterested in life until bedtime when I craved even more rest. The intensity ran entirely through the digestive system not missing one organ ending with a burning sore throat and head pains. I often remain straddled between worlds during sleep time, not really sleeping but meditating myself back into another place.

Last night in my dream I met with PAT members who were happy and became increasingly happier. The enlivened gathering took on qualities of ever brighter colors and vivid energies before I awoke. Today I am feeling much better.

Given the intensity of this cleanse and the great need for mass ascension your assessment makes sense. It matches my own experiences. There is a stillness at large today that is incongruent with the business as usual habits of people. People behave as usual but seem different, somehow removed in their interactions, somehow stiller at their core. The energy in them feels removed and I haven’t sorted this out yet. It could suggest the quiet before the wake up for those remaining on balanced A/B.

I have always personally envisioned visits to balanced planet A/B as optional, that is, only if we wish. We have plenty of work to do in other realms to help this situation. Over a week ago I stopped visiting any LW websites. Before doing so, I read CA’s January message observing no discussion of Earth A. I made note that the future of A/B is THE big topic. It’s spooky observing nothing mentioned in current channelings about the ascension of Gaia and first wave ascension candidates to earth A. It makes sense that these readings are for the masses staying behind to awaken more slowly…

In Light & Love,

Dear George,

I had realized that when you didn’t publish any new articles or posts on the PAT website for 2 days (it was one day actually, George), instantly knew that you were going through more energetic pressurizing bombardments, so I was not surprised when you published your energetic update.

I must say that I feel guilty at times since I do not go through many of the physical pains that many a PAT member have had to endure for such long periods. This must be because I am a crystalline child with an advanced crystalline body (although not at all a light body), so even if I receive the same energetic waves my body is able to cope with them very easily. I must also be one of the youngest PAT members since I am only 16 years old. My spiritual, emotional pain such as that of disappointment have substituted adequately.

I still though receive my daily ” heatwaves” during the night and it has become very problematic for me to sleep without having to constantly use a fan or take drink early in the morning due to the extreme heat that I feel personally. It might be that it is summer here in South Africa, so the temperatures are naturally hot during this season, but I do not for as long as I can remember, experiencing the heat in such a way.

The recent message from Gaiaportal and the numerous excellent posts written by you and as the innate knowledge from PAT members as well as HR rapidly increasing the velocity of the ascension process surely points to our ascension extremely soon. It is even very possible that we could ascend this week considering all energetic alignments and all other factors you have repeatedly mentioned.

I have faith this time that the higher realms can’t delay the process any further as we are still in the optimal energetic and time frame, as you have mentioned before, to ascend. If any PAT members gets a smudging of doubt in their heads due to the lack of outright physical 3-d signs, there remains one sign that this is all true and that is the changing direction of the sun, which fully sets in the south these days.

From what I gather Gaiaportal must be a source created by the higher realms/ dimensions/ source as it still remains the most accurate source outside from our website. I have yet to see any real inaccurate messages from this source.

Lets all hope that this time we can truly ascend and finally become our flawless, endless, limitless selves again and leave this God forsaken planet forever.

Love and Light

Dear Arthur,

the only thing that keeps us alive is our hope in our ascension. Therefore it is the highest wisdom to continue to be optimistic and you are doing the right thing.

With love and light

Hi George

Thank you for sharing your experience over the last few days and I can confirm that they have been very challenging for me also.

The night before last I slept only to wake up very tired. Last night I hardly slept at all. Both times awakening with a stronger feeling of source energy and the usual high pitch (ringing) about the ears before getting up and moving around which makes it less perceivable although constantly there.

The days have been very challenging emotionally and mentally to the point where if I had an option of escape, I would have taken it. I had given up on humanity even though there was no one event to trigger this response. I stated a few times that they did not deserve to be saved! This expression is in contradiction with my deep seated reason for being here and the tension between the poles was immense.

I don’t know if I was clearing my own shit or that of others and doesn’t make any difference anymore. I want to see change and I have been looking. Simple as that. Any change is good. I see some, but only some and is not enough.

I have noticed no chemtrail activity in my area for a record duration. This may indicate a slow ID shift also? I would like to know if anyone else has noticed their absence in other parts of the world otherwise my observation is isolated and not representative of the situation. I have also noticed a surprising positive change in an unlikely family member who has had a rapid transformation of lifestyle which would reflect his inner transformation. The rest of my extended family I do not recognise anymore unfortunately as the divide keeps widening.

I was glad you posted the request of assistance for Anita and Jerry and I was very glad to read than her situation has improved after a collaborated PAT healing effort. I don’t have any experience in healing although I did feel a change or shift of the energy quality after I had intended, stated, requested and offered decisively. If we the PAT can’t effect change down here then no one can, so there could only be one outcome or why be here at all.

I hope today is a better day for all.

Warm regards

Dear Alex,

thank you for your validation of our recent experiences with the cleansing energy waves on behalf of humanity. This is the reason why you are pissed off with humanity as you know that it is the main cause for your dis-ease. I share your attitude fully.

In Europe we have still massive chemtrail activities – in Germany and also in North Italy as reported by Alberto in Turin. Therefore it is difficult to make general conclusions on this issue.

With  love and light

Hello George,

Below is my latest information detailing my test run experience today. I am in full agreement with your latest information, as always.

This afternoon after being triggered by the usual feeling of ascension-related fatigue, I meditated for a little while then lied down to rest on the couch. In the half-awake/half-asleep state I always enter into during test runs, I drifted inside and out of consciousness as I swore I heard children talking in my house.

Every time I’d sit up and look, I couldn’t physically see anyone with my eyes, but I could perceive them through ESP. Two children came up on the couch and laid next to me as I rested. Their energy was so warm and blissful, it was heavenly, and there were others playing joyously around the house.

After I was done resting, I did a divination session to retrieve more information about this experience, and here is what I was told:

“You saw with your own eyes your New Earth, and you yearn to go there for good, but you must wait as we not only take you there, and nail the entities causing all the trouble—handling this tastefully for everyone is not easy.

You not only saw children, but your New Earth energetically, and your test run was the greatest one yet. You will be in your new home as soon as you and your never ending allies take another test run Friday.”

While I have no doubt that we will perform another test run on Friday, I cannot say for sure if this will be our homecoming or just another step. Either way, I can say for sure from my own experiences that we are making great progress, and it is inevitable that the final conclusion will occur some time in the near future.

With love and light,

Dear Skyler,

I fully concur with your assessment that we are now doing some final purging of remnants of dark energies. This is always the case before a major ascension test run is planned. It could be on Friday as we have a steady build up in the last days and it is unlikely that the HR will do nothing out of it. All signs point to a general mobilisation of all powers for mass ascension of Gaia.


Dear Georgi,

I wrote a note from you site on Sunday and the site refused to accept it.

Basically what I reported is that last Wednesday and Thursday nights were fitful, sweaty and I maybe got 8 hours of sleep over the two nights. Friday night I came down with bone-frigid chills. I took some herbs and homeopathics and I broke a sweat at 1:00am.   I thought I had pushed whatever out and was good to go to a retreat 2 hours away.the next morning.

I felt great in the morning and late morning I had something to eat which was met with explosive release.  It went on for 24 hours.  When I got to the computer on Sunday night, the whole Jerry and Anita unfolding made sense to me.  I had wanted to cry over the weekend for no reason.  However when I realized what had been going on it explained things to me  Jerry has been very important to me this year and I am so grateful to hear that things are looking better for Anita.

I am glad to read your post today as yesterday and today I am barely able to slog through the day. A couple of times I have just wanted to break into crying as I go from room to room treating my patients.  It is not that I am in excruciating pain, its that everything seems so hard.

In love and light,

Hi George,

I haven’t finished reading your energy update as yet but just felt to instantly concur that we also had a horrendous wave yesterday. Very depressed emotions etc. etc… was still there when woke up today, but from about 11am-12 noon it cleared up then at around 12.30pm I felt so completely the opposite… a real inner positivity about nothing in particular, just a very good place. Still is sticking around which is nice… but energy is still playing with me big time…bowels – extreme energy coursing through body up into the head… along with all my usual symptoms that don’t shift (as you are well aware!).

I also concur strong blissful feelings on the night of the 2nd Jan and extreme discomfort (headache like I’ve never ever know, extreme lethargy, energy sensations) on the 20th/21st Dec (just as it was turning to the 21st in Australia).

I know it shouldn’t but it still amazes me gloriously when these synchronicities arise… funny, it surprises me more when there are the great depressive dips, probably because they feel so personal.

Best wishes

PS: I often forget 99% of what I go through on these synchronistic dates hence I so often fail to inform you… but I just remembered that I also was feeling strong energies on the 23rd Dec… increase in all the symptoms I constantly have.

Hi George,

I just want to say hi to you (my last email was eight months ago). I am in the same boat as you. I just want to let you know that your last Energy Update was excellent.

“If you have fallen in full despair yesterday and have had a glimpse imbued with dread into the abyss of the most utter existential void.”

That is exactly what I was yesterday, but I don’t think I can put it at words as you did. Unbelievable how far heaven is pushing, I was so mad at my guides and higher self that I wish they have a body and make them feel what they are forcing me to do, I felt nauseated about humanity. Anyway, today I feel a little better, I hope you too.

Thank you, thank you sending you love and light.
Maria (Trini)

Dear Maria,

it is indeed a terrible ordeal which our guides and HS send us regularly. Even water boarding of the US-dark secret services pales in front of this kind of soul-ar experiences when we are grilled by solar fires.

With love and light

Dear George,

I have just read your latest post and I have been waiting for this confirmation from you. This energy surge was a gradual build up from Friday already, where I started feeling the pressure in my head. Sunday night no sleep with burning up and indeed, yesterday it peaked. I was down all day feeling feverish with a terrible headache. I could not focus my eyes I could not even think and I slept for most of the day. I have not had it this bad for a long time. This morning the headache was better and by the afternoon I could get some stuff done. I does feel if it is winding down.

Love and Light


Sunday through today has been hell. I was in a abyss of depression to the point of insanity. I was even too depressed to cry.

Every shred of my self esteem has been stripped from me. Mentally I did not think I could take another hour. My physical body was shaking, nausea, diarrhea, head ached, dizziness, my body is burning up and confusion. What is going on I can’t do this anymore?


Dear Georgi,

Thank you for posting an energetic update for today as it helps explain what I and my brother went through yesterday (1/7).  I awoke yesterday feeling very heavy and disoriented. There was a constant pressure inside my head that did not let up, my entire body felt heavy and sluggish, my mental capacity was next to nil, I was in a mental fog the entire day/night – I could not comprehend what I was reading or doing and on top of it all my stomach was very upset with severe digestive problems.  In fact I have been dealing with digestive problems since last Friday night (1/4) and the stuff coming out of my body was repulsive, resembling mud, dirt and tar.

My brother had called me yesterday morning saying that he too did not feel well, starting with the same type of symptoms I was having. And of course with us being 1,500 miles apart, knew we could not be suffering from some kind of cold/flu. All weekend, he had a very strong urge to re-read our family journal beginning in Dec 2010. He saw that our family went through a period of awakening to the reality of multi-dimensionality and the idea of ascension. Then after finding the PAT website, we started getting energetic downloads and messages. Based upon what we experienced he believes our consciousness has ascended to 4D and now into 5D, while our physical bodies are still in 3D. It is like we are spread out from 3D to 5D and beyond.

For him, starting on the Jan 6th, he felt completely drained and then developed a bad headache from his temples to the back of his head. Later that night, he had severe digestive problems as if cleansing and mentally in a fog of despair. Yesterday, he felt the same but trying to seek clarity in understanding what we are going through and knowing that this is for real and not us making it up.

We both had read about Jerry & Anita on Sunday and immediately began sending healing waves of energy and light their way. When we were both struck down yesterday, and in trying to figure out what exactly was going on, we thought perhaps we were clearing negative energy/dross away from Jerry & Anita, which was fine with us as we are happy to help them in any way we can.  We do hope they are doing better.

However, today I feel the complete opposite. The mental fog has lifted, my body feels lighter and my stomach has eased up on me, at least for now. My brother also reports that he too is feeling much better compared to the past few days.

I never really felt anything on Jan 2/3 during the last ascension test run, but prior to that on Dec. 27th I had the strangest thing happen.  It started off with the feeling that gravity was against me.  I would take a step or two and would fall to one side like my equilibrium was off or the room was tilting back and forth. Then as I was sitting at my desk all of a sudden everything around me began pulsing – like the objects in front of me began coming towards me then backing away, at the same time I felt this pulsing in my head and my ears became full/plugged. Then it stopped as suddenly as it came. After that my vision became crystal clear. Everything I saw was more vivid and crisp. My enhanced vision lasted through the night. Also later that night I again experienced the off-balance and was stumbling through the house followed by severe dizziness.

The next morning I received a call from my Dad stating he had a time anomaly happen to him that morning. He had woken up and the clock in his room read 9:17 so he got up thinking he had over slept and had to test his blood sugar, report it to his doctor and take his insulin shot. After doing all this, which probably took 20 minutes, he went back to his room and the clock read 8:20. He checked the rest of the clocks in the house and they too read 8:20 How could that have been? He had thought perhaps he read the time wrong when he initially woke up, however, when he read the read-out on his monitor for testing his blood sugar it read 9:20. We still haven’t figured out what exactly happened.

Sorry for rambling on but I wanted to give you an energetic update on what has been happening to my family these past few weeks.

With love and light,

Dearest Georgi,

I am confirming the latest energetic hit here in Colorado starting Sunday afternoon, general people’s behavior is very dissociated, borderline schizophrenic. I am experiencing  gastrointestinal symptoms, maybe starting to separate first 3 chakras as result of latest wave? Unable to distinguish which way is up at this point. A little unsettling.

Blessings, Marco.

Dear George,

This is just to confirm about yesterday, Jan 7th, as being one of the most brutal days to date. I thought Dec 17th and 21st were bad, but nothing compared to this. I thought of you and was going to E-mail last night, but my mind and body felt as if they were in a blender. Its a good thing I didn’t as it would of just been a very long rant! My teeth were even hurting and throbbing. I thought death would be a relief from all of this.

I know how you feel, so if you’re not up to answering this that’s fine. Am doing everything I can for Jerry and Anita. As for Miss Clinton, when I looked at the pictures the first thing that came to my mind was ” how many times a day does this woman change clothes!”


Dear Georgi,

first I wish you an easy stay of what remains for you in this toxic reality. Regarding how I feel from the so much talked 12-12-12 to today I can honestly say that 12-12 was a very ordinary day for me like the much awaited 21-12. However the real roller coaster for me began with the new year. Particularly the night from 3rd to 4th Jan was very challenging. I could not sleep till 5 in the morning, my body was burning like a torch and vibrating like it was connected to main voltage. All this time I was in a state ‘between’, I was between sleeping and waking state, very difficult to describe.

Quite for some time I had a kind of downloading sense, in my mind’s eye I saw extremely fast moving pictures, so it was impossible to see what they represent, it was like playing a film with 100 times speed. It was very exhausting, so after it finally stopped I slept for just two and half hours, but it was one of the deepest sleeping I ever had. Despite I only slept for so short I felt completely rested.

However all the days from 4th till today are pretty tough, I need a lot of sleeping and feel like I can not get enough of it. Many times I need to nap during the day which is not my usual practice. There is also nearly constant pressure in my head that sometimes morphs into a real headache. Talking about left shoulder pains, left eye pain, back pain and pains in all muscles and neck are something that I am used to during all this years from early 90s but these days they are somewhat more present and debilitating.

However there are also good things happening, I find more people beginning to awaken, a high number of people began to become kind, they smile and greet other people and I see a spontaneity in this because they do it like children. A lot of zombiness is behind us, at least this is my impression.

Love and light,

Dear Rudi,

thank you very much for your personal energy account that also confirms the energy surge in the last days. It is a promising fact that more people are beginning to awaken. I have very few contacts with external persons and cannot confirm this trend, but probably the Germans are more deeply asleep than the rest of humanity.

With love and light

Dear George,

Since I had been extremely challenged by my physical condition like many other PAT members (I am now on my 38 weeks of pregnancy along with the nasty CC waves) I have not been able to read to the PAT forum regularly. Never did I had imagined that I would have to deliver baby in such a condition very soon. Last night I was hit very hard and was out of place with the pain and extortion.

Like you said George, we hope it ends soon. My prayers for Jerry and Anita.

Love and Light,
Rosha And Kiran

Dear Rosha,

I am terribly sorry to hear that you must suffer so much under the LBP related symptoms while you are still pregnant. This is indeed inhuman and I have no idea what our HS are really thinking when they allow such tortures. I am though confident that both events will go well – the birth of your child and your ascension, most probably in close proximity.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

I can only concur with you, that yesterday was one of the worst days in a long time. It was physical and mental hell. There were innumerous thoughts of the most negative vibration clouding the mind, combined with so much anger and exhaustion. One could only try to sleep.

Then I had the most remarkable dream in a long time. I watched the sky, as suddenly the entire atmosphere began to shift. Sounds were emitted, the inner eye saw something similar to a firework, but not describable in 3d terms. Ufos were scurrying through the sky. A loud inner voice said over and over again:”Es ist so weit. Es geht endlich los” (It is coming. It has commenced.) The excitement went sky high. Closing the peak: I awoke! How frustrating…

I talked to my girlfriend who sleeps beneath the roof-window. She pointed out to me that the sky above Erfurt (East Germany) was blood-red and a UFO had hovered just in sight outside the window, flying some kind of geometrical pattern and phasing out afterwards.

I fell asleep again and the second dream was of a plane full of people who were exited to go “somewhere”. Suddenly, objects appeared in the sky causing system failure in the sky, forcing the plane to perform an emergency landing. We (PAT?) had to land in London sliding into an underpass. I don’t know if one needs a lot of fantasy to figure out, what those 2 dreams were saying…

Anyway, is anybody else experiencing the same pressure and pain in the lungs since the end of last year?


Dear Erik,

thank you for your energy update and for sharing your two dreams. I like your first dream very much, the second less so, but it might have been a processing of our last experiences when all ascension test runs failed due to the GF who plays with their UFOs, but do not do a decent work on the ground to awaken their incarnated personalities.

There are indeed many PAT members who suffer from lung problems, including myself. These high frequency energies affect the lungs and the mucosa of the alveoli in the first place.

With love and light

Dearest Dr. Georgi,

I have not been able to do anything these past days as I, too have been riding this wild test run and cleansing yet again. These are different than those of the past. I am going with the flow of it and am so thankful to hear from you that we are still all in this together. It is truly a feeling of being everywhere and nowhere! My physical body is beyond any control, so I am just focusing on our goals. I feel we are very close now too.

I had stopped reading all the LW hogwash quite some time ago. I felt sorry for those lost sheeple, but now I just feel nothing. They are all so selfishly blind. I do follow Gaia portal and Aisha North. But, you and the PAT are the ONLY true source. I am always telepathically sending support and meditating for ALL of the PAT and all whom we are so feverishly trying to assist.

Eternal love and gratitude to you and my PAT,

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