Why the PAT Will Ascend As First Group in February

by Georgi Stankov and Rick Masterson, January 30, 2013

Gaia Portal has put out yet another message and that and some other sources seem to be pointing to that same timeframe as you have indicated.


“Major energetic shifts are to be expected through the date of 2-13-2013. Although actual calendar dates are not significant to us, the numerological aspects of the 2-13-2013 are significant. Acceleration on a grand scale (increased volume and intensity) of the “rectification” [prior post] are to be expected.

Alignment with this acceleration up-shifts those intending for up-step to Higher Dimensional Gaia. “Sleepers” are to be left temporarily on 3D Earth, yet with upgraded OS [Eireport note: presumably, meaning “Operating System(s)”]. Ascension of those remaining on 3D Earth will occur more rapidly in current cosmic cycle than the prior one.

“Up-shift to Higher Dimensional Gaia” intenders will up-shift as individual fields are cleared of expectations.

“Intend for the Light, and your Path is Bright…”

You know George, you and PAT members talk about how ready the masses are for ascended masters and how there can still be surprise. Even if ascended masters didn’t show themselves, the 4D masses will be surprised by the disappearance of the cabal. I see so many light workers focused so much on what in actuality will unfold in the continued 3D.

I have kept an eye on such myself, but in a way that is like keeping my thumb on the pulse, to judge awakening, but I think some light workers won’t know what to do with themselves when they don’t have articles on current events to hunt down, so they can repost them. I know they also don’t seem to be able to embrace the concept that things can and will change suddenly. They are still waiting for people in government to “switch sides” kind of thing, still not even knowing that everyone is creating their own future destination and that work is done inwardly and yes, as things stand now, things can and will shift quickly.

There will be surprises all around.


Dear Rick,

the last message of Gaiaportal is indeed a fantastic confirmation of the time schedule of ascension as announced and discussed by myself and other members of the PAT on our website. Never before have I witnessed such a massive validation of our forecasts concerning our impending ascension and later on of the masses. The last channeled message of my friend Joe in German language also confirms our ascension in February.

In this context you have addressed a key and very painful issue regarding the present-day deficiencies of the LW community: Who will lead the masses to new horizons when the ruling cabal will disappear and humanity will still depend on new, daring leaders to show them how to establish the new enlightened society?

This key question is the proverbial elephant in the room about which nobody wants to talk now, except for myself. As you have closely followed my articles in the last two years, you must know that I have regularly addressed the spiritual, professional, moral, ethical, and above all, intellectual deficiencies of the New Agers that prevent them to become the deserved leaders of the new humanity. This fallacy of the New Age movement has actually caused the perennial delays in the ascension scenario at the expense of the PAT.

But as it is always in life, the deficiencies of the others are our advantages, not in terms of comparison or domination, as was the case in the past, but in terms of promoting the current ascension scenario ,which we all have favoured and worked for, to the best possible cosmic standards. The main argument on behalf of the early ascension of myself and some other members of the PAT in February, before mass ascension will take place in March, thus taking over the leadership of humanity, was precisely that the present-day light workers do not have the abilities and the personal stature to fill in the gap when the ruling dark cabal leave their positions of power and firmly establish a worldwide accepted competent leadership. This small community can only do their limited educational and enlightenment job under our auspices as ascended masters.

This is precisely what they have until now declined to do due to their still hypertrophied human egos and a profound, for me unexplainable, self-induced intellectual imbecility. Also their moral and ethical standards are very low, as I only recently had to experience with respect to a certain LW Radio host, who shamelessly plagiarized my information on the Russian (Medvedev) Disclosure. I sent him my articles on this issue and he then published the information under his name, without even making a link or a reference to my original articles, as if this has been entirely his own information. I will not mention any names now as I am tired of exposing these debased human beings who designate themselves as “light workers”, talking all the time of love and light, but at the same time still behaving in the old, dark Orion manner.

In this sense, I completely agree with you that the current New Agers are notorious plagiarisers as they have no personal ideas whatsoever and can only steal the ideas of others and then sell them as their own as to appease their still huge spiritual egomania to be accepted by the masses as renowned gurus. It is cogent that with such deficient human beings no new earth can be built.

Hence the necessity of the PAT to ascend in advance and appear as omnipotentomnipresent and omniscient multi-dimensional creator gods in front of humanity and take firmly the leadership. It cannot be allowed that humanity will evolve along the same debased lines of personal human fallacies as in the past. We do not have the time for such dubious experiments, and this is not the divine plan for this toxic planet in the current End Times.

This will definitely not be the case on earth A, where the ascended human beings will be closely coached by numerous angelic and other forces of light to adopt to the new multidimensional reality of full honesty and transparency. On the balanced earth A/B, which will still be a material world, we will take decisively the leadership in an overt and hidden manner by introducing new technologies and leading the masses to implement the new spiritual ideas of the PAT and, in the first place, of the new theory of the Universal Law in sciences, natural and social, gnosis, philosophy and human transcendence.

But for now the main reason why we will ascend first in February is precisely because humanity badly needs a new leadership and the New Age movement has badly failed in this respect. This diagnosis which I made years ago in an eloquent manner in my books and articles has been vehemently rejected by all LW who are unable of any critical self-assessment. They now behave in the same way as the dark Orion cabal or the masses. As they cannot reject any of my conclusions and analysis as to how poor their performance as star seeds has been, they explicitly do everything possible to neglect my articles and reject their publication and propagation, while at the same time they are more than ready to publish the greatest crap on their websites as can be ubiquitously read on the Internet. Their international motto is: “Imbecile LW be united!”

In other words, you cannot establish a new, flourishing whore house with the old whores. You need new, younger harlots. This is the reason why the new leaders of humanity will not be the old, failed indigo generation, but the new crystalline children who will be following in our foot steps. when we will return to the source.

With love and light


As I read what you wrote here, I thought of my answer and this bit here that you said leads into it nicely, “LW who are unable of any critical self-assessment”.

First, in fairness, I learned or was reminded of a lot over the years from many light workers.  In many cases I’ve been very grateful that they were there for me and for whoever else needed just the information they had delivered at the right time.

But they have not pushed themselves, so I honestly do not know how they can expect to assist others to greater heights. This reminds of the line “If you’re one step ahead you’re a genius.  If you’re two steps ahead you’re a crackpot.”  Little do they know that it’s the “crackpots” who are the true pioneers and trail blazers.  

A few things I have observed.  

First, many LWs have improved their lives somewhat from where it was before and have perhaps knocked out some healing. Things are better than they used to be, so they think they are done.  Part of this I’m sure is because they looked at the even more dumbed down masses and see they are ahead of them. So what. It’d be like an athlete only pushing themselves as much as their opponent can push them. It’s doesn’t matter if you‘re first, middle or last, you always push to greater heights.

LWs most certainly have seemed to forget how much influence the energetic level has and how to not just talk the talk, but actually walk it. To put their energy in the direction of that which they want to create always, in everything they do. This is really not a part-time job. You live and breathe this to the best of your ability in every given moment, finding ever more refined ways of walking that talk. I recently read some LW blog where they went on about “not giving your authority away to anyone” then one of these yelling it the loudest took offense to something that wasn’t even aimed at them in any way. They had no clue that they had just given their authority away. There were some significant things explained to them, that judging by what they’d said earlier, they needed explained to them, but I sincerely doubt they absorbed any of the learning opportunity presented to them since they got all tripped up with taking offense to something.

Also if LWs have gotten to a point where they can teach someone something, they mistakenly think they themselves are done learning. I’ve had many a teacher that I could teach quite a lot to but danged if they’d listen. I’ve attempted myself to provide more refined wisdom to LWs. I frankly would rather work with people who know nothing or next to nothing. At least they might actually listen. If you attempt to assist light workers at achieving greater heights, then they act like you are there to figure something out for yourself and use that as an excuse to write it off concerning their own further growth and healing. Makes you wonder why you even bother. Any attempts only reaches the choir, those who already understand what it is you’re saying.  

And many must be lacking much of a connection with their higher selves if they can’t seem to catch on to following guidance to what they can do next to further their own process and the planetary ascension process along. I’ve been guided to so much over the years, and I find it quickly, whether it be a book, website, person, whatever, I don’t have to wade through very much b.s. at all because I’ve paid attention and followed the guidance. I know which parts to take and which to throw away. And when to move on. Many LWs have plateaued and set up camp at some higher level than the general populace and, like you say, don’t have an honest critical self-assessment to know that they are just as “stuck” as those they deem beneath them.  

Yes, they have certainly let their light work get caught up in tired, old 3D traps. No doubt.

Regardless of how it happens – if by an external show to them, which in many cases, I think would be even more detrimental than all the burden we’ve taken from them so far, as it would just reinforce their “seeing is believing” attitude which, in 3D had only ever gotten them more of the same – or, if from continued intense inner pressure. And regardless of how long that takes, weeks, years, a lifetime or several, they most assuredly need to learn that THEY ARE NOT DONE. And yes, it was completely laughable that many thought we were in 5D. Wow. If nothing else, it demonstrates how limited their imaginations are if they think that, collectively, we have already taken this evolutionary leap.

We all know how the light loves to push out the dark. I will be curious to see how things will be for LWs and more general people both over these next couple weeks as they have to actually get down to doing their own inner work in earnest, with no training wheels. Yes, we’ve routed an awful lot of light to them, most especially in the last couple years, but now the Earth herself has her grid fully on line and her own portals fully activated and the higher level energies are streaming in. The universal ascension has been in process already and is happening top / down and we’re the last to go. Can you hear the great sucking sound from the vacating of prior 5D and above levels from their previous locations as they have already moved up and how that will want to suck up the humans ofEarth to 4D and 5D (and beyond)?  Vortex indeed.  Hoover would love to patent this one. 


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