On Jesus Myth, LBP Ascension Technology and Radical Earth’s Changes

by Charlotte Smith and Georgi Stankov, January 4

Hi George,

I’m so happy to see that you are feeling better. Of course you are right, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of negativity being poured out against these rosy channelers whose prognostications have failed.

Personally, I feel that the only events that can truly end the stranglehold that the dark have over the control of this world will be massive earth changes that bring about the collapse of governments or global disclosure of Extra Terrestrial life. If does not appear to be within the purvey of mankind to come together as one and end the rule of the cabal that rules over this world by reason of their warmongering, fear mongering and  their  “pharmakeus”.

Nor can we hitch our wagon to their numerology game where they manipulated time to maximize the effect of misleading the light worker’s hearts and expectations and siphoning off the energy of their massive disappointment.

If anything, the past couple of years of have taught us that none of the prognostications of “victory” and “world changing events overturning the current governmental structures” have all failed. While the fierce behind the scenes battles continue to spill out here and there, and  there are glimpses of changes coming in with the leaders of the dark cabal clearly seeing their last days on this earth, the people languish waiting for relief.  However, clearly the dark cabal is on the ropes.

I will say this. From the bottom of my soul and every corpuscle of my being I know that if a drastic change does not manifest soon, the earth changes and disclosure will be the game changer and it will be far bigger than any one individual.

The best that we all can do now is to stay vigilant and double our efforts to expose and rid our planet of the vermin that have been feeding off us and NEVER give in to the illusions of the dark Cabal.

Its all cyclical and gradual.  It is all continuing to happen before our eyes.  No, we have not ascended to the 5th dimension. IT is a fraud for those channelers who promote that idea.

George, I don’t have the knowledge base that you have so forgive me if this is a stupid question.  But, since it appears that the Roman Catholic Church has “created” so many myths in the Bible, and since it appears that the Sumerian Text throw much of the Old Testament and the “chosen people” claim into question, are there other ancient text that speak specifically to the physical changes present AFTER Ascension occurs?  Wouldn’t this be the same state of being that the Messiah was in AFTER he ascended and then reappeared to others? (unless of course that part of the story was also a “myth” created by the Roman Catholic Church, and where are those 18 million copies of the Pope’s book explaining why they lied?)  Shouldn’t we have a list of measurable changes that we can examine to prove whether or not ascension has occurred?  If the rosy statements of ascension are true, where are the demonstrated manifestations of telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation?

Just wanted to get your thoughts and to say hello.  I don’t have the opportunity to communicate on my work days.  But I so enjoy reading your site when I am able.

Peace and love to you and all of your loved ones,



Dear Charlotte,

thank you for your extensive comments on the current situation with which I fully agree.

Now to your question. I have pondered a lot over the Jesus myth and its ascension story as I knew since the mid 90s that I will also ascend. First of all, Jesus Christ has never existed physically, but is an artificial composite (Christian fraud) of two and even more historical personalities. The most prominent is Apollonius of Tyana, about whom we have had extensive discussions in the past on this website. I cannot tell you if he has ascended and has later on appeared in his light gestalt to his pupils and other people.

But I have asked my HS on this issue and what I have received as an information is that this kind of ascension we are talking about in the current End Times through a prolonged LBP has not existed as a light technology at that time. In this case the ascension of Apollonius, had it taken place, must have been through death experience as historically reported and a subsequent ascension of his excarnated soul to higher dimensions.

We are the first entities in the whole universe that have experimented with this LBP technology and have implemented it in such a dense and toxic 3d-holographic model. And we have ascended much higher than it was initially planned and this is our greatest achievement so far as individual souls and incarnated human beings. We cannot repeat this most important fact often enough.

This presupposes the integration of all negative dark energy patterns we have cleansed so far with the most pure, high frequency energies from the Source in one individual body field. Our personal energy fields are now full extensions of  All-That-Is throughout all dimensions – from the lowest to the Source (12th dimension). Therefore our achievement is incommensurable to anything else and probably the greatest mastership  a single soul has ever managed under such unfavourable conditions in this universe.

With love and light

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