Where are the Internet Trolls? Did the ID Split Occur on January 2-3?

by Georgi Stankov and Dorie Bowlin, January 5, 2012

Dear Dorie,

this is a trifle, but rather curious. Until Dec 31 I received each day between 12-15 nasty emails from Internet trolls, in the last days increasingly in German language. I announced officially that they had stopped writing me out of frustration because they cannot achieve anything in order to tease them, but in reality they kept sending me emails each day till the end of 2012. Now for four days in a row I have not received a single email from an Internet troll. They have stopped abruptly since Jan 1. 

What I am pondering is if this is due to the fact they were paid only for 2012 or if there is a kind of ID split that has separated these people from us and they can no longer send emails to us. This is also a possibility and I was made aware by my HS to consider this outcome. In this case am I  correct to assume that we are now in a kind of an invisible, creeping ID split between the two timelines since Jan 1? I don’t know. What is your take on this matter?

With love and light

Hello Georgi!

This is most interesting! An invisible, creeping timeline split! I have also been curious about the same thing! While it’s certainly apparent that nothing has changed here in 3d, it is obvious that we are continuing to increase OUR vibrational frequency into the higher energies with each ascension test run. In this case, I think it would most definitely make sense that these COWARDICE Internet trolls can no longer see us. I suppose it could be possible that they were only paid until the end of December, and perhaps the forces that are behind this harassment have decided to give it a rest because December 21st came and went, but if they’re intention was to thwart our mission, and they are reading our postings, then they KNOW that they have not succeeded in doing so, and the harassment would still be ongoing. My intuition Georgi, is telling me that we just do not register on their radar! How I feel and interpret it, is just like Brian the Dragon described in his latest channeled message!

While it’s apparent that nothing has really changed in 3d, what is apparent is the harmonious energy that I still find myself in. When I connect with HS, I still get no information, no new direction or scenario, just an overwhelming feeling that our ascension process is taking place even if what we are seeing in 3d is still very motionless. This was absolutely apparent when so many of the PAT confirmed that they too experienced the symptoms of an ascension test run on January 2nd and 3rd.

With each passing day I feel more and more disconnected from this reality and increasingly more intolerant (if that’s possible) of the fear programs that are still playing out within humanity, but what is also interesting is that I am just ready to let them go – I no longer feel compelled to awaken them, save them, inspire them, or even feel sorry for them. I feel as if the line has been drawn in the sand, there’s no more choosing, no more fence straddling, no more ANYTHING.

So in my humble opinion, I DO feel that even if my HS is not telling me anything or showing me anything, there has been an invisible creeping timeline shift, especially after this last ascension test run! And I feel that Source is fully in charge and continuing to push the detonation button a little bit at a time, until we all get home.

Much love to you Georgi! Thanks for asking! I love PONDERING!


Dear Dorie,

thank you for this description of the current energetic situation. I feel it exactly the same way, especially the harmonious waves that carry me away from this reality, in which I no longer participate.

Let us assume for the moment that the Internet trolls were paid to bother me/us till Dec 21, but why then they continued with the same pace till Dec 31 and then stopped all of a sudden. Probably they were paid only for the year 2012. But this does not make much sense as the process is continuing with the same intensity as before and their secret services must know this. They can’t be so complacent and stupid as to believe that the danger is over now, while it is exactly the other way round. They have never been in a greater danger than now. Hence we can as well assume that the ID split has commenced and the two timelines are now disconnected.

This night I dreamt for instance all the time about all kinds of collapses – the financial crash of the stock exchange, which I had to predict with my special chart method, economic collapses, numerous personal tragedies, and it was all very realistic. Last night I met for the X-time again with Merkel and she told me that her hidden bosses have urged her to demise, although she is leading in the polls now.This all points to imminent changes – I can’t interpret my dreams otherwise and I also feel all the time that they are coming one way or the other. My only guess is that we will ascend before that or simultaneously and actually trigger them. Interesting times!

With love and light

Dear Dorie,

after I answered your email early this morning, I took a shower, where I get the best ideas from my HS. I must admit that since Dec 23 I had the compelling feeling that the correct information about what is happening energetically after this date is in front of my eyes and yet I simply could not perceive it. This intuition made me rather uneasy, but then all of a sudden, under the shower I got it like a lightning.

And here it is: As I wrote, on Dec 23 the PAT reached almost 98% of the necessary energy threshold for mass ascension, but the process ultimately could not be completed. Since then we observe a typical crescendo pattern of continuously increasing intensities and pure frequencies from the source. This trend has been discussed by myself and confirmed by you and many other PAT members. This means that we are still working on the ascension of Gaia and humanity, but the detonation of the PAT supernova now takes place in an incremental manner. This alternative was suggested as early as September by your HS when we failed to ascend in that month. We were told that in this case I will be the first to ascend and will help the others to ascend shortly thereafter.

Now we have the same ascension pattern as discussed in September. When we reached the suboptimal level of ascension on Dec 23, the Source did not simply cancelled ascension and installed the stasis as it was reported by all  channels. Instead the detonation of the PAT, which is the driving force behind the whole ascension process continued to be fueled from the source. Anything else, such as an energetic pause would have meant a huge waste of energy and this is not what the Source does according to the law of energy optimization.

This would say that the detonation of the PAT supernova is still ongoing in an incremental manner at this very moment as you have also told me to have received as a vision in these last days.

Then came the extremely powerful ascension test run on January 2-3 as reported by myself and confirmed by many PAT members. In this case it was actually not another failed ascension test run, but the triggering of the final ID split of the two timelines A and A/B, respectively A. Initially this spilt was scheduled to happen on Dec 31 if  we had been successful in ascending Gaia to the 5th dimension on Dec 21, but now it was postponed two-three days.

This fact explains why I do not receive any nasty emails full of unmotivated hatred from the paid Internet trolls since the beginning of this year. On January 1 the Internet trolls might have still reached us on the timeline A/B from their timeline B, but who bothers to write such ridiculous and senseless emails on the first of January after celebrating New Eve? On January 2, some of the Internet trolls may have tried to write such emails, but the ID split had already commenced in full force and since January 3 it has been fully implemented.

Now let me elaborate a little bit on the current ascension scenario as I saw it under the shower. We all register in the last days that the energies have become much more harmonious, although they are still at such a high plateau that they prohibit any decent life in this reality as many PAT members report. There is an unanimous consensus among us on this new condition, even though the last ascension test run caused another peak in the LBP related symptoms in some of the PAT members.

What does this energetic diagnosis tell us? Please observe that the best information about the current ascension process we can only gain when we scrupulously analyse what is happening in our personal energetic fields, while disregarding all external verbal information from  the trash channels, except GaiaPortal, which is rather succinct and void of any manipulation of medium and readers. This source reports on Jan 3 as follows:

“Vortices on and within Gaia meld to become a UNITY Galaxy-Gate. Individual vortices/portals lose their “distinction” as separate entities. This correlates with 100th monkey level of Hue-manity being attained as of the 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 window.

Hue-manity rejoices in this Unity.”

We learn that our individual vortices and portals, for which we were responsible and had to keep open as gate keepers have now merged into the “unity galaxy gate”. This would say that we no longer are needed on the ground as Gate openers and gate keepers to help the masses ascend in an active manner. Now this process has assumed its normalcy and automaticity within the galactic web of light. The ascension process of Gaia and humanity is now fully embedded in the source energies after our last ascension test run. That is why we experienced this ascension test run as only being for the PAT and not for the masses.

This fact also explains why we have experienced a significant relaxation and relief from the nasty cleansing waves in the past when we were the main carriers and conduits of these energies from the source on the earth and had to pay a heavy price with our compromised health.

The date of our last ascension test run was not chosen at random, but followed another important threshold that was reached the previous day on January 1 as confirmed by Gaiaportal again:

“Seminal frequencies planted last year have been activated and empowered. These Higher frequencies could only be activated post 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 period, and post 12-31-12. Today’s 1-1-13 at 11:13 provided ideal gateway for activation, Gaia planet-wide.

Those experiencing pulsations in body and heart chakra are resonating with identical pulsations occurring Gaia planet-wide.

There is no precedent for this, and many will depart 3D as a result

Many will depart as a result” and this departure through ascension will begin with the PAT. Others will depart from the 3d reality due to huge catastrophes. In fact we can no longer exclude that this catastrophic scenario has already commenced or will very soon commence on the timeline B, but we, the people on the current timeline of earth A/B, no longer participate in these catastrophic timeline and subsequently cannot know what happens there. We must wait till our ascension and the acquisition of full awareness before we will know more about what is happening on earth B, but without being personally involved in it any more.

Hence I personally believe that we have entered fully the timeline of the balanced earth A/B since our successful ascension test run on January 2-3 that sealed the ID split incrementally. This new timeline will be characterized by different velocities in individual ascension. The PAT will ascend first as its members are the most advanced incarnated human beings on the planet and have raised their frequencies during the prolonged and extremely intensive LBP well beyond the new 5d-earth A, actually to the 10th-12th dimensions and some directly to the source. That is why none of the messages we read in these days refer to our group as we are outside of the collective ascension pattern that is discussed by such sources for the rest of the light worker community and with respect to the still slumbering masses of potential ascension candidates.

However Gaia has still not fully ascended to the 5th dimension and need our help to do this. She is not there yet and this has been confirmed by all messages that I have read after Dec 21. She had to stay in the 3d-dimension longer than planned. She had to postpone her planned ascension on Dec 21 as most of the humans were not ready to follow her and enter the 5th dimension on that date.

Therefore the exact date of our ascension is still linked to the ascension of Gaia and its merging with the already existing 5d-blueprint of the cities of light. During this first wave of ascension we may take a small number of advanced ascension candidates with us, but their number is no longer relevant for our ascension. The reason for this is that the timeline A/B is now firmly established and will not participate in the catastrophes accompanying the magnetic pole reversal and the deluge that will affect only the catastrophic earth B, which we have de facto separated since January 3. This does not exclude however some small and medium scale natural disasters and the collapse of the Orion matrix that will lead to numerous hardships for many humans on this timeline, before the human civilisation will be fully restructured and new technologies can be implemented. This may take some time, even years.

But the ascension of Gaia through our ascension cannot be postponed much longer. This is the proverbial elephant in the room, about which nobody talks now. The people should not be scared now by the events that will follow the impending ascension of Gaia  as they have to concentrate on their visions towards ascension and the coming of the New Age and charge them with their positive emotional energies as we did during the numerous ascension test runs during the last two years, 2011 and 2012. This is the mechanism of ascension as implemented by the higher realms, even at the expense of numerous lies and deceptions, and this knowledge should be the red thread for any explanation of the current situation.

With love and light

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