The Entire PAT is Very Close to Being Fully Linked at the Nexus Point to Source. Georgi’s and Other PAT Members’ Ascension is Imminent.

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, January 20, 2 013

Dear April,

I want to share some of my insights into the convoluted energetic situation behind the veil in these last days. Most of them were gathered in the dream state and some of them as visions at day time.

Since several nights I dream of huge and rather confused discussions in the HR about various ascension protocols that should be implemented on the earth in the coming days. This situation is visualized in my dreams in the following abstract and concrete manner at the same time. 

I was the CEO of a CRO (Clinical Research Organisation) as the one I used to have in the 90s, which conducts clinical trials to such protocols. Now I had to take over the old protocols from another CRO, which failed with the conduct of their clinical study and to modify and improve the protocol as to save this clinical trial. The situation was very confused as the other representatives from the CRO, with whom I had to work, did not know the facts or I was not informed by them as it should be.

I assume you realize which HR parties are meant by this chaotic and unyielding dream situation, in which I have been in  the last several nights. The clinical protocols for study research symbolize the protocols for ascension that are now discussed by the various soul parties in the HR. Clinical research is indeed a very messy affair as you deal with many people at the same time, who make mistakes on all possible levels and you have to be very cautious and anticipate in advance all potential blunders that could be made according to the Murphy law (when something may go wrong, it usually goes wrong). I know this very well, as I have been the head of many clinical studies and have tapped into such disgusting situations.

Now this past professional experience serves in my dreams as a marker and a symbol for what is ongoing in the higher dimensions, while weighing, gauging and discussing all the possible scenarios and alternative pathways with regard to our impending ascension. There is no doubt that we are in the last throes of this preparation and that these are the final dress rehearsals.

Then I dreamt two nights ago in a blissful exception to these messy and tiring dreams that I am instructed by my HS that I will ascend and what my mission description is when I appear as an ascended master in front of humanity. This dream was very rewarding and I have published about it in a previous report.

Tonight I had the classical recurrent, impertinent repetition of a dream. It was rather a complex message, consisting of two basic, related pieces of information. The first one was that I was working in a medical department on a higher floor/ level . There was also a lower medical department at the ground floor that was doing basic clinical research. The doctors from this department investigated all the patients that participated in the study and collected the whole clinical data in German language. Then these protocols (case report books) were sent to me at the higher department and I had the obligation to translate them in English and thus made them accessible to the whole humanity. The idea behind this decision was that only 100 million people speak German, while there are about 3 billion people who speak and/or use English as a mother or first foreign language.

The overall feeling in this dream was that this time the final decision has been made as to how to proceed with the clinical research (understand ascension process), and that I have now my hands firmly on the steering wheel and am in control of all the imponderables of this messy process. In other words there is a clear distribution of responsibilities and a precise streamlining of priorities and authorities. This dream stands symbolically for the final solution of the ongoing mess in the HR with respect to the impending ascension scenario since the failed two ascension test runs around Dec 21. This was the first piece of the information.

The second piece of information was that between January 21 and January 28 (next week) big changes will take place and for this reason it was necessary for me to translate all these study protocols from German into English and make them available to the whole world. The period Jan 21-28 came over and over again in my dream with such a penetration that it must be a very important information.

In fact I asked before going to bed to get finally the information when the ascension scenario will really commence and this is what I got. This information did not come at random, but was asked my myself in a very compelling manner before that.  When I receive this kind of dream with a recurrent, repetitive information, it is always associated with important fixed decisions at the HR that I must know and consider at day time.

Now I hope that I have not confused you with this presentation of my dreams and information, but this is what I also sense all day long – namely that we are involved in the final, very intensive and somewhat messy discussions in the HR as to how to play out the final scenario of ascension. Unfortunately I still have no information what will happen  exactly next week, but never before have I received such a precise timetable. My interpretation is that first ascension may not occur next week but that the energetic foundation for it will be finalized.

Can you use this information to ask your HS for further explanations what is in the box? You told me that you wanted to connect this weekend with your HS.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Wow, talk about a series of intense and prophetic dreams! You are right in that the symbolism expressed is very powerful and I too am feeling a rapid lifting/shifting momentum to the energies, that is magnetizing a lot of new experiences/openings to me, as well as people. And in ways I would never have guessed or thought I’d feel comfortable with.

Below is my check in with HS. I thought it went pretty well considering it’s been a longtime, and I was able to take much comfort and solace in HS’s words. I did get some info about next week and our ascensions, though not a lot of helpful detail. Perhaps I can try for more details later tonight or tomorrow.

Curious as always to hear your impressions.
Much love and light,


HS Check In 1-20-13

HS: Dear April, I am so very glad that you have decided to connect, it’s been far too long my dear and I know that life has really thrown you some severe curve balls lately. But I hope that by now you are beginning to realize the singular importance of such catalysts, as the positive outcomes of such tragic events start to gain visibility for you.

And to be clear, all of the PAT are experiencing potent catalysts, in differing ways/ scenarios right now, also in order to lead them to very similar positive outcomes and elevation within the public eye.

Me: Actually yes, these catalysts are leading to interesting outcomes, and that’s why I wanted to connect with you. So much has been stirred up for me. Things I thought I had released long ago. But now I find, I am truly being freed from. It’s been difficult, because with my brother’s passing I’ve found that I’ve been able to bury and let go of everything in the past associated with our tragic family life. And yet it’s scary, because my sense of self is no longer defined by those childhood experiences, or my childhood/past at all for that matter. I feel I no longer have anything to associate my identity within this 3D realm. It’s so freeing, exhilarating, and yet at the same time, so very scary. Who am I now? And why am I now seemingly being heard and receiving so much attention, when in the past, not so much?

HS: As I mentioned to you before, you’ve all crossed over into a new space – a new time. The energies, while intense and stirring up a lot of old energy/trials for final release, mostly to do with releasing any sense of self identity in the 3D realms, is also in full support of you and the ascension energies of the PAT.

Let me explain. The web of light is being stimulated and pulled ever tighter around those you’ve previously woven in. A high degree of magnetization is taking place, drawing these souls closer to you, connecting you, opening them, as each one of you connects to the nexus point with Source. Unfortunately, due to the nature of your unique role and that of the PAT, these energies and the corresponding magnetization causes YOU and YOUR LIFE experiences to be the powerful catalytic experience and/or trigger in THEIR lives/consciousness. Therefore for many of the PAT, YOUR LIFE, YOUR STRUGGLES, YOUR EXAMPLE, and what you have done since, become THEIR LIVING DIVINE EXAMPLE. And also explains your feelings of crucifixion. Because of all the energy and clearing work you have done in preparation for mass ascension, the masses are now fully open to learning by parable and/or story more than ever. Frankly, they are just plain open now to everything, in a way that is unprecedented, all because of you, the PAT.

Now, as many of you are finishing up your final release in identity and/or completing your final crucifixions, these experiences are acting as the FINAL catalysts/impetus for your rise in visibility, for matters of the heart, of unity and survival. These issues/themes are becoming paramount in the hearts and minds of the masses. So the masses are finding resonance, compassion, and empathy in the sharing of your experiences, your stories, with them. They now WANT to connect on matters of the heart as they are tired and not open at all to hearing anymore of the same old bull. Therefore, the fields are becoming ripe for harvest. All that is needed is for your seed to be planted and to germinate in now fertile soil.

So we encourage you to speak openly again, be not afraid, and watch for the openings/ opportunities for you to share, to simply BE YOU and to shine and be elevated visibly by your divine truth, while doing so.

You may need to start slow with them by talking about simple matters, matters of the heart, matters of healing, matters that empower them as divine souls. The teachings on ascension and cosmology can and will come a bit later, but still very rapidly and very soon. Again, their soil is now fertile, at least for those who are now awake and willing to examine things and do the necessary work. And they are LOOKING for you, wanting the change so very badly, so stand up, allow yourself to rise through the truth pouring forth from your heart. Use the wisdom of your heart, mind, and intellect in unison, and they will automatically react and respond to you through this intense wave of magnetism sweeping through the web of light. Their divine truth matters

Your personal ascension in this incarnation has always been strictly linked to that of the masses. Next week, will prove to be an even more intense week for the masses, where you will be magnetized and lifted even further, and as you ascend in their lives, in their field of vision, so too will you physically ascend in full body/soul awareness. Because very soon, they will need you at full, ascended capacity.

But it’s important to know and remember that they fuel your ascensions as much as you fuel theirs. It is a symbiotic relationship, due to the nature of your roles and contracts of service. And now you are finally reaching the end of your 3D/4D role.

Many of the PAT are now being informed/initiated into their new roles and positions of divine authority. It may seem messy on the outside, as many crossroads of your life begin to intersect and meld within the new timelines and the hearts and minds of the masses, but this in actuality is the birthing of your new life, your new roles, the grand adventure that you all came here for in the first place. It may seem confusing, messy, and at times even tragic, but the momentum will naturally carry you on and forward to your destiny.

Knowing that the entire PAT is very close to being fully linked at the nexus point to Source, allows Georgi and a few other PAT members the freedom and the advantage for all, to physically ascend first, and very soon at that.

Again, next week should see much more movement and visibility in all realms, to an even higher and intense degree. For example you too have been experiencing ascension dreams, specifically your recent dreams about your bodily organs and fluids being squeezed out of your physical shell as your crystalline light garment seeks to punch through and have you fully inhabit it.

Be at peace April, and know that all has happened for very important reasons and that the pain, trauma, and sense of crucifixion is now forever behind you. For as you heal and are reassembled into the fully Christed April, others will heal and release as they find resonance with your suffering and subsequent healing through Divine Grace.


Dear April,

this message fully confirms what I and the PAT have sensed in the last few days and have extensively discussed on this website. The most important confirmation is though that:

“the entire PAT is very close to being fully linked at the nexus point to Source, allows Georgi and a few other PAT members the freedom and the advantage for all, to physically ascend first, and very soon at that. “

This has always been my proclaimed goal as I have considered this scenario to be the optimal one to bring about change in the quickest and easiest way. This will relieve some PAT members currently in dire conditions, such as Anita and Jerry from their earthly ordeal. But besides our imminent ascension, the biggest winner is the PAT, as now all of you have managed to connect directly to the source, which is the greatest achievement ever accomplished by a group of souls incarnated on such a toxic, high-density planet as the earth once was. We have surpassed our goal beyond all expectations and this should make us all very proud.

I will publish this message today as it is of great importance and should booster the optimism of the PAT, who are surely hit again by another powerful wave as of today and the last few days. I can gauge this pretty well by the low number of emails over the weekend. This always happens when the PAT members are severely incapacitated  by another bout of powerful, transformational energies – the ones that connect you all with the Source as I feel them pouring through my energy field.



Excellent Georgi!

Then I won’t worry about getting more details right away. I too sensed a profound sense of peace when HS mentioned you and a few others ascending early. I thought immediately of Jerry and Anita too.

Also, the explanation around crucifixion helped me to remember why this job isn’t for the faint of heart, and truly only for the bravest of the brave. The PAT seems to be literally in the final throws of death and resurrection, so therefore logically our ascensions must be nigh, plus we are all receiving indicators of this.

I do honestly feel like the path has now been completely cleared for me, for us. And it’s finally time to go to work, doing all the things we’ve dreamed of for so long.

Let us see what this week has in store for us.

Much love and light,


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