Energy Update -January 23, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

As expected (and already announced), we are amidst another energy bout /pulse from the source of the most dramatic and severe kind. Yesterday evening (Jan 22) I was hit all of a sudden, but not unexpectedly, by another extremely powerful wave/impulse from the Source.

I had the whole day long since the previous night a very nasty and unpleasant cleansing wave with skin burning and negative human dross hovering in the atmosphere of my personal field. Then in the evening, around 18.00 pm CET, I was so hardly hit by a mighty cc-wave from the source that I had to go to bed and slept till 01.00 with a massive cc-wave and a strong headache. It was similar to the energy bout on Dec 23, but not so debilitating in a physical way. After that I awoke up and answered several emails of PAT members in the night as to get rid of this disgusting feeling from the cleansing energies that almost suffocated me during my half-sleep, half-awake-state.

The reason for this feeling was that I felt physically how we severed the last nebula of dark energies around the earth. This dark cloud that encompassed the whole earth was full of such a goo that I awoke up with the deep feeling of visceral abomination, which I must have kept in my inner most being for eons of time.

I have no idea what we have achieved this night Jan 22-23, but this latest source impulse that was transmitted through the unity field of the PAT must have come as a huge surprise to the rest of the archons or other remnant dark forces on the earth, because I saw visually how they collected all their invalids and rest furniture in a most dramatic and pathetic manner. Thus fully laden with old stuff, they left the earth for ever. They made a very pitiful picture. Upon their departure one very malignant entity wanted to steel my pillow, but I was vigilant and threw him away.

It took me sometime to get rid of this abominable feeling, being in direct, very intensive contact with this dark stenching goo. but there is now also a sense of liberation and relaxation that this dirty job has been finally accomplished.

Later on in the night, I dreamt that I was a surgeon in the 18th century and established the first surgical hospital in France, where I introduced and implanted the first artificial prostheses in surgical patients. I have no idea how historically relevant this vivid, lucid dream was, or if it came from a parallel reality, but I was somewhat cynical in the dream state about my laughable efforts to help the patients with such primitive mechanical means, knowing at the same time too well how complex and fine-tuned the regulation of the biological body by the soul is.

I have no precise idea what has happened this night, but it has to do with the final ID split of the catastrophic earth B from the current timeline A/B and that the separation of the last darkest energies took place at the astral and higher levels that have kept the veil of forgetfulness so thick on the earth for so long time. Now the connection to the 5th dimension must be much more easy, as the latest Gaiaportal message also confirms:

“Disturbance and displacement of outdated paradigms occurs with increased frequency, and leads to rapid dissolution of 3D security grids. Those unwilling to accept such displacements experience intensified individually configured vortices of recognition. These vortices bring outdated paradigms into awareness, often during meditation and/or sleep times.

Gaia Planetary consciousness undergoes similar process, visible at local, national, racial, continental levels.

Outdated paradigms, once released, will not return. Those exhibiting persistent resistance will be transferred to alternate learning environments.”

Yesterday, when the wave hit me, I had the feeling that my body will ultimately disintegrate and I will ascend in the course of the evening. This was the reason why I had to lay down and sleep. I still have a post-commotio syndrome this morning and a lot of energy is flowing through my left brain portal and body with burning sensations, but the heaviest work is already behind us.

I am eager to find out in the next days what has actually happened this night, but it was definitely of great importance. This enormous energy impulse occurred exactly 10 days after the last portal 1.13.13 as predicted by myself and Dorie’s HS. There must be some significant repercussions from this energetic event that will become visible very soon.

I assume that this last” ascension test run” has been felt by most of you now that you have been all connected to the source. The first report that confirms this energy peak came from Carla early this morning:

“Energetically, I have noticed a significant change in the humming sound since yesterday (or 2 days ago?)… It is now coming in many different frequencies/harmonics. Further, today I was hit so severely with a heavy wave that I felt that I should die. It continues even to this moment (sent 07.30 CET).”

Our Odyssey goes on and the energy build-up is relentless. Dear Heaven, when shall we finally see the results of this tremendous, clandestine, cleansing work of the PAT at the societal level?…

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