Energy Update on 1.13.13

by Bernice Romain, January 14, 2012

Dear  George/PAT,

Thought I’d send an update. Last night at approx 2.00 hrs (12/1/13) this is what I saw.

Entry into secure ‘pods’ by all HD beings (PAT) has commenced. Via a sealed exit docking station. Destination home. Telepathic medium as communication will form the mean (synonym- verb) for transport. I felt a unified letting go – or mission over as I took my ‘space’ with others. No words, just a ‘whole’ group of beings on goal (purpose).

Transport in ‘pods’ will commence on countdown’s completion – as all events – procedures terminate (synonym) – Patience is not required – will not serve HD goals- Patience was created as 3d trap – let patience go.

As I entered my pod – which is not single occupant – average group is 50 as discussed, I see the docking station – the ‘platform’ stretches out behind/along and away into the distance. All pods are aligned here. Once entered your pod, you will not leave. Sealed in. So there are some (not many) ‘bailing’ at last moment. But there are  thousands of pods (we may get more details on numbers soon). This is our current status. I view this as a Major turning point. I not only feel/sense the High frequency waves have now fully transferred and are feeding – supporting the grid directly and so relieving us at last (running Itself! hoorah)

I sent this so the You/PAT have status data to drawer on this next phase. I see PAT creation powers manifesting at super speed = result and await with excitement what all other PAT begin to feedback

Cutting edge darling Gail – you can say that again!

Much Love

Dear Bernice,

I read your latest update, but I must admit that I have difficulties to comprehend it fully. Did you ultimately see us ascending soon or is this another action/adjustment in the HR? What do you mean by saying:

“All pods are aligned here. Once entered your pod, you will not leave. Sealed in. So there are some (not many) ‘bailing’ at last moment.”?

I can only confirm that I am hit by another powerful and very transformative wave today of a new quality that is almost consuming my body and has put me in a state of fever and total physical debilitation, as if I am very ill, although I have no high temperature at all. It feels as if my body is simply dissolving under this high-frequency, penetrating energies.


Dear George,

Sorry for delay, I only just got computer access. I will  try to be more thorough on explaining what I saw.

The pods I saw are the transport vessels. Not one pod per individual, but each individual HD being entering is as self/alone. But in each pod enters a group. In my pod we are strangers’, in other words not a family group. I just felt as I entered – well this is it — no more dress rehearsals.

Those I saw bailing (an individual/a self, were those that realised once you are in the pod, you cannot exit again until destination – arrival)

Do I see it as ultimately our ascension or another action/adjustment? This is a tough call George. In many ways it is both still, but we are now ‘Calling The Shots’

I will  say it is another action/adjustment. However, one that is now in conjunction / by agreement between the PAT in HRs ( not incarnate ) & the ground crew PAT. No longer  at the beck & call of or to (as I interpret) boosting the Kudos of those that dwell in the HRs/ above the veil. I sense that they eat up honour & praise – this is also being ‘cleansed’- I have to speak as I find. Our carte blanche – decree must be adhered to.

I’d like to make a bet, based on what I AM/Source has had me ‘spy’ on in the HR’s; that ground crew PAT has been recycling a lot of this energy waves. And it hurts. But we kick ass.

And I  keep seeing this will be the  ‘first’ transport/ movement  via this method, as per my  knowledge/awareness, of it’s kind, and it is what we (PAT) collectively enabled by making the latest decision at meeting – & decree) we are again ‘setting the precedent’.

So I will ultimately answer that  I see this as (PAT) having created the NOW best option for ascension; the movement of individual HD beings who are fully connected to the 5d  grid, into a dimensional /space (not an adequate description I know), with option to encompass a small group to ascend. The Pod being the transport mode-method of ‘moving’ is via energetic telepathic transfer. Withdrawn & sealed from the necessity or requirement of supporting / sustaining those that are not connected to the grid.

I fully appreciate that I may be alone in my interpretation/vision, but all can be assured that this comes via I AM guided by Source

As my description again in words may fail abysmally, which is always the case in trying to convey HR vision to 3d. I apologise for that, and also state that this is my individual vision that I’m sharing. Obviously it is very real to me and I believe that it is a shared one , and collectively achieved by PAT. I can only hope for some more PAT confirmation of such soon.

I cannot express more strongly how I request that you are removed of physical burden and pain now George. Your bloody role is sure fire hell…

I believe we are all ascending alone and will only incorporate the up to 50 ratio – however I saw thousands of pods… so there lies my hope.

I’m just relieved that PAT is now sealed off from the shit patrol.


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