Energy Evaluation of the Portal 1.13.13 and Beyond

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov,  January 16,  2013

Dear Dorie,

as you might have read in my post today, we had another heavy portal opening/ascension test run yesterday. I assume that you were not spared from this effort. I hope strongly you are coping with your family situation somehow. My personal impression is that we are now left without any clear information, although I published quite a lot of new facts today.

If you feel in the mood, and as a kind of distraction from your daily situation, I would highly appreciate if you ask your HS what is currently ongoing behind the veil and how far have we progressed after the portal 1.13.13 was opened. You can first read the post today and especially what Bernice and Daniel have to report. I think that their information is complimentary and thus reliable, but still not sufficient.

My guess is that it will take some more time to reach the necessary number of ascendees before me make another try. I do not experience so fat that we have been released from our cleansing activities, although I dreamt of a major reshuffling of my duties. Today (Dec 14) I have just got another moderate cc-wave as usually. I don’t think they will leave us in peace up to the very last minute.

Yesterday, at the height of my wave I watched the only film of Billy Wilder I had not seen so far. He is my favourite director:

Ace in the hole

The film was made in 1951, the year I was born. I can tell you that if I had seen this film before my incarnation as a soul, I would not have incarnated and if after incarnation, but still in the foetus I would have stopped my incarnation with a premature abortion. The film is ingenious and it is a mystery why the film industry could not keep up this high level of critical attitude in the following 62 years. This gives you a measure as to how dumbed down the Americans and the rest of humanity were in the following time.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I apologize for not getting back with you right away! Yesterday (Dec 14) was a rough day as I was still cleaning up the rest of the dark nasty dross that came through on the 13th! Whew, this wave was a tough one! During this time I was once again disconnected from HS… I knew immediately that I was experiencing an upgrade in frequency! She’s back today though, and I have quiet time to reflect and listen, plus lots of information from Daniel and Bernice that I’d like to go over as their messages are very reflective of what I’ve been feeling and sensing from my HS over the last few days.

Here’s the best thing though Georgi… right before I read your email this morning, I received just a snippet of info from HS that I wrote down …NO KIDDING Georgi!!! Here it is…” Now that you have a blank slate to create with, we are using your creative abilities in 3d as a source to fall back on should we need an “ace in the hole” to fulfill our ascension agenda one way or another.” I wrote this before I read your email! I don’t have a CLUE as to what this means yet, but will start working on it now that I have some quiet time to myself.

Will get back to you soon!
Much love to you!

BTW…your email made me laugh out loud Georgi when I read, “I would have stopped my incarnation with a premature abortion” haahaa! ME TOO! Can’t wait to watch “Ace in the hole”. I’m still laughing! Thank you for that! I needed it!


Dear Dorie,

does this mean that your HS used the saying “ace in the hole” before you read my email with this film title from Billy Wilder? In this case this is a spectacular synchronicity, a deliberate inkling, and this film may hold the clue as to how to create our reality, this time in a positive manner and not as Kirk Douglas did as a corrupt journalist at the expense of human life.

In fact this is what I am doing since December 30. I have started contacting all the famous  US and UK universities and their departments on physics and propagating the new theory of the Universal Law. This is the same effort I have been doing in vain since the mid 90s. If creation is based on persistence and focusing the energies on one plot and result, then I should have been successful long time ago, as I do not know a single person who has put so much effort on a single universal goal as the establishment of the new theory of the Universal Law and the substitution of the current failed empirical science of Orion type as I have done.

Today I had a very serious discussion with my HS and soul family and told them that I want to ripe the fruits of my decades long work in the Now, immediately, and that I am fed up to do only the dirty cleansing work and surmount one hurdle after the other and not have any real success and decent life – just flowing with the energies and enjoy life for a short period of time prior to Ascension.

Today I was so fed up with the whole situation that I had a long and very loud rant with my HS on the fields, walking alone with my dog. I will not go  into details, but I said that either I would ascend immediately as a compensation for all the years I have fully dedicated my life to the HR at the expense of my health and decent life, or they should help me to have an immediate success with the theory of the Universal Law as to push the pace of social changes. I said that I no longer want to be the martyr of the HR.

Only yesterday (Dec 14) I had, just like you, another cc-wave after the hit on 1.13.13. which started unusually late in the afternoon (normally I get a cc-wave at midday) and lasted this whole night. Today (Dec 15) I feel a little bit better, but still very much debilitated. I will continue with my effort to push the events in case the promise with the clean slate (carte blanche) is not another fraud of our HS  to push us to achieve their hidden goals. But I have given up on saving humanity or anybody, except the PAT, as I am part of it, and I will stay the course.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Here is my latest message from HS. I’m hoping it will add or even expand upon the information that Daniel and Bernice have shared with us!

With much love and light!



A Message on the Current Energetic Situation – January 15, 2012

Much has taken place since the opening of the portal on 1/13/13! Source once again lifted you into a higher level of energy, which has SIGNIFICANTLY contributed to the final event. As you are aware and understand now, Source has been lifting you up in increments, and as each energetic wave moves through the PAT Web of Light, it filters down into the candidates of ascension that are connected to the web and gives them a “shock”, wakes them up a bit more, so that they have clearer sight to the illusion that is around them.

The cleansing that took place this time focused on removing the programming of beliefs focused around “false gods” lodged deeply within the minds of humanity. You will notice that many have become “disappointed” with the beliefs and teachings of others that they gave all their power to. It was a heavy process of cleansing this time indeed! And although these programs of belief are being removed and humanity is finding that they need to be asking new questions, their patterns of behavior will continue because they have not learned to find the answers from within themselves, and thus will go looking for new answers outside of themselves as they have always done… only this time they have new eyes to see with.

Now that you have a blank slate to create with, we are using your creative abilities in 3D as a source to fall back on SHOULD WE NEED an “ace in the hole”. Let us help you to understand. Each surge/pulse of energy from Source has occurred, as was referred to, around every 10 days. Once the cleansing has taken place and new downloads are received, an evaluation is made to determine what action will need to occur next.

We will not hold anything back from you now, as you know fully well that we continue to use you in ways that assist in the ascension process. We not only use your combined focus to create decrees, which add tremendously to Source power, your last decree in particular adding increased fuel to the ascension process, but we may also use your 3D actions to create particular outcomes that will assist in the ascension process. For example, we may use you and your spiritual knowledge and energy to provide a source of revelation amongst the 3D populace to “accelerate” the process. The 3D action can be big or small, individually or as a group, for the energies of those who are coming along for the ride are now receptive to what you have to offer.

You understand that there are still many variables that come into play, and so becoming “overly optimistic” does not register on the scale of your emotional radar any longer. But also understand we are playing “both sides of the coin” at the same time, “allowing you to reside” (the more proper expression would have been “keeping you as hostages”, George) in 3D, while we wait to see which variable/scenario will stand out in accelerating the process even further. After each new surge of energy from Source takes place, certain variables are eliminated according to “how many ascension candidates”  are moving from one reality to the next, and we determine what actions, if any, are necessary to be taken in 3D to catapult straddling ascension candidates from one reality to the next, as Daniels HS referred to here:

“What has happened/is happening with the 1-13-13 portal, and will continue to happen with increasing speed is that these maximum fence straddling points serve as a force that pushes everything away from it. These possibilities/realities cease to exist. The focal points attract, merge with their surroundings and become more solidified.

To imagine how this is accomplished, take for example the space between 5D and earth A/B. Imagine someone closer to 5D, but not quite there yet. Then, the possible realities between these two spaces are reduced. The closer to the point of maximum fence straddling, the more realities are removed. The reality our subject is on is dissolved. The first reaction is to grab a new reality. The closest remaining reality is one closer to 5D, because this entity was closer to earth A than to earth A/B. So, this person moves a step closer to 5D, and then this process is repeated again and again. There is also an extra incentive to go up, because going down (closer to earth B) is less attractive than going up, especially if a choice has to be made.”

The COMBINED 3D mind/physical/spiritual/emotional energies of the PAT in the ascension process have created an EXPANSIVE split now since the last wave that commenced on 1/13/13. What seems most confusing to you is that you are all experiencing various forms of 3d bullshit that makes it appear as if you are not getting any closer to your destination. This could not be further from the truth. This “bullshit” has led you to releasing even family members that you are no longer meant to be caregivers/ass haulers for. Have you not been noticing this repeated message showing up within the PAT? HS has been urging you to release them, for their souls have chosen their destination, and it is no longer your responsibility to haul their asses along for a free ride. You managed to get them safely to A/B, allow their souls to determine if they should move into even higher levels of energy WITHOUT your assistance!

And let’s talk about the PAT for just a moment. What some of you are not aware of is that you have been placed strategically together. DO NOT underestimate your VALUE no matter where you reside in the Web of Light as a member of the PAT. You are not mere humans waiting for ascension to occur! You are HIGHLY EVOLVED LIGHT ENTITIES who have been reconnected to create this very ascension process!

Take some of the weight off of your Captain’s shoulders and start remembering you have a part to play in this ALSO by REMEMBERING this. This is not saying you have not done your fair share of clearing shit or sharing your Light energies, this is not saying you have not sacrificed at a tremendous cost. No, not at all. This is saying that in taking this ACTION you will continue to accelerate the ascension process to even further degrees, eliminating even more variables.

Why do we say this now? Because you are a part of the ascension process/program as a ‘unit group’ and as a unit group, your own personal 3D experiences affect your group as a whole!!! Your focus determines where you are at in dissolving one timeline and experiencing the other. Continue to focus on the intended outcome, while at the same time becoming aware that your actions can also contribute to the acceleration process, as this last huge cleansing effort has left many with their eyes open for the first time. As an example, dear one, your youngest son experienced for the very first time on 1/13/13 a lucid dream in which he was experiencing two different realities. Eyes are opening! With each ascension test run/Source Pulse/energy wave, you are moving further and further into the timeline shift of realities, and as you do so, the speed of the ascension process will continue to accelerate, pulses will come closer and closer together, until you reach your final destination.

We will not be overly optimistic with you, as you have learned from that in the past, so understand that there is still a ways to go. But take heart, for as you experience each NEW wave, the program of “time” becomes more and more obsolete, your energies vibrate higher and higher, your abilities to create and experience your creations instantaneously expand, and your synchronicities line up in such ways that there is no doubt that you are truly experiencing the reality you have envisioned.


Dear Dorie,

I read the message of your HS twice very carefully and it confirms what I am feeling since Dec 23 – namely that we will stay on the ground as long as it is necessary and this means to the very last minute before ascension of Gaia and mass ascension to the 5th dimension. Without us “rien ne vas plus”.

The only variable we can influence is eventually to trigger some 3d-actions with the help of the HR to accelerate mass awakening and thus to establish the role of the PAT firmly in the core of modern humanity. I will have to think over tomorrow about some new incentives that will fuel the process.

But we must consider that in the next weeks to come we will continue to be beamed with huge energies all the time and life will not become easier.

With love and light



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