The Difference Between True Spirituality and Spiritual Sabotage

By Daniel and divsy, January 9, 2012


it would appear this speculation dance has finally made you go nuts – your Ego has grown beyond your body limits.

How dare you style me as ignorant and what brakes did you use. I have learnt to be humble – operating from the premise of the heart but if you go on like this it would be unfair if I don`t stop this ego business. Just because you did it to Callista, Ute & Co does not give you the right to talk in this manner.

If this is the quality of ascended Masters in Heaven, I will have to change my road map.

If you cannot relax and surrender to the course/enhance your consciousness, things would continue to deteriorate – you are not going anywhere, 3D,5D….. is here and now.

Time will tell !!!

PS: The problem you have with me is that I have refused to give away my power – I am my own captain and btw, your ship has already capsized. (salvation/ascension is an individual business, how do you think you can save people by being the lone connection/nexus to Source – how ridiculous)


To divsy and others PAT members!

This mail was probably not meant for me, but I received it, so that means I can also click reply to all.

George used the brakes because you repeatedly sent dark-tainted channelings done by all kinds of random sources to the entire group, with messages containing a lot of things that are strongly in conflict with the collective vision of the PAT. And this is of course not a good situation, because relying on dark external sources instead of internal sources will lead people astray.

He told you this several times in the past, concluding that you are not a member of the PAT because otherwise you would not send some of these messages. Instead of objectively considering the situation, I see in this new mail that you instead take it as some personal attack. You try to retaliate with several personal attacks, for example accusing George of having a big ego, saying “how dare you” or “you are not going anywhere (if you do not do [this] or [that]…)”. You even say “… does not give you the right to talk in this manner.” – But honestly, everyone can decide for him/herself how to talk. Unfortunately you miss the point, because there was never a personal attack against you.

I quote again:

“PS: the problem you have with me is that I have refused to give away my power – I am my own captain and btw, your ship has already capsized. (salvation/ascension is an individual business, how do you think you can save people by being the lone connection/ nexus to Source – how ridiculous)”

It is not about giving away any power. I have never given away any power, and neither has anyone else in the PAT. This statement clearly shows that you are not a part of the PAT. George also never said that he is the only connection to the source. Everyone and everything is a connection to the source. When George says he is the nexus to the source, this is regarding the PAT structure as a collective group/grid (and attached to it/embedded in it the web of light, Gaia), or whatever name one wants to give it. It is not a statement to inflate his ego, but just the truth. Every PAT member understands this. And no, the ship has not capsized, it is actually sailing stronger and faster than ever.

In the past, when George first confronted you, I expected a message like this to come up eventually. And here it is, many months later. The previous time this happened, you asked for forgiveness and said something about love, so I refrained from commenting. But now that we have reached this point, we can also finish this story for once and for all.

I can understand that you wish to be a part of the PAT, this is why you read the site and participate in the mailing list. So every time George said that you are not, and he has been quite persistent about that, your ego was hurt until now finally we have reached the critical point. We do not have time for all kinds of quarrels, the mission is ascension. Just accept that you are not a part of the PAT, and things will be much easier for you. Instead take the opportunity to learn and make progress. There is no reason to experience fear and feed the ego just because there exist more evolved entities than you. Now you might possibly say that I am full of ego because I claim the PAT is more evolved than you, but this is a fallacy based on that we are all in humble human bodies now. In the higher realms such a mistake would never be made, because the level of evolution would be undeniable.

I am not saying that you are worthless, not at all. Nobody is saying this. You are just not a part of this small, but very pivotal and evolved group, the PAT. This does not mean, that you are not going to ascend or that you are not contributing to the ascension of Gaia. It merely means that the PAT is out of your league at the moment, and I strongly recommend again to take the opportunity to learn from us, because this will be much more beneficial to you than to continue to pretend being on the same level and/or sending more mails with similar content as the mail you just sent.  Perhaps it looks like I am being harsh, but it is just important to be very clear and honest. There are no bad feelings from my side, and I hope you can say the same. My advice also applies to all other LW who are not a part of the PAT.

Love & Light,

Namaste Daniel !!!

This is the way of the masters – your perspective/vibes are very positive; thanks for the reflection.

No, you did not in any way sound harsh nor exhibited any ego trip, on the contrary your analysis from the `PAT` angle as you perceive it looks OK. My understanding is that PAT is not an exclusive club, I consider all LWs poised for ascension Patees – many other scribes has also used this title before (Petra Mangolis since 2008)

Come what may, and at the end of the day, we will all celebrate our success and laugh over the duality game – 3D illusion.

Blessings to you my friend.

Dear George,

You must have received the mail Divsy sent, and my reply to him. I am experiencing some heavy waves again at the moment but I was a bit inspired to write him, as he also sent this mail to me. I suspect he sent it to the entire group, but used some kind of “separate” option, which some email applications offer, so the individual recipients cannot see who else was a recipient. They can only see the main one (you) and the additional one (in my case, me). This makes the “reply to all” option only reply to the main recipient (you), and the sender (him).

Long story short, if this was the case, most people who received his mail did not receive my reply to it. I do not like to accuse him of this, especially because it can be untrue, but it does make it significantly more difficult for someone to expose his bullshit to everyone who received it. I believe it might be a good idea to publish his mail publicly, so everyone can see for themselves what it is all about. He probably does not expect such a tactic and it will force him to accept that he is not a member of the PAT. He will either become angry/afraid and start to ignore us, or he will change his attitude and will no longer pretend to be a member of the PAT. Either way, it is a lot better than what happened in the past.

I feel now very strongly an increased pressure in the head and it is only getting stronger for now, so I should be going to bed. Good night.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

I read your response to divsy and it is an excellent response. I could not have formulated it better. The actual problem is not the content of his ideas, but that he uses the infrastructure of the PAT in a very subversive manner to demoralize the people with his weird ideas. This is what I am criticizing and what I sent to him today. But he seems not to get and is afterwards infuriated when I consider him stupid. But probably he is only deliberately ignorant. This is his own problem.

But I also think that there is systematics behind this kind of sabotage and I will not be surprised if he is possessed by some demons, most probably his personal. There is no other explanation for his stubborn and unyielding behaviour.

We the PAT are going through the most difficult period in our lives and I try to keep the morale high by always discussing the true situation, no matter how dire it is, and he is only meddling in our affairs like a kind of insider Internet troll or an evil force that tries to reject and destroy everything we create from within. Not that he will succeed in this evil job, but he is a real nuisance and he must go and stop using our round email which we established for our internal use. After all it was my incentive first and it was never meant to be misused in this way as divsy is now doing.

With love and light

Dear Divsy,

You can go your way and you should go your way, but you should not meddle in the affairs of the PAT and use their infrastructure to demoralize them. This is not going your own way.


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