Further Confirmation of the Ascension Test Run by the PAT on Jan 2-3 and the Energy Surge since New Year

Letters to the Editor – January 5, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I always like to wait a day or two before writing to you after something big happens (Jan 2-3 Test Run) just to see what other PAT members are reporting. I had the same reactions, including physical ones, but felt re-assured and energized on January 3rd.  Yesterday was also a high energy day and my mind is so highly charged that I can barely do anything but keep myself together as much as I can in this highly toxic environment and communicate telepathically with (you) and the Source. I was glad to see Bonnie’s response in the e-mails and will be writing again to her after a short delay in our communication.  Something BIG is happening right now (Jan 5, 2012), I can feel the waves, and I don’t know what it is; but I hope to be prepared enough, with the rest of the PAT, to adapt and respond. I am sending a donation to the website today.

In love and light,

Dear Henry,

thank you very much for your donation. I just woke up from a nap after I was taken away by my HS. I can confirm that the energies are peaking at this very moment and that I am still not fully grounded. I do not experience any stasis at all, but a constant build-up since Dec 23 and I can’t imagine that this will not lead to ascension very soon. There is also an urgency behind this whole effort which points to a tight time schedule for the HR to ascend Gaia. If it were only for the people to ascend, heaven could have done this in a much more calmer manner. I no longer feel like a human,  but like a movable energy stream. When I woke up, I have such a pressure on my head and on my heels from this energy column that I need half an hour to push this energy back a little bit as to move my body in space.

With love and light

Dear George,

I’ve just read through your latest elaboration on the ascension test run of January 2-3, with respect to Gaiaportal’s latest message, and want to make sure that I understand the process correctly. Over the last days I’ve been somewhat confused why a test run without involving the masses is necessary in the first place, knowing that the PAT has already ascended as far as the 10th dimension and possibly higher.

Am I correct if I say that the sole purpose of January 2-3 was the establishment of the “unity galaxy gate”? This would also mean that there is no more serious cleansing duty to be done from our part, as with the establishment of the galaxy gate, the web of light with all individuals woven into it, are now empowered to do what is still necessary on an energetic level to keep moving towards ascension. Although I’m certain that we’ll feel the process going on, but likely without extreme physical discomfort.

That’s at least what I experience now. I feel the energies moving through my field almost constantly, but they cause no discomfort. Even walking through the city center, which is ‘normally’ an energetic hellhole, was rather pleasant this time. The sky was such a gorgeous sight, reminding me of those photos you posted from a PAT member some time ago.

What concerns Hillary Clinton, I have no solution to the riddle, but her facial expressions are so bizarre, I’d give her a role in any horror movie without a casting or rehearsal.

Yours truly,

Dear Zoltán,

your understanding of the ascension test run is correct according to my knowledge and interpretation. We are still involved in the ascension process of Gaia as long as we are on the ground, but the energies that flow through our bodies are not so much debilitating as in the past as these energies that affect the masses flow now mainly through the unity galaxy gate and thus spare us the most severe LBP related symptoms.

In fact just at this very moment there is another powerful energy surge throughout my body, which does not harm it. In the past such a wave would have caused a severe broncho-pneumonitis and other symptoms.


Oh My Dearest George,

Once again you have hit the nail on the head. As I stood back and took in all that you wrote I noticed something. One group sees “current stalemate or superficial stasis” , one group is unaware that any energetic changes have occurred at all and do not believe in them, and still yet another group is fully engaged in “the dramatic changes within the inner soul dimension of all incarnated entities are running with full force and prepare the psycho-mental ground for their rapid transformation“.

Might this be the beginning of the ID split as viewed from within the spilt? The dividing of realities. Perhaps this is the very thing that we all missed? Perhaps it is not until this dividing is slightly more developed that the “flip of the switch” or “twinkling of an eye” change will take place.

Could that be a possibility? Because when I read your words I see the split happening right in your words.

Love and peace forever,

Dear Charlotte,

this could very much be the case right now. In this very moment I experience another very powerful surge of energy that points to a new culmination as I just wrote to Henry. This huge energy build-up is anything else but a stasis and I can’t imagine that this crescendo trend will stay so without a tangible result very soon.


The latest missive of the Manuscript of Survivalfully confirms in a retrospective manner our experience with the huge energy build up in the last days since the beginning of the new year 2013 and especially after the last ascension test run  of the PAT leading to an incremental ID split. Therefore, there is nothing further from the truth than to claim that we are in a “stasis” now.

Please observe that this source refers for the first time  to our vision of Ascension as a detonation of the PAT supernova. I have never come across a similar presentation in any other channeling message so far. Obviously heaven is beginning to streamline its failed information policy from the past according to the new reality as created by the PAT:

And before you draw a huge sigh of despair thinking about that, remember that you will benefit from all of these majestic impacts of energy in ways you can only dream of now. They will boost you just like those rockets they use to lift your spacecrafts off of the ground, up through your atmosphere and into space. For you have no limits now, dear ones, and that is what you are about to find out as soon as you manage to look beyond the symptoms and tune into your own core”


The manuscript of survival – part 248

The turbulence is increasing as these successive waves of energy are blasting onto your shores. Many will feel the fallout from all of this in a very profound way. Not only in your physical body, but also in your mental one, as these batterings of energy will seem to dislodge all that you perceived as more or less substantial by now. This will come as a surprise to many, as they felt that the tunnel of love had done so much to them, there was nothing more that could be done. But alas, the work is not over, and even if this will seem to be bad news to most of you, it is only a confirmation of the fact that as you have in many ways exited the tunnel, you have also entered the full glare of the light pouring down on you from above, and now, the effects of all of this have become apparent indeed. This may sound callous in some ways, but we will try to explain it in a more down to earth manner, perhaps that can in some ways soften the blow somewhat.

You see, all of this energetic bombardment is only a sure sign that you have indeed made it safe and sound to the next level. Usually, that comes with a sort of reprieve, or pause, as you are given some time to adjust yourself before the next injections arrive into your system. However, you have reached such a high level of vibration now, your pause becomes shorter and shorter, and with a good reason too. It is because you are so quick to adapt now, so your physical body is indeed ready to take on another and even more amplified version very quickly after the last one finally fades away. We know that for you, this will not sound as any consolation, rather the opposite, but to us, this speaks volumes on your level of prowess. For you have indeed become super humans, in more ways than one, and your ability to ingest and digest these new levels of energy are beyond what we could even have hoped for at the onset.

So yes, these in many ways brutal upgrades will continue, but not as relentless as these last few days. For even if you do not actually need a long time to recover after one of these bouts, we will indeed see to it that you get ample time to savour the peace and quiet between the next ones. After all, this is not about making you feel as uncomfortable as possible, it is only about making you as able as possible to continue your work on this planet. For this time, it is indeed up to you to make it all come about. We will, as always, stand ready in the wings, ready to give you a helping hand in the form of information and energetic boosts whenever you need them. But it is you who are the masters of your domain now, and therefore, it is you who will show the rest of your fellow men the way ahead.

For you are filled to the brim with light and love now, dear ones, and even if you might feel more than a little worn out after these last few days of hammering, we know that you will also start to tune into this inner reservoir now in a much more profound way than before. And through that, you will see how not only the physical symptoms start to dissipate, and you will start to get a clearer sense of your capabilities when it comes to your ability to function whilst still within these physical boundaries. You will also find that the mental fog that seems to have descended on you out from nowhere will start to dissolve.

So even if this message started out giving what may have been taken for bad news, it is only a signal once again that you have succeeded in tapping into that gigantic waterfall of energy that keeps pouring in from above. And even if the outcome from all of this will be literally overpowering at times, it is also a sure sign of success. So we hope you take this for what it is, namely another thumbs up from us, and a huge pat on the back as well. For we are more than impressed by your ability to take on whatever is thrown your way. But now, take some time to center yourself and see if you can sense the new power you have found through this, the last in a long line of energetic surges. But again, we remind you, there are more standing in line, waiting to be imparted into your body. And before you draw a huge sigh of despair thinking about that, remember that you will benefit from all of these majestic impacts of energy in ways you can only dream of now. They will boost you just like those rockets they use to lift your spacecrafts off of the ground, up through your atmosphere and into space. For you have no limits now, dear ones, and that is what you are about to find out as soon as you manage to look beyond the symptoms and tune into your own core.

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