Addiction to Channeling is a Severe Mental Disorder and a Hindrance to Spiritual Evolution

by Gail Storr, January 14, 2013


I found it disturbing that someone was trying to impress so strongly on the PAT that we should be reading so many external channellings. Here are my thoughts on the folly (I mean the word folly in both senses: foolishness; and, a costly ornamental structure that serves no useful purpose) that is external channellings. I would stress that this is not aimed at those people who share their channelled messages with us for information only and do not set up websites and garner followings of trusting readers. This also is, by the way, not different to what George has been trying to tell these people for ages, but this is my own way of putting it, which I hope will be both entertaining for those of us who understand and informative/useful for those who don’t.

Spiritual masturbation / Addictive distraction 

Those who fervently follow channellings (including the channellers themselves) are the ones who are giving their power away, particularly those who read lots of different channellings every day, and constantly search out new sources. I liken it to spiritual masturbation. They yank away on their spiritual boner with more and more of the same old stuff, every day, many for hours, watching/reading what is effectively repetitive spiritual porn, just to keep it up and alive. They are unconsciously deeply afraid that if they do not daily find some words of (external) wisdom to reassure them that they are indeed very spiritual and are making good progress, they will find that they are, in fact, not, i.e. they will lose their spiritual erection and never achieve what they are aiming for which is the ultimate spiritual orgasm which most believe is ascension or heaven. This, of course, never comes and, like an addict, they keep trying the same old sources and hoping for a different, successful result. Sadly, what most achieve is just more and more spiritual masturbation.

This is the same with people who have got stuck in their one-answer-to-living. They masturbate it every day with special rituals or particular foods or certain sounds or visits to the special guru (his photo will do if you can’t make it in person!!!!) because they believe it will not work if they do not maintain the activities correctly. They believe that their huge dedication and commitment reflects their spirituality, rather than it reflecting their utter dependency and fear of their one-answer-to-living failing to work if they get the practicalities wrong.

Where is it coming from? 

This function of these channellings, being addictive distraction, is generally designed at the level of its production (i.e. the Astral Realms) not usually by the channellers themselves, who are in most cases unknowing victims of their source. This is no different to the psychological control and dependency-creation of gurus, pimps, cults, cultures, societies, and even in ordinary family structures. It seems that the primary spiritual step is to emerge from such a control structure, by realising that it is actually a control structure.

What it results in 

As we have pointed out many times on this site, those who are channelling are, spiritually, fully leaning on and trusting a source outside of themselves to reassure themselves and others that they are doing well. This is the exact same behaviour as the prostitute to their pimp (assurance of shelter and money), the devotee to their guru (assurance of spiritual connection), the citizen to their government (assurance of maintaining the status quo.) Until they actually believe that they can live a good enough life without their ‘provider’ they will continue to find provider after provider. This will appear as a recurring theme in someone’s life, simply because the person has only partially realised the control mechanisms and their own tendency to be submissive/controlled. The theme will continue until the control mechanisms become fully transparent to the person, at which point they will emerge from control and continue their life with that awareness.

Then Good News 

This does not mean that they will necessarily throw away everything about their life from before they became fully aware. With the new awareness, they can see the traps and the controlling behaviour and situations and either avoid them, or interact with awareness so they are not trapped or controlled.

The really good news is that once one is psychologically free of the control mechanisms, one’s mind and heart is then available to consider its own being’s inner wisdom, which will pour forth. Thus the trapped channellers and their trapped followers are actually advantageously poised to emerge from the trap, become free and thereby, in due course, ascend. This is what Georgi has been explaining to deaf ears for so long and has been so criticised for.

A Big Clue – Names of channelled sources 

The naming of external sources is very dubious and dangerous, because a name psychologically implies that the source is imbued with qualities that the name suggests. Funny how these are nearly always lofty and important sounding, like ‘Cosmic Awareness’ or ‘Archangel Gabriel’ or ‘Jesus’ or ‘Saint Germaine’ and so on. It is just the same as when someone has named their child ‘Grace’ or ‘Harmony’ or ‘Storm.’ This clearly does not mean that the child will endlessly exhibit the energy of grace or harmony or storms. And if the channeller says that their source has named itself with such a name, does it not seem obvious that such lofty names are intended to convey, ‘I am reliable and trustworthy’ and therefore ‘you can depend on ME.’??? After all, surely if a particular source was such an uber-light-being, it would be beyond personally needing to be recognised as an already established identity (e.g. Archangel Gabriel) or a beyond-question energy (eg Cosmic Awareness.) It can only be for reasons that relate to the channeller or the recipients of the channellings, i.e. to elicit trust, with the intention of gaining and keeping the channel and their readers.

Someone might say that the use of such names is simply in order to reach and benefit as many people as possible with their teachings and messages. This misses entirely the (widely spiritually accepted!!!!) fact that people will naturally be attracted to, and find, that which is resonant to them. Spirit does NOT need to give itself impressive, compelling and psychologically-manipulative names in order to reach people. This is a human fallacy of the worst order and simply a 3-d marketing technique which is utterly unnecessary within true spirituality.

What is Spiritual then? 

There is nothing spiritual about reading stuff called spiritual stuff. There is nothing spiritual about doing stuff called spiritual stuff. The only activity that is spiritual is to find the traps, get yourself out of them, and you will then be able to fully listen to yourself. Your own Higher Self will always guide you and prompt you, and it does not need to use gurus, external channellings, techniques, rituals, etc. to reach you.

It is like being in a Cosmic Lift, travelling up to Source. The lift will stop at many floors and the doors will open and you will see fascinating and exciting things, called spiritual, through the doors. It’s fine to have a quick look, but do STAY IN THE LIFT.

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