The Acceleration of Linear Time in the End Times and the Current Fraud of the Authorities with the Clocks

by Georgi Stankov and Marijana Bivol, January 14, 2013

Dear Mr. Georgi,

I wrote to you several times. I am the one who is still involved in Orion banking system trying to survive this 3D grotesque.

I must admit I improved a lot. My LBP symptoms are more severe and I can feel much of the energy inflow PAT are describing (head pressure, headache, depression, pain).

But this is not why I am writing to you. There is very interesting thing that has been discussed on Croatian independent web portal.

We came up with the conclusion that “time has been stolen”. Comparing dozen and dozen cell phones, lap tops and computers that were not used (some of them for a decade) and again activated, showed different time than that of the “official time”. There is a conclusion that “official” time is not real time. Of course, counting with bio chips and quartz crystal frequencies, system logs time measurement and window explorer measurement was taken into account. There is no doubt that on 12 January 2013 it was actually 31 December.

We didn’t go that far to discover which year we are actually, perhaps it might be to shocking. According to my discoveries, we actually entered 2012. There is also an interesting story which was presented by the editor of this Croatian web portal. Some of his friends work for a certain radio station in EU, and they told him about the order from the management of that radio station that employees are obliged to coordinate clock time only according to BBC Broadcasting.

In November 2012 the order was that only one technician is allowed to adjust clock time, only late at night when there is no one in the radio station and that employees cannot use a vacation from February 2013 onwards.

These are just the observation of time from ordinary people. Something is “stealing” time (manipulation, planet x interruption, whatever). Problem is that someone is trying to hide it. Perhaps nothing is “delayed” in ascension process and everything is going as planned for 2012 we might be in.

With love and light
Marijana from Croatia

Dear Marijana,

thank you very much for this extremely interesting information on the current official measurements of linear time. We were warned by many sources that when we enter the no-time zone after the opening of the first major portal 11.11.11  that our official linear measurements of physical time will no longer be correct.

We all observe now how time accelerates during a single day and we can do less physical work than before. The clocks which we practically use register the linear time differently than the day-night cycle which is determined by the rotational velocity of the earth around its axis (day-night cycle) and around the sun (year cycle).

The current officially accepted clocks measuring linear time are atomic clocks and adjusted to the caesium clock of photon radiation with a fixed, precise frequency. However matter and especially photon space-time on the earth are currently exponentially increasing their frequencies and this is reflected by the photon frequency of radiation of the standard caesium clock. This is all included in Einstein’s theory of relativity and must be know to all physicists.

You can go to my book volume II on physics, where I discuss the caesium clock as part of the SI system of physical measurements.

My interpretation of this phenomenon is that according to the caesium atomic clock we are more advanced in our linear time, say, we are now in February. But as the official authorities are hiding this effect of frequency acceleration of 3d-space.time in the current holographic model on the earth, they must correct their physical clocks every day by adjusting them backwards. So to say, they are “stealing” our linear time. Precisely they are adding linear time to the accelerated time of the standard atomic clock, which is relevant for the whole humanity.

Now when all this added time is subtracted, you get a calender time in the past. But this is actually not correct. It is the false conclusion which has been made by many websites in Croatia and elsewhere. The fact is that we are still in January according to the day-night cycle of the earth (according to its rotational velocity around its axis) but already in February, if we consider the augmented frequency of the standard caesium clock in the current End Times.

However it is easier to hide the atomic linear time than the earth’s time of day-night cycle. The authorities have now turned in a clandestine manner to the old measurement of linear time before they introduced the atomic clock as a more precise method of measurement some 50 years ago.

I have anticipated this development and have forwarded an explanation more than 15 years ago for the End Times of frequency acceleration, when I first realized the true nature of linear time, which is space and thus reciprocal frequency. When the frequencies of the holographic model of the 3d-earth increase, space and linear time decrease, until they reach the zero point of No-time. I have discussed this issue in an article in 2011 with respect to the ID split that we expected at 11.11.11.

Therefore I am not at all surprised about this finding, but one must be careful as the people then make mistakes in their interpretation as they have no physical background and do not understand the true nature of linear time as space, and absolute time as frequency. There are two different scales of linear time currently – the rotation of the earth around its axis, which is no longer the official time and the frequency of radiation of the caesium atomic clock, which is the official time since the 60s and is now substituted in a clandestine manner by the authorities again with the old earth’s rotational time.

The discrepancy between the two velocities of linear time is what is now increasing. According to the accelerated atomic time we must be now in February. But as the rotational kinetics of the earth around its axis and the sun has not changed that much due to the gravitational inertia, we still experience the calender days as they are measured by the day-night cycle. The authorities, which hide this growing gap between atomic time and earth’s time must adjust their physical clocks each day as to hide the difference. That’s all.

With love and light

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