This Week’s Cleansing Tsunami

by Georgi Stankov, January 25, 2013

Although this week’s cleansing tsunami is still ongoing, it is time to make a sum-up of what has been achieved so far. As I have responded to Carolyn below, this was one major bout of incredible cleansing activity of all dark human patterns that have amassed for eons of time in this primitive species. 

This time the target of cleansing activities are the human masses that are still linked to numerous fear-mongers from the astral planes who have accommodated in their fields since their birth. These “unholy trios”, which we have discussed as early as 2011, tend to enter the energetic astral field of the incarnated human soul that is fed by source energy and to sponge on this energy during the whole life. They also determine to a large extent the emotional, mental and behavioral patterns of the incarnated entity by keeping him at a very low vibrational level, thus using more than 90% of the ka-energy which the human being receives originally from the source via his soul.

Now we are in the final process of releasing billions of human beings from these dark remnants in their astral fields. While this cleansing work may not be so debilitating at the physical level, as was the case last year, due to the overall increase in vibrations and light quotient in humanity and Gaia after the full opening of all star portals since Dec 21, we are still confronted with some of the nastiest habits and thought patterns, to which humanity has been subdued since the Fall of Atlantis.

No wonder that this cleansing experience this week may be felt by you as most disgusting. I can only hope that by the end of this week it will be over and we will begin to sail in more calm waters. It was announced by our HS that this week will be a special one, and I can tell you, it is indeed exceptionally nasty, even to my standards, which have been shaped towards great endurance and indolence by numerous such battles in the past.

What we have achieved this week will be experienced on a global scale in the days to come. Let me give you my personal interpretation of our current efforts as I receive it from my HS.

After we decided to postpone mass ascension and that of Gaia in the very last minute after the second ascension test run failed on Dec 23, we (our HS) decided to make the best out of this unfavourable situation. In fact we postponed ascension in Dec 2012  because we did not reach the critical mass/number of ascendees, so that the new earth A would have been populated only with a few ascended souls, while we would have ascended to the source.

This circumstance has been confirmed by several recent channeling sources, which are beginning now to emancipate from the huge muddy wave of deception that swept from the HR downwards over humanity immediately after Dec 21. Their aim was to camouflage the profound failure of the HR and mitigate the huge disappointment of their still slumbering incarnated souls, constituting the small LW community worldwide, who expected to be heaved to the 5th dimension without any effort on their part.

After these deceptions failed to achieve their calming, snoozing effect, now the astral sources have resorted to a more open and honest form of information. We observe here the same trend as that with our HS, who, after exploiting our enthusiasm for a very long time, realized that their well intended lies will no longer serve the divine cause and decided to return to a more realistic approach by admitting their own confusion about the complicated and very precarious situation on the earth after Dec 21. This is all part of the evolution process of humanity and their souls in the current End Times leading to spiritual adolescence.

In the course of this week, the whole low vibrating human spectrum consisting of negative emotions and obsolete thought patterns will be eradicated by the huge high frequency waves coming from the source and being transmitted through our personal fields. Even now, while writing this essay, my skin is burning like a torch and the abominable negativity of the human patterns that are eliminated by destructive interference in my field, is so distressing and associated with such a deep sense of suffocation, that I would rather leave this physical vessel once and for all and never “look back in anger” at this toxic planet and its dumbed down human population than continue with this torture.

Carolyn has very well summarized these negative feelings in her email below. As she is a very gentle person, the objectivity and authenticity of her description is beyond any doubt. With myself, one may argue that I am an old warrior with a lot of scars and my indolence and inborn cynicism with respect to this debased humanity has profoundly spoiled my character.

What I expect next week is though that the masses will have lost their ability to resonate anymore with any old patterns that generate the usual inter-personal co-dependence and allow all kinds of nefarious manipulations of the masses by the ruling elite. Precisely, these human thought and emotional patterns were very conducive to the establishment of the current Orion political order of clandestine enslavement of the people through incessant manipulation of their opinions by employing all kinds of lies and deceptions on the part of their elected leaders. This is paradigmatically embodied by Obama at present, who is probably the greatest and most insidious liar and demagogue among all politicians.

Now if you have been as evolved in the past as I were and your mind and psyche have vibrated with the highest possible frequencies on this planet, you would have noticed these lies and deceptions long time ago and your emotional abomination would have peaked very early. You would have then detached from all forms of insidious human behaviour in a most profound and automatic manner, as I have done this since the early 90s, actually since the early 70s after my deep catharsis that made me the most convinced dissident soul on this planet.

But let us be honest, how many of you were still swimming in this human pond of collective lies and deceptions until 2011 and how much effort and personal sacrifices were necessary for you to clearly distinguish yourselves from all the perennial lies of the dark ones. Even now, the vast majority of the LW are still fully trapped in their lies and disinformation coming from such dark sources as Cobra and the like.

What I want to convey here is that ascension is a gradual process of raising the individual frequencies of mind and psyche by deleting old obsolete dark patterns and no one can liberate himself overnight from such false past concepts that feed the current illusory 3d-matrix.

But there comes an energetic threshold when one wakes up one beautiful morning and all of sudden sees the world with completely new eyes. All past lies and deceptions become now clear all of a sudden. One perceives them as such and then he can discard  them for ever from his life. From this point in time onward humans can only resonate with the higher frequency of compassion, love and, above all, human logic – with the cosmic spirit of the Logos – as this has never been the case before. In other words, humanity will change overnight when this week is over.

After that the people will be attracted magnetically by an invisible, irresistible force to the high frequency unity field of the PAT and will begin to navigate in our waters. This will be the time when we will appear officially in front of humanity and will present our spiritual platform and transcendental vision of the future, thus transforming this dumbed down human species to a transgalactic, multidimensional civilisation.

The current powerful cleansing transformation of the masses this week does not involve the ruling elite as a whole (there will always be some positive exceptions), which is now gathered in Davos and sends a very pitiful picture of profound debility to influence any event of magnitude in any conceivable, insidious manner, which their pervaded minds could possibly imagine. This downward trend will stipulate next week and in the months ahead on the timeline A/B.

Precisely when we appear as ascended masters, the dark elite on power, be they Obama, Putin, Angela Merkel or Cameron, will have lost any credibility whatsoever and, no matter what they will say against us and try to influence the masses with their manipulated mass media in order to embrace their old, dark agenda, they will only display their utter powerlessness.

At the same time we, the new ascended human masters and the former crucified Christs, will start to commit real miracles as Apollonius of Tyana, the Anointed Christ, once did and to demonstrate to the masses what it will be for each human being to become an immortal creator god. Just imagine this situation and then you will have the full vision as to how quickly the old Orion order of politics, national states, finance, health care system and science will crumble once and for all and will bury the old elite under its shambles.

We will not need to do anything special, but just radiate the light of the source with the power of thousand suns. As the most advanced part of humanity that will ascend with us is already fully embedded in the web of light we have created around their fields, and the vast majority of other humans who will stay on this timeline A/B have been now released from their most dark emotional and thought patterns, the new spiritual ideas of the PAT will sweep over the minds and psyches of the masses and will transform them within the blink of an eye.

We will no longer need to convince the people with huge personal efforts as we have tried in vain in the past. This time they will embrace willingly anything we will tell them. And here lies our responsibility, which I carry by the way since I have opened this website. You can only tell the pure truth with an uncompromising honesty, even at the expense of being rejected at the beginning. But this will not happen, I assure you – these are only your residual fears from infinite past rejections by your surroundings.

The few dark entities, who have decided to close completely their minds and hearts for  these new´beneficial stimuli of light will be simply wrapped up in Christed light and will be completely immobilised in their actions. No matter how heinous their thoughts may still be, they will not be physically and energetically in the position to realize any of their dark ideas, because higher vibrations always win over lower vibrations. Many of them will not survive the new higher vibrations and will leave the earth by death experience.

Unfortunately, until this week the light was not as prevalent as it should have been as to risk this direct confrontation with human darkness on a global, societal level. Now we are on the cusp of this most dramatic event in the history of mankind and Gaia and the outcome is already predetermined – the victory is ours. We must now only finish with our last dirty cleansing job on behalf of humanity, before we can ascend and turn around the course of this most toxic planet in the whole universe and its no less toxic human population towards final ascension.


Beloved Georgi…

Such grand energy coming in … I am enjoying these infusions!!!

And yet so much awful “night works and day works” going on. The night of the 22/23rd there was/is a huge battle and still going on… and the most awful I have ever encountered yet. We are still fighting and I am feeling it here in my first body as I am also bi-locating to do this. This is so awful, there are no words for it. Most PAT members are not in this “war”, as they choose that role before coming in. So they have it easy (this is of course not correct, George). Hold the energy for me please!

(This is Carolyn’s first baptizing in the long standing cleansing activities of the PAT and one always feels at the beginning as if one is alone fighting this battle against the whole darkness on this planet. But precisely this subjective feeling of utter loneliness makes Carolyn’s report so authentic, George)

But in 4D the “astral war” is raging fiercely and it is leaving me feeling so wanting not to be here… to even die now. (they won’t let me die as I am so good at this work.)

If I connect too strongly to it, I would vomit. This is the worst I have ever encountered or perhaps translated to my incarnated self. We are engaged with the “Controllers behind the controllers”  … that is the controllers on earth have “Controllers”, who pull their earth strings to do their bidding.

This war is getting the string holders, and it is beyond my imagination on how nasty, evil entities can be. I want to cry right now ever writing this. I am fragile and feeling like I could break. Yet I will not. This is a perpetual battle, and I am not sure what that means (does not mean forever).

It is hard to relate here on earth due to it. I find myself wanting to just tell certain people something that would come across as insulting, rude and short. But that is not me, and I know that. I am glad I have acquired a certain reserve about me in order not to ruin my day job. But I am bordering on letting it out. The feelings I get from my “other me/bi-located me” is such that I cannot allow myself to register these feelings.. I cry instantly…. the dread is deep…

I read the posts on your web site, and hope that all this is really over, but it is not. It may still be about four more weeks at least, and if we can do something of value…. if I can sustain as well as the others.

The battle is about control, of course, and the “Controllers” are never going to give up. This is what they live for. They are also residing at the top most level of 4D. So there is no sanctuary in 4D.

I wish I had more information to give you. This is one reason why few are moving in to ascension. The emotional dramas are being played out in a perfect timing on Earth through media and the astral plane… so that ascenders will lower every day and every way. It may not take much to lower in the feeling realm to disrupt the process.

Daily the worlds drama, here or there, pulls our passions, our loves into a judgmental process, and thus we descend into polarity. Oh, people think this is right or this is wrong and they descend just enough to delay the process. Win for the dark? ???
I cannot sense that right now.

You said “distance yourself from the drama”, which I really do most the time. Yet the bi-located part of me is immersed in a deep something… when I go look, it is like a terror unknown here on earth.

They do want to ‘rub me out’  and so I feel this here in this body. Yet I also know I would not be there unless I could do the job! That they wish me gone tells me that I am a real threat to them…., so I will stay and complete this. I am not alone and we are a great team.

I guess why I write this >>> as each time there is a battle >>> others will say this ‘has happened’, and then there is this “hurrah” thinking that is it completely over. It is not.

This is the most serious part yet. We need more excellent people involved right now. And ones that won’t want to run to the false security of material life. This is not for the weak.
Once this is complete, full mass ascension can occur. Before then, no mass ascension.

So I share this with my full being involved as well as other entities (here in this space with me) that wish for more real assistance. Only the strong please. This is a gargantuan task.

I write this with many standing in me and behind me. When this little me feels the enormity of this, all I want to do is cry and yet there are no tears, just dread. If we had some real numbers, we could narrow the time down… and this is what the other entities are saying to me. {{I am really not wanting to know as it will “scare little me” and impair my ability to do this}}

This past summer I experienced some strange and never before attacks and it is this form  of “ugly” that we need to clear and ASAP. These are also happening world wide and thus this big battle. As the dark plays its “aces”, know that this is all they have left. They have come to the finite of their “bag of tricks”.

Guess that is all.

~ Love, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,

there is indeed massive purging of dark patterns and some remnant dark entities this week from the astral planes, so that the feeling of abomination is the just emotion when one has contact with such entities. But this last cleansing has to do with many human souls who have now the possibility, due to the postponement of the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity, to release these dark fear mongers, who still dwell in their astral fields and to qualify at least for the timeline A/B.

The actual controllers, the archons, have already left this timeline. But there are still many human beings who have been linked for eons of time to dark thought patterns and dark astral entities who have profited from their soul energies coming from the source. Now these links must be severed for ever. As this happens now at the human level, the impressions for us are more intensive as they are within the spectrum of human emotions.

When we cleansed the thickest goo throughout the dimensions last summer and autumn, this job was more abstract as the dark energies were also of a more abstract character and not compatible with the spectrum of human emotions. The cleansing was felt more at the physical level. Now this last purging is dealing with humans like us, who are closely linked to the PAT unity field through the web of light and their dark patterns, which we now help them to clean, affect us in a more direct human manner. That’s all.

But the outcome is already predetermined and I strongly believe that after we have done this last cleansing, the masses will be truly open for revelations as they will be fully enveloped in light and will automatically accept the news of our ascension and appearance in a positive way. Their dark spectrum/pole of emotions has been cut energetically and they will no longer be able to display any negative feelings of rejection of truth anymore.

This of course does not hold true for the portion of humanity that will stay on earth B, but these dark entities are already energetically split from the current timeline A/B. Besides, now all past negative human patterns must surge high before they can be eliminated for ever. Before that the masses were not prepared for being confronted with their dreadful past.

With love and light

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