Stankov’s Titanic (Atlas) Efforts and the Elohim Activation of the Unity Consciousness Grid on December 23

by Carla Thompson, December 24, 2012

Although I have decided not to edit my website anymore, I am publishing this Elohim message transmitted to Carla as it completes the information in my last announcement on my physical and energetic depletion during the last several months of titanic (Atlas) efforts at the physical level and at the level of my higher self to ascend Gaia and humanity, and also explains the energetic situation after 12/21 very precisely.


Hello again Georgi,

I have just now returned home from a long day so I am sorry for the delay. Here is the Elohim message that came through to me.

I also spent invaluable time today with the Elohim. What a day it has been, and words absolutely do it no justice whatsoever.

I have been aware since Friday of something critical needing to be done today, Sunday, December 23rd, at 11:11 in the morning. I asked other members in the PAT group if this twigged anything in them, but didn’t hear back from anyone, so I knew that whatever it was, it was up to me to create or facilitate.

After reading your posting this morning, I was alarmed at the degree of pain within the message itself that you were sharing about your Beingness, and because I am an empath, I picked up on it immediately, even before I read the actual words.

At 11:11 a.m. PST this morning I received information that you were in dire need of assistance, not only on an energetic level, but on a physical level as well. I set the intention to come to your aide with any and all assistance available to us (a dear light worker friend of mine) in the Higher Realms and we were immediately joined by the Elohim, Archangel Michael and a large group of Pleiadians. Together we carried out a massive healing and restructuring of your energetic systems.

The Elohim are humbled by you and the accomplishments you have made during the most recent months. They said that your job is done and it has been so very well done. Their position is that you have truly out-done yourself.

Following the healing information started to flow about the new Unity Consciousness Grid.  I have been aware since last week that the Unity Consciousness energetics were coming in today, December 23rd. I had no idea I was going to be the one bringing it in! The implication of this information is absolutely mind-boggling and I would love to share it with you when you feel more rested. I myself have to spend some time this evening sorting through the pages of notes I made during this enlightening event today.

I will work on it as best I can this evening and get it to you when I am satisfied that everything is correctly stated.  It’s amazing to me that this occurred today, but Source has done this with me before, going back several years, so I really shouldn’t be so surprised anymore.

Blessings to You Dear Georgi, from the Elohim, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadians.

Love and Light from this Spirit,


Here is a new message from The Elohim, for the PAT:

“Greetings Dear Ones! Our presence brings explanations to your many inquiries about the process of Ascension, the process of leaving the third dimensional matrix and dutifully moving on to the fifth and higher dimensions.

We clearly confirm the process is currently moving forward. As mentioned before this is a slow, carefully orchestrated, deliberately engaged unfolding of specific events required of this phase of evolution in mankind, on the planet, in the galaxy and All-That-Is.

There is no failure, no loss, only completion on many, many levels, moving on to the requisite places where disconnection once reigned and where completion is the revelation.

The process continues in a gentle fashion as we have stated all along. It occurs among you, now. Undisciplined expectations rule the day in some (members and other light worker groups) and therefore the errant mind is once again a contributor to the engagement of dualistic thinking and therefore, dualistic feelings.

Let go of all expectation. Know with certainty that the process IS underway, IS successful, IS showing deep incontrovertible evidence of it’s presence and success at all levels.

Open the mind to release all pre-conceptions, expectations, understandings. How is it possible to fully understand this process? It is not. Believe us when we say, that even though you cannot see the increase in photon light, that it is there. Instead of bringing the mind to this event, embrace the energies. One must surely feel these energies associated with this alignment! Some must surely sense the presence of other light-beings within the immediate realm of one’s aura, to know that we are present, do exist, and do acknowledge the arrival of what you call The Golden Age.

Hear us when we say “It is here now”. Hear us when we say “Clear the mind of doubt and failed dualistic thinking”. Embrace these energies with your heart, know it to be the truth.  Know it in every cell of your bodies.

We deeply understand the illusion of false patterns of thinking created by the third dimension are here in every moment, even in the face of all proof supporting the arrival of the fifth dimension. We emphasize the absolute requirement to maintain as high a vibration as is possible in order to even see the evidence of the fifth dimension.

Drop all doubt and in essence override judgement and misqualifications of your third dimensional mind and trust in the knowing that the Transition is here, now, and embrace each and every moment from the highest dimensional perspective you are able to muster.  In this way, elevation of bodily consciousness shall follow quickly and easily.  Maintain as high a level of consciousness as is possible. Avoid situations that drop your level of consciousness. Choose loving gratitude in ALL moments as this is an energy that simply does all this – express it freely, in all matters, about all peoples and all events.

Full engagement in this vein results in the release of all negativity. The negativity must be wiped out in order to further advance evolutionary expansion. Do not allow negativity to overtake your mental body, hence your emotional body and finally the physical body.  As the cycle is broken, so shall the errant reactions of the mind.

You are Creator Beings and you are powerful! Your mind is powerful when your mind is made up! (to be powerful) Make your mind up! You are the Elohim! Do it, now!

You are deeply loved!

We are the Elohim!”

Dear Carla,

I am really very impressed by this amazing report from the Elohims and the rest. It is a very precise description what I have gone through physically and energetically in the last months and why I am now so fully depleted. At the same time I felt very happy that you have been able to sense and transmit this information to me. As the Germans say “shared pain is half a pain”.

I would be very happy if you send me the full report about what you have received yesterday as information from the higher realms and will publish it on the website, although I decided to stop editing it. But your report will complete the information in my last announcement.

I can confirm that yesterday in the evening I felt much better all of a sudden and this night I have slept through without pains for the first time in months. Obviously your concerted action to help restore my energy field has been very successful.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas and let it be the last one on the old earth.

With love and light


PS: I read you first Elohim message yesterday which I received as a round email. It describes very precisely what we have achieved so far and the current situation as I also see it.

Dear Georgi,

I had an extremely powerful experience today after the healing was completed for you by the Elohim, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadians.

The room was over lighted by the Elohim and the message was that what was to follow was a “gift to us, from the Elohim”. Our portals converged to create a massive “portal of the North”. I  closed my eyes and saw a beautiful blue pyramid with stars inside of it, and multiple colours everywhere.  Before I shared my vision verbally with my friend, she verified what she was seeing all around us and above our heads…a giant blue pyramid.  Having confirmation like this is critical in these kinds of circumstances.

The information which was downloaded to us was this: The Unity-Christ Consciousness came down within a blinding golden ray through the capstone of the pyramid and flowed down into all cells and atoms of our bodies through our crown chakras. Rushing waves of chills left us wishing we had warm blankets. Soon we were hot all over the tops of our heads, back of our heads, neck and shoulders, right down through all of the chakras. We were told that this energy was intended to restructure the 3D Human Brain – the pineal gland, the brain stem and all systems associated with the fight or flight mechanism – the DNA of survival.

The primal/instinctual brain was being released with these downloads and codes, to be replaced with the imprint of the Unity-Christ Consciousness. An ancient scribe then told us that with the energies of the Blue Pyramid, all negative rays of domination are gone forever and only pure rays exist now and always. With the download of this consciousness there is a protective shield around the collective, starting with the Ascended Master Grid.  The Elohim told me that I have stepped in with my energy, intention and will to carry the new Grid and transmit this information to the other members of the PAT.

The Elohim repeated that this gift is specifically for the Elohim souls incarnated on the planet at this time, and that these souls will be forever protected with this Divine overlay of Unity-Christ consciousness as they will be connected and protected under the Ascended Master Grid. They also referred to these Blue Pyramids as “Elohim Lightships” and our role will be vehicles of transmission of the new Unity Consciousness to Humanity (not as a clearing but rather as transmission vehicles).  At one point the pyramid above our heads expanded to fill the entire Earth, while showing us the perfection of the pyramid in it’s ability to filter and disperse light and Unity Consciousness throughout each and every dimension and all kingdoms therein.

In terms of relaying this information to the PAT, I am considering a remote transmission to them, set up on a certain day and time. The only requisite for receiving these energies will be that everyone needs to be in a sacred space at the time of transmission.

Please take your time to review this information and get back whenever you feel ready.  I am looking forward to your comments and feedback.

With love and light,


Dear Carla,

This report on the transmission of the Unity consciousness by the elohims is very consistent in itself and I have no further comments.

With love and light


PS: See also the last Gaiaportal message as of today which confirms your experience:

“Joy Paradigm” Grid has been fully enabled as of the 12-23-12, as result of Cosmic Alignment. Resistance is futile. Resistance is no longer possible.

Individual human co-alignment with this Joy Paradigm Grid comes step by step, individual by individual, yet expect to see entire groups align instantly. New Joy Paradigm Grid supports strongly such alignments. As veil has been largely lifted, these Joy Paradigm Grid group alignments will be visible to all.”


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