Revelation Potpourri

by Charlotte Smith and Ann Marie, December 15, 2012

December 14, 2012

“Real change can only come from the awakened ones by their revelations because they have been the ones on the front line battle against evil…”

Dear George,

I just read your most recent post on the need to start the revelations.  As I previously emailed you with information that I also believe will now best serve the interest of all to be released.

When I think about President Obama, I am reminded of the question, “Is the enemy of my enemy my enemy?”. Clearly there is a rift between the factions as witnessed by the November 21,2012 press release on the White House website.  Just 2 days later Bush senior fell ill and has not yet been released from hospital.  And now Hillary Clinton is ill.  Not to mention the number of Generals being replaced.

You are correct. We must use this opportunity to begin the revelations on our own while the factions are distracted fighting each other. I view this as a great opportunity to speak up and tell the truth and let the truth take root in the hearts and minds of those who hear it. No one will do it for us. It is up to us. As the knowledge of the truth spreads, people will be motivated to “ACT” on the truth. Then change will come even to the unawakened masses. Perhaps we will soon see more action related to the plot to attack the U.S. from within and blame Iran in order to start WWIII……

Iran indicts 18 U.S. Officials [Hmm…..2 days before thanksgiving (11-21-12).President Obama says “government insiders” identified with Bush administration  with “powerful connections” are planning acts of violence against the country and planning to blame it all on Iran and then 2 days later (11-23-12) old man Bush gets sick and hasn’t left the hospital YET!……and now comes word that the 3rd degree practicing illuminati witch otherwise known as Hillary is also sick]

As the U.S. places another round of sanctions on Iran on the same day

As I told you in earlier correspondence, after I wrote my book “Alien Abductions, UFOs and Bible Prophecy”, in 2003 a man named Joobin Mansourian representing Bank of America entered my office without an appointment to sell me on a “new and innovative lending program for small minority businesses”.  Shortly after I entered into the loan agreement with Bank of America for my company, Millennium Data Systems, Inc., in 2004,  I received a message through back channels that I would be “taken down to the ground for what I said in the book”.

When Mansourian first pressured me to hire his son, I pointedly informed him that he had no control over me and I didn’t have to do anything he said. Joobin Mansourian then told me that BofA could not conduct its residential mortgage business without Rao’s money and that Rao was his best friend. He said that everyone at BofA would do as he wanted and that I could not get around him. Later, emails were recovered showing Mansourian’s son communicating with a Rao who was with GRDC. Iran Focus identified GRDC as an Iranian Defense Ministry front company in 2006.  Of course my business was destroyed and my home foreclosed upon by a court system blinded and corrupted by their attorneys…the same ones who worked at the company that setup the Real Estate Investment Trust that Rao invested in.  The same ones who left that company and formed their own company while retaining my case and litgating the foreclosure against me.  Former senior law partners of a multi-billion dollar firm litigating a foreclosure case!

I would like to see BofA answer why they allowed Joobin Mansourian’s friend Rao to be their primary investor for the American residential mortgage market?  The financial collapse and subsequent bailouts have only benefited the investors and the bank while emptying the u.s. treasury.  And Mansourian’s friend was identified by Iran Focus in 2006 as a leading supplier of weapons grade material to Iran and operates as one of its front companies for its defense ministry.

And other international developments:

Russian Foreign Minister with egg on his face over Syria Comments

Putin calls U.S. Congress “theater of the absurd” over Magnitsky Act

Britian blams Russia for poising Litvinenko(ex-kgb) after admitting that Litvinenko was working for M6 as a paid British spy

While Japan and China fight over some tiny islands?  I wonder what’s so special about those dog gone islands?

With Japan posied to shoot down the now out of control Korean Satellite

Perhaps the Japanese are just a little bit jumpy after having received an earthquake per hour for more than 24 hours last week?

While the devastation in the Phillipines makes sandy look like a picnic

While Indonesia continues to shake and sink

The transition is moving ahead full speed but only the awaken can see it!

Charlotte Smith


Let the Revelations Continue!

Hi George,

Earlier this year, I presented to you Ed Chiarini and his work of identification using ear biometrics. When I read this in your post today, I was urged to bring it forth again for the PAT members. In the past months, the information has indeed become expansive.

If the last political articles may have been met with some irrational resistance by a few readers with a faint heart … please consider the ample fact that most of these articles are written by true American citizens, who are not only specialists in their field, but also morally impeccable beings, even when they may not share our transcendental views“./G.Stankov

I feel this way about Ed Chiarini. His research has taken him back to the Roosevelt family in America and from that point … the “controllers”/ manipulators in politics/government … begin to show themselves.

From his website:

This is

“THE place to find the summaries for the latest actor or individual family members playing a role in the main stream media lie/illusion. Evaluate and perform your own research on the latest impostors and staged events. Remember their faces, for you will see them again. Without this information, you may be fooled and manipulated into emotionally reacting to faked news events. You will never watch the news the same way again. The world is a much better place than you have been lead to believe.”

“When reading this material and judging the research, information, diagrams, and photographic comparisons presented, there may be times you feel the truth is more frightening than any fiction. It is part of what Ed describes as “the roller coaster ride” of emotions that people experience when someone discovers that what they thought was history is a sham. The generations of faux leaders and actors thought we were fools when we gave them our greatest gift — our trust. Let us prove ourselves now wise by laying claim to our own destiny with the real truth once again.”

Here are the links to videos for info recently mentioned on your website. I will let them speak for themselves; however, be prepared … some of this is shocking and definitely not for the “faint of heart”!

With love and light,

Ann Marie

_______________________________________ Look who shows up at the end! Hint: A”Royal”. one is for Alex in Australia.

In a different video, Ed has “exposed” Julia Gillard. /This is hour-long video; can also be found presented in segments. A “must” – for anyone who remembers this day in history. Regarding: JFK/Carter/Assassination Hoax … As we slowly peel away the (dark/controller) family lies (going back to the “Roosevelt days” in America) … we uncover the Rockefellers are not who they say they are. Neither are the Bush and the Kennedy families for that matter. – Ed Chiarini

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